How To Embed Google Reviews Widget On Website

The first question that comes to mind is, why embed google reviews widget on the website or what are they, and how are they even useful for the brands and people?

Well! In this blog, we will provide answers to all these questions and provide a step-by-step guide on how you can embed google reviews on the website. 

To get started, we must first understand the relevance of reviews. Consumers are rational decision-makers who look for information that can help them make informed and valuable investment decisions. 

So in that quest for decision-making, users look for reviews for the products/services or the brands from which they want to purchase something. 

So, let’s understand what these reviews are and why users look for such reviews.

What Are Google Reviews?

To start with, a user review is the evaluation of a brand or its products/services on the metrics such as quality, quantity, aesthetics, worth, etc. that customers experienced while using the product/services.

Google reviews similarly, is a product of Google My Business or Google Maps that allows the customers of a brand/business to share their ideas, experiences, opinions, feedback, etc. relating to the products or services or performance of a brand. 

embed google review
Google Reviews By The Customers About A Cruise Service

Google reviews are known to be genuine as Google does not allow the inauthentic & fake review submissions, and the review submissions are ensured or written by exclusive customers. 

Embed Google Reviews Widget On Website?

A website is a digital or online storefront for any business and brand where the consumers can access and explore information about a brand and its offerings easily, simply, and quickly. 

Many of the businesses use the website as their main channel for communications and commercial activities rather than offline operations. Therefore, it is essential to have elements that help in increasing trust, engagement, and conversions. 

For those purposes, content on a website is the most important element, and having authentic and informative content can help your drive your business growth & success. 

So, reviews help in providing information that greatly helps in decision-making for the potential customers into a brand or its products/services. 

Benefits Of Embedding Google Reviews Widget On Website

1. Build Trust & Reliability

The first and foremost benefit of embedding reviews on website is that it helps in building trust and reliability for the brand among the consumers that can help in driving conversions. 

embed google my business reviews
An Example Of Building Trust & Credibility Through Rating & Reviews On Website

Reviews being the authentic content that is shared by the real customers based on their real experiences with a brand leads to showing realistic information about the quality & performance of a brand and its offerings. 

Over 90% of the people tend to trust user-generated content i.e. user reviews to make their online purchase decisions. 

2. Showcase Advocacy & Create Desirability

Brand advocacy can be understood as when the existing customers of a business or a brand take the credibility and responsibility of the brand’s products and services quality, value, and worthiness. 

Positive word-of-mouth is still the key influencer that shapes the purchase decisions for consumers and conversions for the brand. So, these Google reviews act as brand advocacy i.e., a seal of trust & credibility given by the customers. 

embed google review on website
Brand Advocacy By Customers For Campervan Rentals

Brand advocacy is much more fruitful than the brand content & promotions as it is more realistic & reliable. Also, brand advocacy helps in creating brand desirability as well. 

3. Brand Awareness & Reach Creation

Brand awareness and reach augmentation ensures that you get maximum traffic to your website and business as more and more will become aware of your brand. 

Google reviews are shared by the users, so the networks of these users also come to know about the brand that helps in building awareness to a wider audience with positive exposure & higher reach.

embed google rating on website
Positive Google Reviews About Food Of A Restaurant 

Reach, and awareness building is a major success metric as more awareness is positively correlated with increasing website traffic, user engagement, and conversion rate. 

4. Boost Conversion Rate & Sales

Finally, coming to the most crucial element or goal of any business website is to increase the conversion rate and create a constant stream of revenue, and Google reviews can immensely improve this. 

As we discussed that most of the users look for trustable & authentic information that can help them in making their purchase decisions, so Google reviews are that valuable information to drive your conversions. 

embed google business reviews on website
Reviews On A Product Page To Influence Purchases

The facts that 92% of the users are likely to purchase after reading the trusted reviews or consumers are willing to spend over 30% on businesses with excellent reviews, and 82% of the users tend to read reviews before making online purchases. 

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Step By Step Guide To Embed Google Reviews Widget On Website

How To Embed Google Reviews Widget On Website

Taggbox Widget, as a user-generated content platform, is one of the best tools to embed Google review widget on the website. So, here we have mentioned the simple and easy steps using which you can embed Google reviews on the website.

The embedding process has been divided into 2 main parts

How To Create Google Reviews Widget

Step.1 – Create your Taggbox Widget account or login to your existing account

google review widget

Step.2 – You will see a dashboard, click on the “Create Widget” option, a pop-up will appear

embed google my business reviews on website

Step.3 – Enter the name for your Widget & also enter your unique widget URL, then click on the “Create Widget” button.

embed google review in website

Step.4 – A pop-up will appear, choose the “Google Review” as the source from the different platforms

how to embed google business reviews on website

Step. 5 – A new pop-up will appear, choose My Location or Enter the Location to fetch feed and click on the “Create Widget” option. 

embed google my business reviews

Enter the necessary information and provide access to continue fetching the reviews from Google. 

Step. 6 – Taggbox Widget will then automatically fetch the reviews from Google into a feed

Once you have collected the reviews from Google into the feed, then you will be redirected to the widget editor. The widget editor dashboard will have the following and many more options:

Personalize – You can personalize your Google review feed by changing post style, showing information, social sharing options, custom posts, adding a banner, pop-ups, and background. 

Moderate – You can decide which reviews to show and restrict the unwanted. Also, you can highlight a review, Pin to top, add CTA, or even edit the post. 

Analytics – Gain audience insights through engagement and web analytics. You can see the total impressions, clicks, users, sentiment analysis, and many more details. 

More – You have the option of adding additional elements to the widget like on- hashtag highlighter, ticker, filters, custom CSS, etc.

How To Embed Google Reviews Widget On Website

Once you have collected the reviews from Google into the feed, then you will be redirected to the widget editor.

Step.7 – Click on the “Embed Widget” button at the bottom left corner of the widget editor.

google reviews widget on website

Step.8 – Choose your website platform from the given options in the new pop-up i.e., HTML, WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, Shopify, etc. 

google review widget

Step.9 – A pop-up will appear, from there you can adjust the height & width of your Google Reviews feed and then click on the “Get Code” button

embed google reviews on website

Step.10 – Just copy the given code and paste it on to the backend of your website and apply it. 

There it is, you will have now successfully embedded Google reviews on the website. You can do so for any other website platform easily and simply. 


The website is the crucial channel for any business needs to be effective, informative, and engaging for the consumers, and Google reviews are a perfect solution for that. 

This “embed Google reviews widget on website” guide has been created with in-depth details about benefits and how to embed steps using Taggbox to helps you understand the importance of Google reviews along with an easy process to embed them on your website.

So, get started now to leverage the user reviews to magnify your business growth, revenue generation, and success possibilities. 

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