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A Guide To Embed Content On Website

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To start with, we will first acknowledge that why would you embed content on website anyway? or How does that matter to your brand or your consumers?

A Brand or business’s website is like their digital storefront where potential customers come looking to fulfill their objectives & make purchase investments. 

Therefore, content is the most crucial asset for your website as it helps in building trust, providing necessary information, driving traffic, get user engagement, and most importantly drive conversions & sales. 

So, it is essential that you display or publish content on your website that can deliver all those objectives and that why we have created this guide to explain what content you should embed, why you should embed content on website it, and how you can embed it. 

What Content To Embed On Website?

When we talk about the content that your website should have, there are a few metrics that the content should fulfill along with an appropriate content embed strategy. 

From the consumers’ or users’ point of view, whenever they land upon a brand website, they are there with an objective or intention that only the content can convert into a decision. 

user generated content

Therefore, to convert into a purchase decision or investment decision, the content needs to be authentic, realistic, engaging, showcase brand credibility, provide cues, highlight brand qualities, display product/services information, and much more. 

But where will you find such content? 

The answer is quite simple – SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS. The reason being these platforms are hugely popular among billions of people globally and content is the major reason for that be it user-generated content or other content forms. 

So, bringing such content on your website can steer all these benefits to your website and help you drive your website & business growth/success.

Why Embed Content On Website?

1. Aggregates Social Powers Into One

Firstly, as we discussed that social media content is hugely powerful and influential among consumers so to embed content on website aggregates the powers of all these different platforms into your website. 

embed content

Every platform has its own advantages and qualities individually be it Instagram’s engaging content or Twitter’s short yet effective content or YouTub’s captivating video content and you steer these onto your website to magnify its possibilities & opportunities. 

2. Showcase Customer Experiences & Credibility

Social media platforms and other digital platforms are a hub of user-generated content and a great part of it is relevant to your brand that is shared by your customers. 

social media contet on website

So, sharing such user-generated content on your website helps you showcase the experiences of your existing customers and build credibility through their word-of-mouth & brand advocacy.

3. Social Proof Building

When we talk about digital media, it is essential for brands & businesses to build trust and reliability among their potential customers to guide them towards engagement & conversions.

Embedding user-generated content relevant to your brand & its products/services can help you showcase your brand image, authority, authenticity, etc. that builds trust and reliability among the visitors.  

4. Increase Engagement

All the marketers will agree that user engagement is the most important metric that defines the success of the website and its performance be it conversions or other objectives.

As we discussed social media content is hugely engaging due to its diversity, uniqueness, authenticity, creativity be it UGC or branded content or influencers content.

Embed Content

So, having such content on the website increase the website’s user engagement & enables interaction opportunities as well. 

5. Enhance Dwell Time & SEO

Search engine optimization is a massive strategy for websites to upgrade their performance and dwell time plays a huge role in the successful SEO ranking strategy.

Having trustable, creative, and engaging content will help in keeping the users engaged for a longer time on your website that will eventually help in improving your website’s dwell time whereas it will reduce the bounce rate as well.

Embed Content on website

All this will lead to better ranking in the SERP ranking that will unlock doors to higher traffic and more impressions & clicks for your website with an overall impact for better results. 

6. Original & Cost-Effective Content Stream

It is always a hassle for any brand or business to create fresh and engaging content constantly but doing so is important as content will drive your website performance.

The best way is to aggregate and display content from social media platforms especially UGC so that gives access to original, fresh, and unique content that is also cost-effective as compared to content creation.

Embed Content on website

So, you get a constant stream of content from these platforms that enables for maximum returns & minimum investments.

7. Grow Conversions & Sales

All these advantages that we have discussed above collectively contribute to growing your conversions & sales be it building trust, increasing engagement, originality of content, and others. 

Embed Content

Content altogether helps the website visitors to make an informed decision about their purchases and investments. UGC especially plays a huge role in conversions as over 90% of the people trust it to make their purchase decision. 

Easily Embed Content On Website

Build Trust & Increase Your Conversions

All-In-One Content Embedding Solution

To leverage all the benefits that we have listed above, we bring you the perfect solution to embed content on a website which is Taggbox Free Website Widget.

Taggbox widget is a product of Taggbox that lets you discover, collect, and curate content from social media and digital platforms into a feed and easily embed content on website or that feed onto your website. 

You can also customize your feed/content, moderate the content quality, enable real-time updates, manage content rights, measure feed performance through analytics, responsive design, website building platforms compatibility, and much more. 

Now that you know the possibilities with Taggbox widget, here we present you some of the platforms from which you can embed content on website easily & quickly. 

Embed Social Media Feed On Website

A social media feed is a feed of content that you can aggregate from multiple social media platforms into a feed and embed it on to your website.

You can aggregate content from these platforms based on elements like hashtags, pages, channels, handles, timelines, tags, groups, business ID’s, etc.

Embed UGC Gallery/Feed On Website

A UGC gallery or user-generated content feed is a feed of content shared by users on different social media and digital platforms which can be aggregated using hashtags majorly. 

UGC feed & gallery is the most beneficial content feed for any website and Taggbox widget si the perfect tool to do so. 

Embed Twitter Feed On Website

Twitter being a microblogging website is quite popular among the brands, influencers, celebrities, and users. Twitter feed lets you display the latest news, updates, global trends, and other relevant industry content. 

You can embed Twitter feed on website through gathering content using Timelines, tags, hashtags, handle, retweets, etc.

Embed Facebook Feed On Website

Facebook is still one of the most popular social media platforms with massive content diversity from textual posts to stunning images or engaging video content be it branded content or user-generated content.

embed facebook page

You can aggregate content from Facebook into a feed using hashtags, handles, pages, groups, etc. and easily embed Facebook feed on the website. 

Embed LinkedIn Feed on Website

LinkedIn is the social media platform for businesses and corporates with content that highlights employee advocacy, brand posts, enhances communications & engagement, and much more. 

Embed Content from linkedin to website

To embed LinkedIn feed on website, you can start by collecting and curating content from your LinkedIn profile/handle. LinkedIn provides you the functionality to only aggregate your profile posts. 

Embed Instagram Feed On Website

Instagram is currently the most popular social media platform among the brands and users due to its exciting and engaging visual content.

embed Instagram content on website

To embed Instagram feed on website, you can aggregate content using hashtags, handle, tags, and mentions. Displaying the visual content especially UGC can help in growing trust, engagement, and conversions for your website. 

Embed Slack Feed On Website

Slack is an internal communications platform for brands and businesses. Many brands globally use Slack for their internal workplace communications. 

Taggbox widget lets you collect & curate content from a channel or any keyword once you connect your Slack profile with the Taggbox widget and embed Slack feed on your website

Embed Other Social Platform Feeds On Website

Not just these platforms but there are many other platforms from which you can collect content and embed content on website. These platforms are Pinterest, Tumblr, Yammer, Vimeo, RSS feeds, Workplace, etc. 

Besides, the Taggbox widget also gives you the functionality to add your custom branded or promotional or sponsors content on your website along with any of these feeds mentioned above.


Your website is one of the most important marketing and communication channels along with being the digital storefront. Thus, it is essential to make it engaging and informative for the users.

Content is the best way to achieve your website and overall business objectives & goals. So, this holistic guide was an effort to help you understand all the aspects to embed content on website.

So, get started now by defining your website objectives, what content you will need to fulfill your objectives, and how you can collect, curate, and embed content on website using the Taggbox widget to maximize your website returns and revenue generation possibilities.

The Best Tool To Embed Content On Website

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