Instagram Updates That Might Affect Your Marketing Strategy

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Since its inception, Instagram has been on a path of growth with the rising popularity consistently be it among the users or the brands. Many brands globally use Instagram as their primary source of marketing tactic. 

The platform itself has evolved continually with better updates, feature advancement, user data privacy & security, expansive integrations to third-party software, progressive user experience, etc. 

Here we bring you the important Instagram API changes and product updates that might change the way how you leverage Instagram for your business, brand promotion, its user experience, and much more.

Major Instagram Updates Recently

1. API Changes

Instagram issued an update recently stating that “we will be disabling the final Instagram Legacy API permission (“Basic”) on March 31, 2020. As of March 31, 2020, all Legacy API capabilities will be fulfilled by the Instagram Graph API and the Instagram Basic Display API.”

The update in API has an impact on how 3rd party apps access & display content from a user’s personal account as these apps will no longer be able to display the content if they do not upgrade to the new API update. 

The aim of API changes is to let users decide what information they want to share, providing access to apps, Separation of permission sharing for profile and content, minimize data exposure & ensure privacy & security, etc. 

Note: “Developers looking for a secure, fast, and convenient way to have users log in to their apps should continue utilizing the Facebook Login API.”

2. Insights From “Stories About You”

Instagram stories have become a phenomenon, and brands are leveraging it to their benefits. Instagram now has brought an update that helps brands to augment their stories activities. 

The new update allows the business account & creators to get insights from the stories in which they or their brand was mentioned in the past 24 hours. It helps brands & creators to find, explore, and engage with these mentions. 

It is an excellent move to know the brand or creators’ impact, reach, exposure, awareness, and audience insights along with engagement opportunities with the users. 

All the stories in which you were mentioned will be aggregated in a story reel, but importantly, you won’t be able to access such stories from private accounts or ‘close friends’ stories. 

3. IGTV Magnification

To be honest, IGTV hasn’t seen the life that was intended by Instagram as the engagement hasn’t been impressive and even brands & content creators globally haven’t shown much interest in it to call it a “masterstroke”. 

But Instagram is planning to magnify the IGTV with the plans of monetization & ads. The monetization feature will be a crucial element to attract brand & content creators to participate in the IGTV content, create ads for it, and leverage video marketing. 

IGTV addressed a critical challenge that Instagram users faced, i.e. time-restricted videos by allowing users to share long videos. Now, the efforts can be made to make it a substitute for YouTube and other video content platforms to increase engagement & boost results.

4. Revenue Opportunities For Content Creators 

Instagram mentioned that “content creators aka Influencers are a “cornerstone of their community” and they want to help creators to “turn their passion into a living”.

Content creators bring a massive audience to Instagram and drive massive user engagement; thus, Instagram mentioned that they support these creators and want to help them earn revenue through brand collaborations. 

Therefore, they opened Facebook’s Brands Collab Manager ( a marketplace tool) for a selected group of Instagram creators. This tool was earlier available only to Facebook creators. 

It opens the door to:

  • Creators sharing their insights & engagement with brands 
  • Help creators find collaboration partners that resonate with their work & category of content
  • Explore similar brands for content creation in collab manager
  • Managing partnerships & sourcing new deals
  • Insights for brands when they are tagged in the creator’s content
  • Creators having access to Instagram Graph API

5. Other Key Recent Updates

Here are some recent updates on Instagram that you might have missed.

  • Setting up a minimum viewer age limit for your content (Country-specific & Global)
  • Inbox partition into two categories – Primary & General allowing discretionary engagement possibilities
  • View insights about your followers & engagement, such as gender, location, age, etc. 
  • Augmented reality feature in stories and also to try products from the brands that sell on Instagram
  • Restrict feature to allow you to block users from commenting or messaging without them knowing
  • Testing on new integrated video trimming tool to edit videos for stories & posts in your app
  • Instagram takes on “Tik-Tok” with the reels feature for short video creation in the stories section


Instagram has been continuously making updates in its platform to provide a holistic social media and marketplace experience for the users along with maximized security & privacy. 

Brands have also been receiving updates on the platform to create better campaigns for enhanced customer engagement and drive conversions or even the sales with shoppable posts. 

It will be interesting to see what more changes does Instagram bring & how it takes on the other social media platforms to capture maximum USERS, CONTENT CREATORS, & BRANDS. 


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