How To Embed YouTube Videos On Website

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A Guide highlighting the importance of YouTube video content & How to embed YouTube videos on website.

The popularity and success of a website are highly dependent on its content besides the design elements. Having quality engaging content on your website can be tremendously useful for any business. 

When it is about content, the most popular form of content among the users globally is – VIDEOS. That is why YouTube is the most popular social media platform worldwide.

Influence of YouTube

It has been over a decade since the launch of YouTube, and at present, it has almost 2 billion monthly active users worldwide. The key reason for the immense success of YouTube has been the availability of audio/visual (video) content. 

Video content is favorite for users as it is more expressive and visually appealing along with sound, which is the highlight of the content. 

YouTube is famous among content creators as it provides them with the opportunity to monetize the content & gain exposure. In contrast, for users, it gives content on diverse topics, be it informational, entertaining, educational, and more. 

embed youtube channel on website

Why Embed YouTube Videos On Website?

Now that we know why YouTube is so popular and how video content consumption is growing. Now we will explore why to embed YouTube videos on website.

1. Trust & Authenticity

As video content is more expressive and insightful than other forms of content, it helps in getting the intended message of the video across to the users perfectly. 

Besides, videos can also tap into the emotional quotient of the users, along with exciting information showcasing visually. These elements help in building trust and a sense of authenticity among the users for the website/brand. 

Not just informational or entertaining, but you can also include the promotional videos on your website that are descriptive of what you have to offer. Users gain confidence for further engagement through these videos. 

2. SEO Benefits 

Videos keep users engaged and interested in the content for a longer duration compared to text & images. These videos can help in increasing the average dwell time of a user on your website. 

A better SERP ranking is directly related to increased exposure, traffic, and extended possibilities of conversions.  

3. Effective Promotions & User Engagement

Videos are more descriptive and can get the intended promotional message across to the viewers with great efficiency. Also, videos can better highlight the aesthetics of a product/offering comparatively. 

YouTube Ads also, along with YouTube video content, can help your brand in advertising & exposure. 

User engagement with these videos also increases as videos are easy to access, explore, watch, and understand for the users. Having the right YouTube videos content targeted to the right audience can bring massive engagement to the website. 

4. Video Empowers Conversions & Sales

Videos are highly effective at bringing returns on the investments through conversion & sales. The credibility of this is that over 2/3rd of the users watched YouTube videos before making a purchase decision. 

Also, users are three times more likely to watch a product video on YouTube than to read product descriptions. 

These facts are evident that users are interested in exploring videos when they have to buy products/services online. When you embed YouTube videos on the website landing pages or product pages, it can help you increase your conversion & sales tremendously. 

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Why Use Taggbox For Embedding YouTube On Your Website?

Taggbox, as a social media aggregator, provides diverse functionality and support services that contribute to an amazing overall result-driven experience.

It provides an amazing functionality to embed the complete YouTube channel and its videos in a single attempt, whereas, with YouTube’s own embedding feature, you can only embed a single video at a time.

Here a list of reasons as to why Taggbox would be your best choice

  • An array of beautiful & creative feed themes specially designed for Websites. 
  • Design your YouTube feed posts with attractive fonts, card colors & styles, and font size & colors. 
  • Add feeds from Your Channel URL, Keyword, Location, or Playlist
  • Manage author information, social icon, content color, post upload time, social sharing, CTA, and author details
  • Restrict profane abusive content with profanity filter
  • Moderate content quality with the restriction on competitor’s or irrelevant content
  • Add custom videos and full-screen announcements to the feed for valuable promotions
  • Auto-moderation & Auto-content play option
  • Robust analytics with insightful engagement & web analytics for performance evaluation
  • YouTube channel customization
  • UGC Rights Management to get permission from users to use their content in your brand’s advertising and promotional activities

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Embed Youtube Videos On Website With Taggbox

We have formed these simple steps using which you can add YouTube videos to your website to infuse more creative, engaging, and interactive content to the website that will delight users. 

Step. 1 – Log In or SignUp into your Taggbox Account. Once logged in, You will see the Dashboard section.

embed youtube video

Step. 2 – Click on the “Create Wall” option in the Top Right Corner, a pop-up will appear.

embed youtube video on webiste

Step. 3 – Enter your wall name and a unique URL for your YouTube wall and click below on “Create Wall.”

youtube video on website

Step. 4 – A Pop-up will appear with different social platforms, Choose “YouTube” as the content source.

youtube video on website

Step. 5 – A new pop-up will appear to create a YouTube feed. Enter your channel URL, playlist ID, Keyword, or Location for which you want to collect the videos and then click on create feed.

embed youtube video

Step. 6 – Click on the “DISPLAY” button at the bottom left corner. A pop-up will appear. 

youtube video on website

Step. 7 – From the Pop-up, choose the “Embed in Website” option. 

Integrate youtube video

Step. 8 – You will see a pop-up with different website building platforms, Choose your platform & a pop-up will appear. 

Integrate youtube video on html website

NOTE: As an example, HTML has been chosen as a platform here. 

Step. 9 – A new pop-up will appear where you can set the “Height & Width” of your YouTube Feed. Once done, click on “Get Code.”

Youtube video on html website

Step. 10 – Once clicked, You will get a Custom CSS code for your YouTube feed that you can “Copy” & then “Paste” it in the backend of your website. 

Youtube video on website

There it is, you will have a creative & interactive YouTube video feed on your website. 


Since video consumption is proliferating, it has drawn attention for the content creators and brands to make the most of this massive audience and marketplace for exposure, engagement, promotion, & conversions. 

The benefits are self-explanatory about how advantageous having YouTube video content is on any website. 

Be it user-generated videos, promotional videos, or videos from influencers, all of these creatively displayed on your website can do wonders for your website and overall business. 

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