Top 5 Instagram Tools Every Marketer Should Use For Marketing

Instagram with its 800 million active monthly users and growing is a tremendously loved social media platform by users, brand and businesses alike. Posting engaging and informative content may be one thing, but getting your content’s reach across the target audience and boosting your growth and interaction while also increasing your follower base every day is a task.

Improvise your Instagram marketing strategies and results with these 5 promising Instagram tools that we’re interpreting today. These are our favorites that are proven for successful results. Strategize your marketing efforts, reach out to your audience for real and achieve optimal results.


Taggbox is the supreme Instagram marketing tool that is an efficient two-in-one: social media aggregator tool and a social media wall tool.

An Instagram aggregator tool like Taggbox functions on the concept of a live Instagram wall for events that suit businesses and brands. Instagram walls can be easily embedded in websites and are a promising marketing concept for businesses today.

Also, you can create an Instagram widget to showcase your embedded Instagram feed. With your brand hashtag on Instagram, for example, #LifestyleNuances, you can easily use this hashtag with Taggbox and create an embeddable Instagram wall for your website. These social walls are created by the best social media aggregator tool that Taggbox is. Simply use the hashtag and collect feeds from Instagram (branded + UGC) and collectively display them on the social wall at events.

These social walls can also be efficiently used in events like product launches, conferences, cultural programmes, weddings, political events, hotels, in-store displays, display out of home(DOOH advertising),  offices, music concerts and festivals etc. to be displayed on digital signage.

The social media wall is an interactive, attention-grabbing, and social tool for events and websites. With multiple benefits, Taggbox serves as a pioneering tool for Instagram marketing. How-

  • Easy content moderation with Taggbox for Instagram walls. Manual and automated content moderation feature allows positive and constructive content only to be displayed on Instagram walls. Profane and offensive content can be cast out safely.
  • Instagram walls with Taggbox are highly responsive in their design. Designed to fit any screen size – jumbotron, projectors, streaming on TV screens, laptops, and smartphones.
  • Embeddable Instagram Feeds wall on websites serve as an engaging concept to keep the website visitors glued to the website for an extended time period. This allows website visitors to make a successful purchase from the website and follow you on other specified social channels as well leading to increased followers.
  • Hashtag contests/campaigns can be designed and run smoothly with Instagram walls. This boosts Instagram communication of the brand and social interaction with its followers and potential customers.
  • Unique and beautiful themes, layouts and designs to suit every business model.
  • Experiment with fonts, colours, backgrounds, icons, logos, custom messages, highlights and more.
  • Access, update and control your Instagram walls anywhere, anytime because Taggbox Instagram walls support easy and quick smartphone control.
  • Use Instagram analytics to see how your content is performing on social media. Use it to generate reports and keep a track of brand growth, reach and interaction performance.

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vsco Instagram Tools

Since Instagram is a social channel a side of which is about visually attractive 3-grid pictures, it becomes essential to talk about this fantastic Instagram tool for picturesque visual marketing. Marketing tools are not limited to statistics and analysis of followers or content marketing tactics and tips.

Here, VSCOis a tool that allows the user to take pictures and edit them. Instagram as a social channel is about delightful pictures, whether food, travel, lifestyle, fashion or sports. VSCO is a remarkable photo-editing platform trusted by thousands. This tool offers a variety of filters to the users to enhance their photos and make their pictures stand out. To boost your marketing strategy involving spectacular photos, you must consider incorporating this Instagram tool into your marketing approach.

Enhance your profile’s visual side with VSCO’s filters where our personal favorite is T1. VSCO also has abundant filters and standard editing tools such as sharpen, saturation, exposure, highlights, warmth etc. that users can shop for according to their requirements. Edit for bright and clear pictures with this tool. An easy tip – Find a filter theme that will be constant in your photo grid and use the tool effortlessly.


Repost Instagram Tools

Repost is a popular Instagram marketing tool that empowers brands to share user-generated content. Customers often share pictures of themselves using a brand’s product/services. Here, brands can make use of this rich customer-generated content for their marketing approach.

By using your customer’s ‘brand moments’, you show value for their opinions and experiences and promote authentic content among your followers. Repost is an Instagram marketing tool that is easy to use where you simply have to click and share the user-generated content that you like and acknowledgments are given to the original content creator automatically.

This tool allows quick bookmarking of photos and videos that you want to repost later. The Repost application does not necessarily work on the feeds of users you follow. This application can repost pictures from the account of any user by searching for a hashtag or a specific user profile. All it takes is a single click and you can repost creative content instantly. This tool contributes essentially to the strengthening of a business relationship between you and your clients.


Social insight Instagram Tools

Social Insight is an Instagram marketing tool that provides you with an in-depth analysis of your Instagram business. This is useful for businesses on Instagram to examine their growth, reach, interaction, engagement, follower analytics etc. How-

  • See the best time to post based on your posts history and account engagement
  • See reports on followers gained and lost, average and max post engagement and most engaging filters
  • Link multiple business accounts on Instagram with Social Insight and easily compare the analytics of both the accounts and switch between them
  • Web-based application that allows easy and detailed monitoring of engagement, follower growth and more

Social Insight is a leading and promising Instagram tool for business owners on Instagram. The best part of using Social Insight is that new features keep getting added to this application.


Crowdfire Instagram Tools

Crowdfire is a tool that supports in managing your followers and related activities. The tool is exceptionally handy for any business that’s trying to expand their followers and for the analysis of their reach and engagement. How-

  • Manage your followers
  • Track users that have unfollowed you
  • Track users that do not follow you back
  • Track users who follow you, but, you don’t follow them back
  • Follow users who follow Instagram accounts that you mention
  • Get an update and a list of new followers
  • Suggested follower list based on your following pattern

This tool provides a smart recommendation of users that may have an interest in your product/services and suggests you follow them. The leading reason for Crowdfire being a valuable Instagram tool is its effective monitoring for the reach and engagement of your feed and updates on Instagram users. Crowdfire allows you to market your social content to interested users and mass-follow and mass-unfollow users.

Crowdfire is an Instagram tool for marketing helps businesses in quick analyzed growth and helps them inefficient follower management. The tool is designed for both web-based applications and iOS/Android applications.

Have we listed your favourite Instagram marketing tool? What are other advantageous Instagram tools for marketing? Share with us.

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