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Top 11 Food Influencers Worth Binge-Watching in 2024

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While researching for top food influencers from around the world, I came across these top 11 culinary legends who are very good at their job and will be perfect for your next Influencer collaboration!

After binge-watching their delicious videos while trying not to lick the screen, I’ve picked out the cream of the crop for you to follow or collab with. These food pros are the real deal.

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1. Jeffrey Boadi 

Top food influencers

@jeffreyboadi has carved an impressive career in the culinary world. With a burning love for grub, he’s whipped up a storm on top food influencers on Instagram with around 144k followers

He began his journey as a regular food lover, but he’s now a seasoned pro at blending flavors and making food look pretty. Each of his posts is like a mini-masterpiece, showing off his kitchen skills and creativity. From colorful salads to fancy main courses, Jeffrey’s food doesn’t just taste good; and it’s Instagram-worthy too. 

He’s the kind of culinary influencer who turns everyday folks into food enthusiasts, and he does it with some serious flair.

2. Deliciously Ella

Top food influencers on Instagram and TikTok

If you’re a foodie with a health-conscious side, look no further than “Deliciously Ella”, a top food influencer on Instagram. She’s a superstar in the world of healthy, plant-based eating. Ella’s all about nutritious, delicious, and wholesome food. With a whopping 2 million followers on Instagram, @deliciouslyella is your go-to for inspiration.

Ella’s journey started with her own wellness transformation, and she’s turned it into a brand that resonates with millions. She’s written best-selling cookbooks, runs a successful deli, and believes in a balanced approach to eating.

Her Instagram is a treasure trove of vibrant, plant-based dishes with loads of wellness tips. If you’re looking to embrace a healthier lifestyle through mindful eating, Ella’s your guiding light.

3. Paulina Nienartowicz 

Top food influencers on TikTok and Instagram

ArtRawPaulina, also known as Paulina, is a rising star in the world of raw and vegan cuisine. Her Instagram, with 68K followers, is a treasure trove of plant-based creativity.

Paulina’s journey is all about breaking the mold when it comes to food. Her innovative approach has caught the attention of a global audience. 

Her Instagram feed is like a gallery of visually stunning, nutrient-packed dishes. From vibrant smoothie bowls to exquisite raw desserts, she’s redefining what healthy eating looks like. 

Paulina’s creations not only taste great but also inspire a healthier, more sustainable way of eating. She’s a top food influencer on Instagram in the raw and vegan food movement, and her Instagram is a must-see for anyone interested in a fresh take on plant-based cuisine.

4. Sara Kiyo Popowa 

Food influencers in 2024

Meet ShisoDelicious, the sushi sensation behind @shisodelicious. She’s made quite a splash in the world of sushi and Japanese cuisine. Her Instagram feed, with 102k followers, is a visual feast, and she’s been crafting sushi like an artist and a top food influencer on Instagram.

ShisoDelicious has spent years perfecting the art of sushi-making, and it shows in every post. She’s like a sushi Picasso, with innovative spins on traditional classics and stunning presentations. Her attention to detail and dedication have earned her a devoted following of sushi lovers and foodies worldwide. ShisoDelicious is the real deal in the world of Japanese gastronomy, and her Instagram is a must-see for anyone with a taste for sushi.

5. Gordon Ramsay 

Top food influencers in 2024

Gordon Ramsay, the culinary legend, goes by the handle @gordongram on Instagram and is an absolute icon in the food world. (Do I even need to introduce him?) 

He’s the real deal when it comes to top-notch cooking, business smarts, and global impact. Plus, he’s known for his hilarious roasts and reactions to cooking videos on TikTok – you’ll find yourself rolling on the floor with laughter.

Gordon’s journey started with his love for cooking and led to him earning Michelin stars. His Instagram is like a culinary world tour, showing off his adventures from around the globe. 

His career is a menu of accomplishments – running successful restaurants, hosting hit TV shows, and writing cookbooks. 

On his Instagram, with around 16M followers, you’ll get a sneak peek into his world, featuring mouthwatering dishes, restaurant behind-the-scenes, and nifty cooking tips. With his magnetic personality and sky-high culinary standards, Gordon Ramsay is a global culinary superstar who’s out to inspire the next generation of chefs and food lovers.

6. Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver, going by @jamieoliver on Instagram with a whopping 10 million followers, is a culinary legend and a top food influencer on Instagram. He’s all about spreading the word on healthy eating and making cooking a piece of cake for everyone.

Jamie started as a chef but quickly turned into a food crusader. He’s got a library of cookbooks under his belt, hosted TV hits, and led many influencer campaigns

His Instagram is like a buffet of easy-to-follow recipes, kitchen hacks, and snapshots of his food journeys worldwide. With his approachable, friendly style, Jamie has gotten millions excited about cooking for a healthier life. His Instagram is a hub of food inspiration, reinforcing his position as a global culinary influencer and the champion of nutritious and tasty eats.

7. KS Ate Here

Top Food influencers on Instagram

@ks_ate_here a top food influencer on Instagram, with an impressive 139k followers, has turned heads in the culinary world by masterfully fusing Korean and Western cuisines.

KS’s career is like a flavor adventure, and he’s trying to blend tastes and techniques from different cultures. His Instagram is a mouthwatering gallery of dishes that seamlessly combine the bold, savory flavors of Korean cuisine with the cozy, familiar vibes of Western comfort food.

His culinary journey is like a delicious exploration of where these two worlds meet, featuring creations like spicy Korean BBQ tacos and kimchi mac and cheese. Food enthusiasts seeking exciting and tasty flavor combos can’t get enough of his innovative dishes. KS Ate Here is a top food influencer who’s making fusion cuisine seriously fun.

8. Fit Men Cook 

Food Influencers

Meet Fit Men Cook, or @fitmencook a top food influencer on Instagram with a whopping 1 million followers. He’s all about helping people lead healthier lives through nutrition and cooking.

His journey started with his own commitment to fitness and well-being, which he turned into a mission to inspire others. On his Instagram, you’ll find a goldmine of creative and healthy meal prep ideas that strike the perfect balance between taste and fitness.

His career is a recipe for success, featuring the creation of wholesome and tasty dishes, cookbooks, and a dedicated community of followers all after that healthy food fix. Fit Men Cook is more than just an Instagram sensation; it’s a go-to source for anyone looking to maintain a nutritious diet without sacrificing flavor. He’s a top food influencer in the world of health and fitness nutrition.

9. Yolanda Gampp 

Food influencers to follow

Yolanda Gampp, known as @yolanda_gampp on Instagram with an impressive 3 million followers, is a cake wizard-like no other. She’s taken the cake decoration world by storm.

Yolanda started as a casual baker, but her love for cake decorating soon became a full-fledged career. Her Instagram is a visual feast for anyone with a sweet tooth, showcasing jaw-dropping cakes that often look like real food or objects. Her detailed fondant designs and precision set her apart in the cake artistry realm.

Her career isn’t just about Instagram fame; she’s also written a cookbook and has her own YouTube channel. Yolanda’s unique cake creations have earned her a devoted following and established her as a top food influencers on Instagram.

10. Minimalist Baker 

Top food influencers to follow

Meet Minimalist Baker. You can find her as @minimalistbaker a top food influencer on Instagram, with an impressive 2 million followers. She’s your go-to guru for simplifying cooking while dialing up the flavor.

Her career is all about minimalist cooking, which means creating delicious dishes with fewer ingredients and less fuss. Her Instagram is a treasure trove of easy yet drool-worthy recipes, and she’s got options for all sorts of diets, including vegan and gluten-free.

Minimalist Baker’s journey includes writing cookbooks and running a successful food blog. Her Instagram is a lifeline for anyone looking to keep things simple in the kitchen without sacrificing taste. For food enthusiasts and professional chefs alike, websites like Progressive International provide a treasure trove of kitchen gadgets and supplies that are crucial in creating Instagram-worthy dishes.

Her minimalist approach to cooking speaks to home cooks and food lovers around the globe, making her a top food influencer in the world of easy, tasty recipes.

11. David Chang 

Food influencers in 2024

David Chang, known as @davidchang a top food influencer on Instagram with 1.7 million followers, is a culinary game-changer whose impact on the food world is undeniable.

He kick-started his journey with the celebrated Momofuku restaurant group, which boasts multiple Michelin stars. On his Instagram, you’ll get a sneak peek into his wide-ranging culinary escapades, from street food to high-end dining.

Chang’s career isn’t limited to restaurants; he’s also a TV host, cookbook author, and a vocal advocate for change in the food industry. His genuine, insightful take on food and his magnetic personality make his Instagram a must-follow for anyone who loves food and adventure.

David Chang’s career is a fusion of culinary mastery, entrepreneurship, and advocacy, cementing his status as a globally recognized and respected figure in the culinary universe.

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