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The Best Way to Display Photos in Weddings Using Social Walls

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We all can agree on the fact that social media has been very well integrated into our day-to-day lives. It has become a primary way to share photos and memories with our loved ones. Wedding culture is not left unaffected by these norms of the modern world. Technology has changed the way we interact with our weddings.

Besides the food, decor, and the numerous other things they need to work on, couples also want something fun, and social, and make it extra special.

The savvy brides are not only interested in implementing the wedding planning process using social media but also in enhancing the social experience throughout the wedding. With the advancements in technology and the availability of many user-friendly social media platforms, social media can be well-ingrained in weddings.

One way to do that is using Social Wall in Weddings.

A “Social Media Friendly” Wedding

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You already know that a wedding hashtag is a perfect way to easily find wedding photos taken by guests on social media. So the first step would be to create a wedding hashtag that can be used in all the posts. Have a look here to know how to come up with the hashtag which complements your wedding. Then after creating a hashtag, you need to let everyone know about that hashtag and what other better way is there than using social media networks?

Most of couples prefer having a website for a wedding combined with a Social wedding wall. While guests can search for photos using your unique wedding hashtag, a social media wall simplifies it even more. You can embed your Instagram feed at the wedding with Social Walls. By embedding the social media feeds on the website, photos or messages shared on Twitter and Instagram will not only be displayed around the venue but can also be viewed on the website.

Best Way to Display Photos in Weddings

In Social Walls, Text, photos, and video messages which are posted using the special wedding hashtag are put together with the help of social media aggregator tool. A social wall that shows Facebook and Instagram photos of Weddings can be a fun way to engage people and encourage sharing. They can share the link to their social walls everywhere in emails, Facebook, and Instagram for guests to check out the latest updates in one place.

In this way, wedding guests become a part of the experience on a more intimate level as they add to your special day with photos and personalized messages. Then after moderation, they are posted live and displayed on a screen of your choice, be it big plasma or a small smartphone, and create an interactive experience for attendees. Images and videos can be posted on a Facebook album– no waiting for months to see the photos.

Display Social Wall In Your Wedding

Big Display for Big Emotions

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One great thing about the Social wall for weddings is that they are flexible and can be adapted to the number of screen sizes. You can easily display a social media stream over an LCD screen or big plasma installed at the wedding location. Big displays cover a large number of audiences who will get motivated to post more with an incentive to get displayed on the mega screen, creating an interactive experience for the audience and a beautiful display to be proud of.

Creation of an Interesting Banner

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There are certain things that constitute a great social wall. The first thing which catches the eye of a guest is the banner which sits right above your social wall. So it is very important to make it go with the symphony of the wedding theme that is going on. The wedding hashtag you created for the posts should be placed somewhere where it is clearly visible. Ideally, there should be a picture and/or name of the couple on the banner itself. This would help you create a compelling and cohesive banner for the social wall.

Nobody would miss the fun

It’s very well possible that some of your invited guests are unable to attend the wedding. But it doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy the wedding fun happening miles away. With the possibilities that come with the social wall at weddings, they can still be in touch with the wedding.

They can still be a part of your wedding by watching the embedded social media hub on the website or in Facebook Groups. They can follow this live feed of pictures and messages, interact with the ongoing posts, and can also share their best wishes for all to see by using your wedding hashtag.

And it’s not just about being Social

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Aside from their social media benefits, a wedding social media wall brings a dynamic and memorable experience to your big day. It’s a great way to see a wedding from multiple perspectives. All the photos of the celebration, pre-wedding to post-wedding, are documented as a centralized database to be used later. If you are looking for a way to supplement your wedding photos and keep your guests engaged, you should definitely try social media walls for weddings.

Display Real Time Social Content In Your Wedding