New Instagram Updates In 2023 You Can Not Miss Out Upon!

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Since its inception, Instagram has been on a path of growth with rising popularity consistently, be it among users or brands. Many brands globally use Instagram as their primary source of marketing tactics. 

New Instagram Updates

The platform itself has evolved continually with better updates, feature advancement, user data privacy & security, expansive integrations to third-party software, progressive user experience, etc. 

Here we bring you the important Instagram API changes and product updates that might change how you leverage Instagram for your business, brand promotion, user experience, and much more.

Major Instagram Updates To Look Out For In 2023!

1. Now Scheduled Posts on Instagram

Instagram is very popular among users with over 1 billion users actively using it daily. However, no matter how fun Instagram is to use, posting manually on Instagram is a time consuming task especially if you post multiple times a day. 

Keeping this in mind, Instagram launched the “Scheduled Posts” feature! This feature allows you to schedule your content beforehand, saving your time and keeping the profile active. You can schedule a picture, video, carousel, or reel for up to 75 days in advance in the Instagram app.

Here is how:

  • Open Advanced settings and then “Schedule this post” to schedule content from the Instagram post composer.
  • Tap schedule after you’ve chosen the time and date for the content to go live.
  • That’s it, your content is now ready for publication.

One way to benefit from Instagram scheduling posts is to publish more frequently during peak engagement periods. Determine when your audience is most active and publish content during those times on a regular basis. And once you know the active time of your audience you can schedule your posts accordingly or you can use an Instagram scheduler.

Note: user need to have a business account to have access to this option.

2. Instagram Is Protecting Teens & Supporting Parents Online

Instagram launches a tool dedicated to parents and guardians concerning their teens’ activity time on social media along with an educational hub that will help them discuss social media use with their teens. 

This Instagram update is in the initial stage, but Instagram is planning to expand. The goal is to help the teens and their parents or guardians to communicate better. 

Instagram Is Protecting Teens & Supporting Parents Online

Parents and guardians will have access to the amount of time their teens spend on Instagram and set time limits accordingly. This update will help teens notify their parents if they want to report someone. It gives teens a safe space to talk about their concerns more openly.

Here are some key takeaways from this new update:

  • This Instagram update will prevent users from tagging or mentioning teens they don’t follow;
  • The recommendations in Search, Explore, Hashtags, and Suggested Accounts will be stricter for teens;
  • If the teens are too driven towards one topic, Instagram will start introducing them to new topics;

3. Now Delete A Specific Photo From The Carousel

It has to be the much-awaited feature by Instagram. Users can now edit and delete images in a carousel post. This Instagram update is ideal for users who want to keep the post but want to delete one or two pictures. 

Now Delete A Specific Photo From The Carousel

Go to the carousel post> Click on the top-right dots icon> Choose Edit> Scroll through the photos to find which one you want to delete> Tap the top-left delete icon

Not only that, but you also get 30 days to restore option that you can use just in case you change your mind.

4. Instagram Badges For Content Creators

Instagram monetizes content creation for Instagram influencers as the eligible users now get to add badges to their live videos. This particular Instagram update is a way for them to earn money as their followers or fans can directly buy badges to support them.

Instagram Badges For Content Creators

Once the influencer has earned up to 100$, they can easily transfer the amount to their account. Eligible users can find the “turn on” button for the badges in their professional dashboard. If they are not eligible, they can apply by clicking on the “Apply for monetization” button.

5. A Brand New Way To Collaborate

Instagram unrolls the latest “Collab” option for users to upload a post or reels collaboratively. The Instagram update opens opportunities for content creators to send collaboration invites to other users and create mutual posts or reels.

This collaborative post will be accessible on the feeds of both users. Also, they will share common likes and comments on that post, opening up many collaboration possibilities for content creators.

A Brand New Way To Collaborate

It opens the door to:

  • Creators share their insights & engagement with brands 
  • Help creators find collaboration partners that resonate with their work & category of content
  • Explore similar brands for content creation in collab manager
  • Managing partnerships & sourcing new deals
  • Insights for brands when they are tagged in the creator’s content
  • Creators having access to Instagram Graph API

6. Create Public Photo Thread On Instagram Stories

While Instagram is all about connecting people creatively, it has come up with the new “Add Yours” sticker in the Instagram Stories. Users can now upload a story related to any theme and challenge their followers or other users to add photos related to the theme.

Create Public Photo Thread On Instagram Stories

A user can simply tap on the sticker and upload a related photo in their story, making the sticker accessible to their followers. This Instagram Update is ideal for users with public accounts as they get to capture more people. It also allows brands to organize giveaways or photo contests with their customers and encourage them to create user-generated content.

7. Latest API Changes

As of November 9, 2021- Instagram has updated the API for Live Videos. 

The latest API update by Instagram now enables users to live to stream their videos including IG media.

 Instagram API Changes

Not only that, the latest Messaging API update enables users to fetch all the comments on the videos and send direct messages or private replies to the commenters.

8. Instagram Web Version

Instagram’s web interface has been updated to make the platform more engaging and visually appealing to users. Although the company’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, previously stated that the Instagram platform will be updated for large-screen devices in 2022.

It has also been stated that iPad users will have a better visual experience when using the Chrome browser. However, the new interface has begun to roll out to users around the world and is currently available to random users in limited regions.

Notably, the new layout of the panel will also include new icons and text, all of which have been designed to make it easier to use and understand the platform’s exact functionalities. The story panel is still on the top row, as it was previously on the platform.

It is important to note that the new interface differs from the app’s UI, and users can access a variety of editing tools and even post stories from the web version. Although my desktop version is currently inaccessible due to information and mass distribution, it is expected to update and work soon.

9. Meta Announces Paid Verification

To improve the social media app’s security and authenticity, Meta announced the paid version of the blue tick. Any high-profile account will be required to pay $11.99 (for the web) and $14.99 (for iPhone). 

Note: The feature is currently in the testing phase and by the last week of February 2023, will roll out in Australia and New Zealand.


Instagram has been continuously making updates in its platform to provide a holistic social media and marketplace experience for the users with maximized security & privacy. 

Brands have also been receiving updates on the platform to create better campaigns for enhanced customer engagement and drive conversions with shoppable posts

It will be interesting to see what more changes does Instagram brings & how it takes on the other social media platforms to capture maximum USERS, CONTENT CREATORS, & BRANDS.