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Hashtag Campaign Guide: A Smart Strategy For Smart Marketers

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The dawn of social media marketing and the vast customer base that it facilitates makes it crucial for the brands to build their presence online and connect with the audience.

To achieve this, initiating and modulating social media interactions by using #hashtags are a viable option. Adding a hashtag to any content, collecting information, driving conversions, and sharing views become easy.

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Hashtag Campaign By THERAMASKS

But, it isn’t the only way that brands can use hashtags. Brands today are curating exclusive hashtag campaigns, generating user interest, fetching their engagement, and ultimately getting more conversions. 

However, it might not always be the case. Not all of your hashtag marketing campaigns are going to perform well. In that case, how could you create a successful hashtag campaign, and what are the benefits that you can derive?

What Is A Hashtag Campaign?

Hashtags are the perfect way to gather popularity and more information without much of a hassle, which is why businesses working online, let them be functional in any industry, are employing hashtags. They do this by creating ‘Hashtag Campaigns.’

hashtag campaign strategy

Hashtag campaigns are a way in which businesses can keep up with the dynamic audience. 

An exclusive hashtag is curated depending upon the campaign’s motive, which plays a leading role in initiating interactions and fetching the attention of the users. 

How To Find The Right Hashtag?

Hashtags can help brands with the growth, engagement, and attraction of the users. But, for it to be successful, it should connect with the audience, easy to remember, and must be uncomplicated. 

Here are some tips to remember:

  1. Pick something that evokes the emotions of the users. 
  2. Keep it as unique as possible. 
  3. Maintain the KISS rule, i.e., keep it short and simple. 
  4. Avoid the ones that directly relate to the name of your brand. 
  5. It should be indicative of the goal concerning marketing. 

The Do’s And Don’ts To Keep In Mind

There are various patterns that people employ while curating a hashtag. It not only makes the Hashtag look unattractive but also irrelevant. So, when deciding upon a hashtag for your campaign, take into account these do’s and don’ts:

Do Be Authentic, Relevant & Un-branded

Tweaking a hashtag isn’t really of much help because it won’t reap the desired results. Hence, you must do your research before deciding upon the Hashtag; it should not be anything just out of the blue. It should have a goal behind it, the brand’s value and voice. 

It is better to make a list of hashtags and then perform a search on social media platforms to see if they are used previously. 

Also, make a point to not include the name of your brand in the Hashtag, as it would look highly promotional then. Remember to keep it un-branded but relevant.

Do Keep It Simple, Easy To Spell, & Remember

If the audience cannot simply pronounce, spell and remember the name, then will they be able to use it?

Do not make it too long; just use 2-3 words so that the audience can use it rightly and also remember it. Remember the hashtag campaign of Coke? #shareacoke, and the massive impact and audience engagement that is generated? 

Do Incorporate Keywords

Staying specific to your domain and also connecting with the brand? Handpick a hashtag. 

It will make it easier for the users to find you. But be creative while deciding upon the Hashtag as it shouldn’t look too obvious but still attract traffic. 

Don’t Be Offensive

Just like you think twice while posting something on your social media, put some thought into how you say it as well. Avoid any circumstances which can hamper the brand’s image. 

Why Hashtag Campaign Are Amazing?

Easy & Efficient Promotion Of Products/Events

Hashtags boost the product’s visibility, which helps the brands gain the spotlight on social media platforms. 

Think of them as a technique for word-of-mouth marketing, as the Hashtag that you curate will be used by the users in the posts that they share, which will further enhance your promotional efforts.

When used to promote an event, hashtags will help you gain new followers while building a connection between the existing ones. 

The traction a hashtag can promote before, during, and after an event is notable.

Explore & Aggregate More Information Easily

Collecting information relating to a hashtag campaign becomes easy by looking at the hashtag search results. They make information easily accessible, and brands can categorize it depending upon their need. 

Augments User Engagement

Running hashtag campaigns coupled with contests and giveaways help in increasing customer engagement and gets maximum audiences involved. This helps the brands in getting more followers and popularity. 

Build Brand Awareness

Brands use hashtags to initiate interactions, build user engagement, gather their trust by alluring users to create and publish content on their social media handles. This makes it easy for the brands to get discovered. Hence, increasing the awareness of many folds. 

Key Aspects To Consider While Creating A Hashtag Campaign

Know Your Brand And Competitors

You will have to first understand the standing of your brand on various social media platforms. This information can be used for post-campaign analysis.

The influence metric of hashtag campaigns should be able to improve your follower count, impressions, reach, and contributors. 

hashtag campaign

The next step would be to know the relevant keywords associated with the brand to be able to compile a list.

This list should also be a derivative of your competitor analysis as it is not a good idea to run a campaign that is anyway in line with the competitors. 

Define The Goals Of Your Campaign

You must define your goals specifically before developing the campaign. Your goal can be to raise awareness for a product launch, boost the follower count, encourage participation, etc.

After goal-setting, it becomes easy for the brand to draft, follow-up with the campaign, and understand if the performance is appropriate or there is a need to up-scale. 

Think Of A Hashtag That Can Fetch Attention 

Hashtag campaigns are a great way to generate audience participation and get recognition for the brand. Hence, while curating a campaign, the name plays an important role. It should be short, memorable, relevant, and simple. 

Campaigns like #ShareACoke is also popular because they are easy to remember and use. 

Execute The Campaign With Influencers Participation

Reach out to influencers already having a huge base of followers, ask them to talk about your hashtag campaigns.

These campaigns are great because they inspire people to participate in the campaign, which boosts engagement and brand awareness. 

Boost Your Hashtag Campaign In Innovative Ways 

1. Aggregate and Embed Feeds

This indeed is a very influential strategy for boosting your hashtag campaign. Using social media aggregation tools, you can collect feeds relating to your campaign, curate, moderate the content depending upon its relevancy and display the same on both online and offline places, like your website, virtual events, offline events, etc. 

hashtag marketing campaign

One result-driven tool that can help you achieve maximum engagement and interaction for your hashtag campaign is Taggbox. It allows you to collect content from 15+ social media channels, be it in any form UGC, branded, or influencer content, 

Post collection helps you to moderate and customize it. Allowing only premium quality content to get featured in a unified feed. Through customization, you can personalize your wall and make it look more attractive by using differential themes, layouts, styles, colors, and backgrounds. 

Once everything is done, you are all set to display your unique wall anywhere, limitlessly, with the utmost ease. 

how to start a hashtag campaign

Trending hashtags are the most talked of. So, when you come across a hashtag that’s trending and aligns with your brand’s campaign, devire the best that you can from it.

Say, for instance, #ThrowbackThrusday. It will help you widen your reach to a massive audience. 

3. Run Contests, Take Polls and Ask Questions To Engage Audience

Who doesn’t like getting indulged in fun contests, games, and giveaways? They are indeed great to interact with the audience, engage with them, and market your brand through word-of-mouth marketing.

hashtag campaign strategy

These things do not require a lot of effort but can definitely make a huge difference in your hashtag campaign’s performance.

Why Do Brands Run Hashtag Campaigns On Social Media?

It won’t be wrong to say that social media marketing has become quite the norm of marketing. According to surveys, as many as 92% of marketers consider curating social media marketing campaigns for their respective brands essential.

At the same time, 80% of them stated that their social media marketing efforts, in terms of fetching traffic to their website, increased. 

Despite the facts, 85% of the marketers do not feel confident about incorporating social media campaigns while marketing their products. 

So, let’s dive in to understand why brands run campaigns on social media platforms to better understand its impact.

Better Conversion Opportunities

Unless you are Adidas, you have a fairly small budget to fit in your efforts relating to the brand’s marketing and advertising while still being creative. This is where social media campaigns come into the picture. 

There is no doubt that social media platforms generate a tremendous impact on businesses by increasing their user engagement, interactions, awareness, and conversions and making it a prominent reason why brands run campaigns on social media.

Get An Insight Of The Users

Insights are crucial in climbing the ladder of success. Brands need to know, understand and cater to the needs of their customers. This can be achieved through social media campaigns.

They help you gain unprecedented insights into your users’ interest, the percentage of engagement, location, demographics, age, new followers, existing active followers, etc.

Insights play an important role in connecting to the audience, delivering them what they seek, and achieving the brand’s targets. 

Increases Users Trust 

Social media marketing campaigns help in augmenting the trust of the users. The hashtag campaigns inspire users to create and share content that generates trust amongst potential users.

They have a know-how of the brand through the experiences that the existing users share, which helps in decision-making about whether or not to incorporate the brand’s products or services in their lifestyle. 

Improves The Brand’s Image Through Social Listening

The act of monitoring social conversations around some topics is called social listening. 

Hashtag campaigns facilitate users to share their experiences with the brand. More positive and well-responded negative reviews can help improve the image of the brand in the mind of the audience. 

The brands can also work on the reviews shared by their users and rectify areas of concern and push what’s performing well.

Helps Brands In Telling Their Story

They are sharing insights on what the brand is made up of with the audience has become imperative. Today’s audience is not just looking at the brand’s operational and commercial aspects; they are also looking at how humane the brand is. 

Hashtag campaigns provide the brands to tell their story in a definite yet thought-provoking manner. This connects the users with the brands and motivates them to initiate an interaction, which later can be capitalized. 

Successful Hashtag Campaign Strategies

Perform A InDepth Research On Your Target Audience

The first thing that a brand needs to focus on is to scrutinize the target audience. Having a categorization of your audience by prioritizing the ones you seek to attract is essential.

Once the target audience is clear, you can start analyzing your social media activities. This needs to be done so that there is a clear idea of what the audience is seeking and incorporating it when curating the hashtag campaigns. 

It will prove to be advantageous as it will push the audience to participate. 

Choose The Right Channel And Prioritize It

Just understanding your target audience is not enough; knowing how to reach them following appropriate channels is important. 

Hashtags are used almost on every social media platform; hence, opting for the right channel is important. This is because every other social media platform caters to a distributive content type.

Thus, it must be placed on a platform for the campaign to be successful that yields outcomes for the brand. 

Ease Out Participation

The biggest reason why hashtag campaigns fail is that it is unable to gather user participation.

Therefore make sure that it is not complicated in any way, interacts with the audience, and involves them in the campaign. When the involvement is taken well-care of, it boosts the reach of the brand. 

Showcase The Output Through Real-Time Marketing Tools

Using real-time marketing tools to display the audience’s content, such as a hashtag wall, can boost the brand’s reach. 

A hashtag wall’s basic feature is to aggregate live social media hashtag feeds and showcase all the posts from various social media platforms on a single screen.

Hashtag Campaign Examples That Gained World Popularity

#ShareACoke By Coca-Cola

#ShareACoke is one of those hashtag campaigns that rang a bell in almost everybody’s ear using social media. 

The campaign’s thought was to allure people to share a bottle of Coke by offering personalized labels for the bottles. It produces more sales for the brand than ever before.

hashtag campaign ideas

To gain the populace further, it collaborated with celebrities like Ryan Seacrest and Selena Gomez. This added to the campaign’s success, and it seemed like people from across the globe did #ShareACoke.

#LetsDoLunch By Domino’s Pizza

In 2012 Domino’s UK launched a hashtag campaign called #LetsDoLunch. It was curated to promote their bestseller, Pepperoni Passion, and fetch the users’ attention.

The catch being, for every tweet made using the Hashtag, the cost of the pepperoni pizza was to be dropped by a penny. After innumerable Tweets, the cost of the pizza came down to 7.74 pounds from 15.99. 

hashtag marketing examples

The reduced price lasted for a day, which provoked many customers to buy pizza because of this huge discount.

This short-span campaign not only helped Dominos boost sales but also increase its popularity and followers.

#WantAnR8 By Audi

This campaign is considered the most distinctive one from all the hashtag campaigns that have marked their social media impact.

This started as a result of a tweet from one of Audi’s fans who wanted to ride this amazing R8 just after its launch.

And you’ll be amazed to know that Audi surprised her by giving her a ride of Audi R8 for a day.

This event gained huge momentum on social media as many other people started posing their desire with the same Hashtag, and surprisingly Audi gave many of them a chance to fulfill their wish.

With more than 75 thousand tweets, Audi’s new launch touched the zenith of popularity.

#KnowYourLemons by Worldwide Breast Cancer Organization

In 2017, Worldwide Breast Cancer Organization launched a hashtag campaign #KnowYourLemons. This campaign’s motive was to create awareness among women about breast cancer and convince them to regularly check their breasts.

The concept went viral worldwide, as it provided an interesting way to inform women about some lesser-known cancer symptoms.

All the above examples depict how User-Generated content can help brands achieve their goals and how brands make maximum use of this content to generate sales and growth. But sometimes, these hashtag campaigns can even go off the track and can ruin your marketing strategy. 

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Hashtag Campaigns That Fizzled Out

#McDStories by McDonald’s

One of the world’s largest burger chains, McDonald’s, once initiated a hashtag campaign with the name #McDStories to allow people to post their experiences about happy meals. 

Instead, it attracted negative tweets with people posting their vomiting experiences after eating the meal and about the nails in the patties using the Hashtag.

It soon became a nightmare for the big brand such that the franchise removed the promoted Hashtag in less than an hour.


Entenmann, an American sweets manufacturer, used the #NotGuilty to promote their low-calorie sweets by saying, “Who is #NotGuilty about eating all the tasty treats they want?”

The Hashtag it used was said to be hijacked as this same Hashtag was used a few years back by the people to share their thoughts against the court verdict that accused Casey Anthony of murdering her 2-year old child.

The company then apologized sincerely for what it did. But once it’s viral, it’s hard to get your back off from the situation.

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Over To You

Hashtag Campaigns are the ingredients of success when it comes to expanding your brand socially worldwide. 

With this new generation of social media enthusiasts, brands can rely on these platforms to generate more engagement. And what’s better than Hashtags to pump up your marketing strategy.

So, to have a successful hashtag campaign, consider the above points and choose your Hashtag wisely.


Hashtag Campaigns are gaining popularity across industries. Using them to boost marketing efforts has become essential. To know how you can create a good hashtag campaign in detail, read this blog.

Yes, hashtag campaigns are extremely effective for a brand to get more engagement, reach, user trust, and conversions. To understand how effective they are in totality, read here.

Hashtags have to be such that they fetch the attention of the users. They should be excited to use, remember and promote it on their social media handles. Explore how you can create an attractive hashtag.


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