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Best Event Management Tools of 2023

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Whenever you return from a happening and great event, what leaves an everlasting impact on you as an event attendee is how well everything was managed, how beautiful the venue was, how interactive every session was!

Did you ever think how is it possible to manage so many things simultaneously and execute them perfectly? Well, let me tell you the secret!

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Event Management Tools is the answer. The backstage superheroes that let you manage and streamline all the tasks in just a few clicks.  These tools automate the whole process, collaborates multiple team members, and provides a holistic solution to bring together everything that you need to have a successful event.

Use of event management tool has proved to hike audience engagement by 20%, increase productivity by 27%, and raise the profit margin by 20-30% on average. With so many online event management tools available these days, no wonder marketers are keeping a close track on all kind of event planning tools that are available in the market.

This article will guide you through an array of event planning and management tools you can utilize to enhance the overall user engagement at your next event making it a grand success.

Event Management Tools For Next Generation Organizers

#1 Eventbrite - To Transform Your Vision into Experience

Eventbrite is a global platform that offers ticketing solutions for all kind of events like meetings, conferences, concerts, etc. It helps you convert your vision into an experience of a lifetime.

It helps you create a beautiful event listing page with pre-built payment options, analytics, and support features. It helps you track real-time monitoring and reporting analytics from any device. And the customization features are just splendid!

Guess What! It is free for organizers if they are not charging for the tickets. And in case they are charging for tickets, it provides 3 pricing plans- Essential, Professional, and Premium. Each pricing plan comes with an amazing set of features that helps you execute a hassle-free event.

#2 Taggbox - To Boost Engagements With Social Stories

Having a digital screen installed at your event that collects and display social media feed from multiple platforms is a great idea to incur audience engagement at any event. The audience just love it!

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Taggbox Display boosting engagements at HPE Discover, Las vegas

Taggbox is a social media aggregator and display tool. It aggregates and displays real-time social media feeds on an attractive Social media wall for events. The user-generated social media feeds are aggregated from multiple channels via hashtags, mentions, keywords, etc. 

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It comes with incredible customization, curation, and analytics features. It gives a detailed insight into audience behavior through its Sentiment Analysis. It is a great way to spread a good word of mouth marketing for your event, not just prior to the event but also even after its over. 

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Live Hashtag Feed at an Event

The pricing plans for Taggbox are really flexible, simple, and cost-effective. It has something in store for everyone. It comes with pricing plans categorized into 6 categories- Website, Digital Signage, Events, API, E-Commerce, and Enterprise Plans. 

Display Customer Generated Content and Reviews On Any Screen

Try The Most Powerful Event Engagement Tool Taggbox

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#3 Whova- To Revolutionize Your Event Management

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Whova is an all-in-one event management tool. It helps you manage and execute the whole event from its start till its end using just one software system. You can always choose to opt-in and opt-out of certain functionalities as per your requirement.

It is affordable, mobile-responsive and user-friendly. It helps you optimize your time management and maximizes audience engagement. The live slideshow feature of Whova also allows you to pamper your sponsors by displaying their brands and related content to your event audience.

#4 Trello- The Ultimate Team Management App

Trello is a simple, compliant, free, and a visually appealing way to manage and coordinate your teamwork during the event execution. It is basically a project management software that segregates the task lists into different tabs under the names of team members. 

Tasks assigned to them can be logged into these tabs where they can be monitored in real-time and tracked accordingly. The pricing plans are divided into 3 categories- Free, Business Class, and Enterprise. Each plan comes with standard features, team features, automation features, admin, and security features.

#5 Social Tables- Better Events, Together

Social Tables is an event collaboration software that helps you plan and design interactive floor plans, streamline event operations, drive potential leads, and boost overall event ROI.

It helps you simplify seating chart plans, room layout designs, guest design check-ins, and event attendance tracking. It also allows you to create connections with vendors, caterers, venue providers, and more. It is a great application for social events like weddings. 

#6 Zoho Backstage- Craft Experiences They Will Remember

It is an event management software for organizers, agencies, and corporations. It makes it super-easy to manage and execute large scale events like summits, conferences, concerts, etc. Managing your event with Zoho streamlines the whole process making it extremely seamless thereby improving your overall audience engagement.

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You can easily schedule your event on the Zoho application and assign dedicated tasks to team members. You can customize your event website and leverage the power of social media to bring in the potential leads. Also, it enables you to talk to your audience in their respective languages.

#7 EventBank- To Automate Your Work Flow

EventBank is an event management software that helps you plan and promote events, be it big or small. It helps you manage and save time by optimizing your overall efforts of planning, creating, managing, and promoting your event. It gives you deep insights into your audience behavior with every interaction that happens.

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It helps you create and set up beautiful and interactive event pages that are designed and optimized to bring in maximum engagement and hence conversions that matches your branding, sets up VIP and other tickets, offers coupons, pricing plans, and so much more. It’s highly responsive and mobile-friendly making it really easy for you to manage the event happenings and execution from anywhere.


So, this was a comprehensive list of the most popular and used event management tools. Now, you are free to explore further any other tool or choose the best-suited tool for your event planning requirements. The rightly chosen event management tool can surely help you turn your event into a rocking success for sure!