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    How to Use Social Media for Your Wedding Day

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    The relevance of social media has risen in the wedding industry significantly. Brides cutting images and ideas from magazines and journals and saving them to get an exact match from their wedding vendor is the talk of yesterday. To add to this, brides also hunted down their wedding organizer earlier only by word of mouth or probably having read about him in a magazine or him being covered on the front page of a newspaper!

    Social media has evolved and has come to benefit the wedding industry abundantly with social media wedding ideas. From hunting down the trousseau for the D Day to finalizing the caterer, the decor, the makeup man and all, social media gives you all.

    Hassle-less in its approach, wedding blogs, portals and websites have an abundance of reviews, feedback, experiences and real stories from the real brides and let’s say grooms too who have been there and done that. So what’s the delay now? Using social networks for your wedding must be the first agenda on your list!

    Now if you’re planning to still think of not using social media for your wedding, here are a few useful tips on how you can use social media at your wedding to get maximum benefits.

    #1 Find Vendors and Designers via Social Media

    search vendor on social media

    You undoubtedly want best of the best vendors and designers working around you and designing you the perfect garments and bringing you the latest designs and concepts used for weddings. A wedding vendor previously arranged for a phenomenal entry for the bride and the groom and you read about it on social media. You’d want the same for your wedding, won’t you?

    And of course, you want an exact match for a designer dress you saw in the monthly issue of a bridal magazine and want a color-coordinated trousseau for your partner as well.  Social network helps you to research well and fills you with abundant blogs, stories, and experiences along with vendors and designers having their websites and blogs to your rescue.

    Find your wedding vendors and designers on social media. Eliminate the ones that don’t match your taste and ideas. Search for vendors with high ratings or excellent feedback from their previous clients. With the rise of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and others, wedding planning has changed. Hunt for ideas on Pinterest, converse with your wedding planner on social networks. Ask them your questions and concerns. Gauge them thoroughly and select the best for your Wedding Day.

    #2 Find Designs, Concepts and Ideas on Social Media

    Wedding ideas on pinterest

    Social media is filled with concepts, designs, themes and ideas for weddings. There is Pinterest for sourcing trends from Colors, themes and more, share all this with your wedding planner and get your friends to help you with the task too. With lots of ideas, find something that matches your budget and choice.

    Induce creativity and personal style and get the most out of using social media strategies for your wedding. Ask your planner and share your ideas collected from social media with him.

    #3 You Definitely Need To Hashtag Your Wedding

    Wedding Hashtag

    This is not new to the average social media user I believe. Create a unique hashtag for your wedding and ask your friends, family and near and dear ones to post all the wedding related moments, madness and craziness to social media with the wedding hashtag.

    Experiment with the hashtags. Make them a mix of your name and your partner’s name or the wedding date or something more memorable to you. Print your hashtag on the invitations, remind your friends and family and you’re good to go and collect pictures from social media channels containing your wedding hashtag.

    You can go ahead and display Instagram feeds in your wedding from your wedding hashtag or show live social media in weddings where Facebook feeds and the live photo feed of the wedding are displayed.

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    #4 Use Sensibility, Creativity, Social Butterflies and Social Media


    What I mean is – ask some of your friends who are addicted to social media and are pure social butterflies to commit to social media and come out with the best editing and captions for your wedding pictures and post to your social media channels regularly. Remember to guide them and yourself about posting sensibly to social media while keeping the atmosphere and pictures light and fun and frolic filled.

    #5 Setup a Social Media Wall at Wedding

    wedding wall

    Before your wedding day, research a good social media aggregator tool to collect all social media feeds or user-generated content shared with your hashtag. Set up a social media wall and display all aggregated live social media feeds on digital signage during the wedding. These social walls not only make your wedding memorable but also give an attractive look. The Guest and wedding attendees will love it when they see their posts on a Social Wall.

    And finally, when you’ve done it all, don’t you forget to enjoy your day to the full! Conduct thorough research, gather useful information such as trends, themes and ideas for your day and seek tips to use social media in the best possible manner for your wedding and yield benefits.

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