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Introducing Taggbox Widget Lite Plan For Startups

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We at Taggbox, believe in delivering the finest possible solutions to our clients that helps the clients in getting maximum consumer attraction, engagement, and conversions. 

User-experience is what shapes a user’s opinions, reviews, utility, and shopping behavior about products, services, or businesses.

We work towards providing a seamless, transparent, and complete experience to the users that are designed keeping our clients’ needs & demands in mind.

Solutions @Taggbox

Taggbox is an immensely effective & powerful social network aggregator that curates and displays the user-generated content from diverse social media platforms.

Besides curating & displaying the content you can also customize and design your aggregated content using diverse theme hub for your social media feed wall, moderate the content, add shoppability, automated real-time feed updates, screen fit flexibility, analytics, and many more.

Use cases of Taggbox

And recently we have launched the new $24 plan for Taggbox Widget users.

Try Our New Lite Website Plan – Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget Lite Plan For Start-ups

Although there are already vast pricing plans that we provide but with the aim of constantly looking to expand and deliver the supreme services to maximum people, we explored a huge gap in the market.

Every business in the world once started from scratch with fund crunch and limited resources.

We could relate to it as we once did as well and realized that it would have been a lot of help if products or services were available in the market that was specially designed for startups.

Based on our research and experiences, we have now introduced a new specially designed plan for Start-ups with pricing as low as $24/month.

Website Lite Plan

Our product is such that it helps you in generating user-trust, attract a new audience, enhances the engagement of the users with your business.

Also, it automates your marketing process, showcases your earned UGC, and most essentially it has the potential to drive conversions & sales.

Features Of The New Lite Plan

1. Social Media Widget & Feeds

You get the option to create one unique and attractive social media feed wall with options to create 4 feeds.

You can create these feeds using hashtags, handles, profiles, timelines, or lists from different social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook etc.

2. Web Embed & Themes

You get the options to use the best social wall theme from the various options that best suit your website & business.

This feature comes in handy as it increases your website vibrancy, product discoverability, provides easy navigation, and you can showcase engaging & attractive visual UGC to boost engagement & conversions.

3. Customer Support

Although it is an extremely low-cost plan but still we understand how important customer support is for such effective & influential product.

So, we provide you with a customer support option with this plan as well where you can consult with the customer support representatives about your issues, queries, questions, or even feedback.

4. Content Curation & Highlight

Content curation gives you the freedom to curate the best possible content from social media platforms of your choice based on your needs, goals, and requirements.

This helps in enhancing attractiveness, quality, and engagement possibilities for your social wall.

5. Moderation

Not all the aggregated content will be relevant, useful, and fruitful to your goal and objectives.

Moderation will help you in filtering the irrelevant content with a profanity filter allowing you to restrict profane content from your social media wall.

You also get access to automate the moderation process. You just need to enter the moderation instructions and it will automatically do the work for you.

6. Add-on Benefits

After all the above-mentioned features, you also get features like customizing the background of your social wall and hide old outdated posts to keep the feed fresh & unique.

Also, create your own custom social media wall URL for better management with live chat support availability.

7. Upgrade Opportunity

With all these features you are using our social media aggregator with a $24 plan and you will love the way it is generating returns for you and you wish to unlock more features that can further boost your returns. 

You get the opportunity to upgrade to plans with more enhanced features anytime you want by just paying the difference amount of your chosen plan and your current plan. 

Closing Statement

At Taggbox, our aim is to cater to all kinds of businesses with the best experiences that focus on driving results and satisfies both our clients and their customers. 

Since it is a start-up plan and you as a Start-up, are moving strategically on your path to success and want to make investments where you can get maximum returns on your investments. 

Therefore, we even give you a free trial as well so that you can try and see for yourself what potential your business can unlock with the Taggbox Social media aggregation.