What is a Social Media Aggregator Tool?

Let’s simply go word by word and understand the meaning of the massively used term on the web “Social Media Aggregator Tool“.

What is Social Media Aggregation?

social media aggregator tool

Any media that’s present on the social channels can be referred to as a social media feed. When a multiplicity of social media feeds takes place and such feeds are aggregated or compiled together, then this is simply known as social media aggregation. Now social media feeds being content in their form, the aggregation of these feeds can alternatively also be known as social media content aggregation.

Social Media Aggregator API

Social Media Aggregator

Social media aggregation is done with the help of a tool which clearly now is known as a social media aggregator or a social content aggregator. The social media aggregator tool brings together feeds from several social media channels and aggregates them to be ultimately displayed on live social walls or be embedded on websites via the social media aggregator API.

Benefits of Social Media Aggregator for Brands

Social media aggregator tool is a weapon for driving the brand to user engagement in a powerful way and staying ahead in the race of social media. Brands use the content aggregator tool to magnetize their customers towards their digital platforms and further want them to engage with the content there. Real-time user engagement is the major benefit of using s the best social media aggregator.

social media content aggregator

Traditional methods of marketing and advertising experiencing a lack of original and innovative ideas, social content aggregator tools guarantee long-term marketing and advertising simply because they allow users to post to the digital platforms of the brand (user-generated content). It simply means that social media aggregator tool aggregates posts that are similar in nature or relate to a specific subject and are thus pulled by the tool and displayed on the website.

Importance of Hashtag

hashtag aggregator

A hashtag (#) is the means by which all the mechanism happens. A hashtag pulls all posts and feeds from social media which carry the searched hashtag, thereby compiling all of them together. It’s said that the users of a brand who take to social media to post about the brand product, services, experience and feedback are the ones who are generating unique content.

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Why brands should use Social Media Aggregator?

Now why all this concept of social media content aggregation? Why must brand indulge into it and adopt using social media aggregators and social media walls?

Social wall on screens

Now, well, if a brand is socially present on all possible social media platforms, or let’s say socially scattered, managing the social updates and feeds can be a cumbersome, expensive and time-consuming process – developing unique content and promotional strategies for all social channels, managing updates, timing the posts and a whole lot more.

Social network aggregators come as a boon in disguise to social marketers giving them a break from running their minds aggressively for producing unique social media content. Instead, simply devising a social media campaign that invites the audience to submit responses gives the brand with a plethora of unique posts and content without having to spend a dime for it. The added benefit here is this that when content comes directly from brand customers, it is considered more of an honest feedback and experience in place of fancy marketing showing how great the brand service or product is.

The simple reasoning of why you must invest into a social media aggregator, or the new term for it, a hashtag aggregator.

Why must I build a social media wall and display posts on it via a social media content aggregator tool?

Unique and Original Content

For the obvious reason explained before, social media aggregator tools provide you with unique user-generated content.

Moderate Content

Moderate malicious content and allow positive justifiable content to go live on the social media walls. Manual filtering is a boon with social walls and aggregator tool.

Your Story, Your Way

Design, themes and colors, all at your disposal to create your brand story the way you like it.

Try The Powerful Social Media Aggregator

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Real-Time Content

Now that’s what you’d want to excite your audience, won’t you? Here a user posts an update on the brand’s social channel, and there it gets displayed live on the social media wall.

Get that hashtag, advertise it to your brand patrons and get rolling with social media aggregators and social walls.

Just saying, request your audience to share their positive experiences with the brand and you can create a social wall and benefit from it.

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