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YouTube Aggregator: Enhance Your Brand’s Reach in 2024 [Curate + Embed]

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YouTube is arguably the largest video streaming platform around the globe in terms of both users and content. 

With over 3.5 million videos uploaded every day, an average user spends 47 minutes on it for entertainment, education, etc. The diversity of content is so compelling that even Google was attracted, making it acquire YouTube in 2006.  

After seeing so many people being pulled towards YouTube, brands saw this as an opportunity to increase traffic on their page. Collecting, curating, and embedding YouTube shorts and videos via YouTube aggregator leads to a user spending more time on the website. Aggregating and adding a YouTube feed is an effective SEO practice and might enhance brand visibility. 

Aggregating YouTube videos on websites allows users to get useful information about a product/ service without leaving the page. This makes your webpage more informative and hence can increase its conversion rate. 

Wondering if a YouTube Aggregator is beneficial? Want to know how it works? – We have collected some information to make this quest for answers slightly easier for you.

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What is YouTube Aggregator?

YouTube Aggregator is a tool used for collecting and managing videos from YouTube and displaying them on your website.

These YouTube Widgets allow a brand to collect videos from a particular channel or with specific tags. Brands can use YouTube Aggregators to gather content related to a particular niche. 

There are 2 major purposes for embedding YouTube videos on a brand website.

The first one is to promote the YouTube video created by the brand. Having your YouTube video uploaded on your website also increases visitors to your channel, increasing engagement.

The other reason is to curate content from other creators on your channel for different purposes.

A creator using your product in a video or talking positively about the same can be an impactful social proof. Showcasing this on your website reinforces a customer’s trust in your brand. Even for a new user, such content encourages them to buy your product.

Benefits of Using YouTube Aggregators for Your Business

Here are some of the major benefits of using YouTube Aggregators as a marketing tool.

benefits of youtube aggregator

1. Diverse Content:

YouTube Aggregation allows brands to showcase different types of content in a single place making the website content diverse. 

This attracts content consumers of various kinds and eventually increases traffic on the page, making it rank higher on Search Engines. Diversity of the videos also helps a brand showcase the all-round performance of the product or the server they offer.

They display different videos to show their expertise in multiple domains. Viewers from different backgrounds or with different needs can be introduced to other services that the brand offers. This also increases the traffic on other pages.

2. Increased Engagement:

As mentioned previously, having a YouTube video embedded on a website allows a user to spend more time. With YouTube aggregators, you can collect engaging content to hook your visitors for as long as you’d like.

YouTube aggregation is not only good for a brand’s website but also the channel as it allows embedding a YouTube channel. It contributes to the channel’s visibility on YouTube’s algorithm and hence is an effective SEO practice.

3. User-Generated Content:

User-generated content is a valuable asset for establishing trust and authenticity in business. YouTube stands out as a prime platform for sourcing such content.

Real people endorsing products or services on this platform provide powerful testimonials. Incorporating user-generated content from YouTube into your website creates a compelling narrative of your brand’s real-world impact. 

Creating a playlist of customer-generated content further enhances brand credibility and fosters a sense of community. This approach not only showcases the brand’s values but also acknowledges and appreciates customer contributions, fostering loyalty and connection. 

Leveraging user-generated content from YouTube strengthens brand credibility, builds community, and deepens the connection between the brand and its audience.

4. Enhanced Visibility:

Consolidating your YouTube content significantly enhances your brand’s visibility and accessibility. By bringing all your videos onto one platform on your website, you provide a convenient, one-stop destination for your audience. 

This streamlines the process of engaging with your content, encouraging viewers to spend more time within your brand’s ecosystem. The benefits of YouTube content aggregation go beyond convenience, impacting search engine visibility.

Aggregated content ranks higher in search results. This ensures that when users search for relevant keywords or topics, your brand’s videos are more likely to prominently appear.

This increased visibility in search results is particularly valuable in a competitive digital landscape. This increases the chances of attracting new viewers and potential customers to your brand.

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    How You Can Embed YouTube Videos on Your Website?

    Here are the steps to embed YouTube Videos on your website via a YouTube Aggregator.

    1. Log in or Sign Up to the Tagbox account.
    tagbox widget

    2. Select “Show Social Feeds on Web Pages” and click on “Get Started”.


    Note: You will be asked to verify your email address. Verify by clicking on the link you’ve received in your given email id.

    3. Click on the blue-colored text to see all the networks, and choose a network of your choice.

    select source platform

    4. Select YouTube out of all the different networks listed, to aggregate its content.

    select youtube

    5. Once you have selected YouTube as the source platform, select the option to filter out videos. You can select from Channel URL, Shorts, Playlist, Keyword, etc.

    • Channel URL: Select this option if you want to curate videos uploaded on a particular channel.
    • Shorts: Choose this option if you want to aggregate shorts uploaded on a specific channel.
    • Playlist: This is the option you select if you want to collect videos from a YouTube playlist. You can add the playlist URL to collect the videos.
    • Keywords: You must select this option if you want to curate videos including a particular keyword in their title.
    • Location: If you want to select videos from a particular region including specific keywords, this is an option you should go for.
    select the options

    6. After selecting the appropriate source option as per your need, add the information about the same. For example, we have selected the channel “Keyword“ option, so the aggregator asked to add the keyword. It will search the videos having the same keywords. 

    choose option

    7. Click next after adding the information.

    8. After clicking next, you will see all the posts that have the keywords you entered.

    Note: The number of posts that have been fetched will appear in the column.

    fetched data

    9. You can publish the feed as it looks on your page or you can customize and also select the particular posts you want to showcase, using the options at the bottom left corner.

    moderate posts

    10. The “Moderate” option also allows you to preview the feed before you publish it. 


    11. After reviewing the feed, if you are satisfied with it, click publish.

    12. Select “Embed on Webpage” to showcase the YouTube videos on your webpage.

    embed on website

    13. Copy the page code and add it to the source code. 

    copy the code

    14. You can add the feed to different types of web pages created from different platforms such as WordPress, Wix, Shopify, etc.

    Final Words

    Employing a YouTube Aggregator is a strategic move for brands aiming to enhance their online presence. With millions of daily uploads and substantial user engagement, it makes it an ideal platform for content aggregation. By embedding YouTube playlists and videos, brands not only extend their reach but also bolster their SEO rankings, capitalizing on engaging content.

    YouTube Aggregators serve a dual purpose by promoting brand-created content and curating user-generated content, establishing trust and authenticity. The benefits extend to increased website traffic, improved SEO practices, and a strengthened connection with the audience. The convenience of consolidated content enhances visibility, encouraging prolonged engagement within the brand’s ecosystem.

    YouTube Aggregation contributes to a website’s diversity, showcasing a brand’s multifaceted offerings. This not only appeals to a broader audience but also facilitates cross-promotion of services, leading to enhanced traffic. 

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