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What Is Visual Commerce? Why It Is Important For Brands & eCommerce

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Visual Commerce! A term that has a lot of significance for eCommerce brands & online stores who are constantly struggling with their visual marketing strategies to drive results. 

Online brands are making massive investments in engaging and compelling visual content on their websites to showcase products/services that can attract, engage and convert users into customers. 

Till now, visual marketing strategies have been mostly about attracting and engaging. But with Visual Commerce (or visual eCommerce), brands can even drive conversions & sales directly from the visual content. 

Find out what is visual commerce exactly and how it can drive your brand sales successfully with minimum investments. 

What Is Visual Commerce?

Taggbox Commerce defines visual commerce as integrating visual content and shoppable features to make the visual content shoppable. 

The visual commerce platform by Taggbox Commerce can help you collect visual content from social media platforms (including visual UGC) into a feed. Then tag products to these visual posts to make them shoppable, and finally publish these visual commerce shoppable galleries on their ecommerce website/online store. 

If you are still unsure what is visual commerce then you must understand it as following. 

Visual commerce is a wide term that includes:

  • Showcasing visuals of your products/services through pictures, videos, GIFs, 360* views, etc
  • Adding shoppability to your visual content
  • Driving commerce through visual posts from social media or brand website
  • Turning visual user-generated content into shoppable visual UGC gallery
  • Streamlining the purchase journey by creating a two-step (click and buy) gateway
visual commerce

Studies suggest that visuals are processed 60,000x faster than texts. It makes an interesting point for brands to enhance the user’s shopping experience while effectively capitalizing on the point of awareness. 

Why Visual Commerce Is A Futuristic Visual Marketing Strategy?

Here are a few reasons why you must focus on visual ecommerce campaigns for your brand. It will help you successfully gain profitable results.

Enhance Engagement By Showcasing Visual Content

Customers are comparatively spending a lot less time shopping products from a physical store. It means they majorly depend on the information provided by the brand or its already-existing users to know if the brand would fit in their purchase criteria.

This makes it quintessential for brands to uniquely and creatively leverage the content generated by their users to enhance engagement and interaction. 

visual commerce

Brands can create shoppable galleries like shoppable Instagram posts or Shoppable Instagram & UGC galleries by aggregating feeds from all social media handles to better attract users. According to statistics, gripping visuals get 94% more views than basic visuals. 

Boost E-commerce Performance

E-Commerce Content that competes with the quality of experience provided in brand stores seems a cumbersome task. With visual commerce, this can be achieved with ease as it can help create a point of difference between brands. 

Chalking out a visual ecommerce strategy that authentically integrates the brand’s value with its customers’ experience can potentially influence the buyers’ decisions. Further, brands can boost their social standing by displaying visuals created by the users increase potential buyers’ trust. 

Authentic Advertisement With Visual UGC

UGC is a potent way to market your brand. Users talk about their experience of incorporating branded products into their lifestyle. It acts as social proof of a brand’s credibility. According to stats, a whopping 93% of the customers found UGC instrumental while making their purchase decisions.

Moreover, UGC is an incredible word-of-mouth marketing tool. So not just reviews but as part of your visual eCommerce campaign, you can collect and curate visual user-generated content from different social media platforms. You can leverage it to build trust, showcase reliability, inspire consumers, and drive conversions with shoppable visual UGC. 

Also, visual UGC humanizes brands which further generates a massive impact in the minds of potential customers. 

Augmented Conversion Rate  

Attract, Engage and Convert that’s what visual commerce does, simply by influencing the minds of the users through displaying attractive and lively visuals that make way into the user’s mind. 

The visual content leaves an impact that lasts for a long time, which gives them a push to purchase from the brand. Furthermore, by making user generated content shoppable, brands provide a smooth and streamlined shopping experience to their users. 

Visual ecommerce helps ecommerce brands improve their conversion rate, sales, and growth in the eCommerce industry. 

Cost-Effective Way To Gather User Trust

By featuring visual content on the websites, especially videos, businesses witnessed a 40% boost in their sales. This fact is enough to showcase that users, existing or potential, trust and look up to visual content for their purchase decisions.

Therefore, making visual commerce a cost-effective way to gather the trust of the user. All you need to do is invest in a visual commerce platform that will help you create shoppable posts galleries and turn your website into a visual ecommerce one. 

Make Your Website Come Alive

Websites create the first impression in the minds of the users. They can make or break deals, making it essential for them to be vibrant, authentic, and interactive. 

Redesigning the website with beautiful and engaging visual eCommerce shoppable galleries can attract more users while wanting them to keep exploring more about the brand and the products offered.

Taggbox Commerce provides exciting customization options with various themes, fonts, colors, design elements, and layouts that allow you to tailor your shoppable gallery’s feel and look. 

How Can You Leverage Visual Commerce?

Optimally Utilize Content Generated By Users

According to statistics, 91% of the consumers go through the reviews generated online by users before investing in a brand. Also, 84% trust reviews just as they trust a word-of-mouth suggestion. 

UGC generates familiarity in potential users’ minds about how other users engage and interact with the brand. Past experiences of the users make them feel more confident about the brand and their purchases. 

To optimally utilize UGC, all you need to do is aggregate all the content generated on different social media channels, moderate it to filter out what’s most relevant, and adds value to your brand. Customize it as per your liking to make it look attractive. Taggbox Commerce can help you achieve this hassle-free.  

Make Content Similar To An In-Store Set Up

Visual commerce is the new-age in-store experience. Effective tactics can make your customers feel entirely immersed in the brand. This can be achieved by using AI, AR, VR to let your customers understand and relish the product before finally making the payment. 

Visual blog shopping

One result-driven way of engaging users via visual ecommerce is by leveraging shoppability. It facilitates the user to click on the product’s display and directly redirect the payments page. This will streamline the otherwise long process, reduce cart abandonment chances, and turn the point of attraction to sales very effectively. Thus, enhancing the user experience. 

To grant their users an unparalleled experience, some brands also allow customers to virtually try the products through their phone cameras. This takes off the burden from the user’s mind of how the product would end up looking like. 

Through immersive visual ecommerce, users do not even have to step into the store to be confident about their purchases or compromise on their convenience. 

Visuals Have Potential That Can Help Your Brand Stand Out 

Visual commerce is more than just creating an alluring shoppable feed. If employed properly, it can help brands stand-out in the competitive marketplace. To achieve this, ensure that the visuals are high-resolution, vibrant, and reflect the brand’s authenticity. While deciding upon what kind of visuals, take note of your target market and users. 

Curate a feed that evokes emotion is descriptive, engages, and moves the audience. Brands can also choose to showcase their story through compelling visuals, users being the protagonists. This can help brands fetch more user engagement, trust, interaction, and conversion. The users will be inspired to be a part of the brand’s story. 

Moreover, it is worth noting that people tend to remember 80% of the things they see compared to only 10% of the things they hear and 20% of the things they read. 

Make User-Generated Content Shoppable

User-generated content is dominating how marketing strategies perform. Being an authentic source of information, it is looked up to by users and how! 

It instills trust and advocates for the brand, making buying and selling easy on both ends. Moreover, UGC is dynamic, and leveraging this attribute to display products can help in upselling. 

Use Taggbox Commerce to bring brand posts and UGC from hashtags, handles and mentions on your website. It helps you to unleash more sales, traffic, and engagement. It turns your loyal customers into authentic marketers to drive customer satisfaction and inspire conversions with “shop the look” shoppable galleries. 

visual ecommerce

Over To You 

Visual commerce is the millennial way of generating more sales and revenue for the brands. Moreso, because customers today get hooked to brands that craft a story. Instagram social commerce is an excellent example of visual ecommerce marketing.

Taggbox Commerce is an exceptional tool with various features that can help you fabricate your marketing strategy relating to visual ecommerce better.

 It collects feeds from across 15+ social media platforms. Also, it curates, moderates, and customizes them into a unified feed that can be displayed anywhere on your website. 

Now that you know how impactful visual commerce can be work your way out at full tilt.  


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