Top Flockler Alternatives

Top 10 Flockler Alternatives That You Can Rely On in 2024

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I know you are looking for Flockler alternatives that can help you optimize your hashtag campaign, improve customer engagement, increase sales, and ultimately drive revenue. 

You are at the right place!

As they say, “Variety brings spice to life.” This blog will provide precisely that and detailed information on 10 Flockler Alternative tools that can do it all, from collecting to managing, publishing to repurposing, and far beyond. 

Let’s begin without further ado and find a better platform for your needs with excellent outcomes.

Here are the top 10 Flockler alternative in 2024

1. Taggbox

2. Flowbox

3. The Wallrus

4. Tagshop



7. Tagembed

8. TintUp

9. Embed Social


Why do you need a Flockler alternative?

Flockler is a fantastic platform that offers a solution through which you can flaunt your social media visual presence on any digital platform, which can effectively help you increase the dwell time of your customers on your website leading to more conversions.

As a brand, you can also explore other Flockler alternative tools that fit you and match your business values. 

The goals, budget, and feature requirements can vary depending on the brand and its industry. To gain further insights, please continue reading the following section.

The below-mentioned alternatives offer the edge cutting technology and features like analytics so you can track your progress.

Top 10 Flockler Alternatives

Here are the top 10 Flockler alternatives that offer responsive website widget user-friendly interfaces, customizable display options, and the ability to curate and showcase real-time social media feeds.

1. Taggbox


Taggbox- A one-stop platform for endless possibilities.

And just as their tagline promises, the tool can help you from collecting to organizing to publishing and repurposing your content into a beautiful feed that can be further integrated on multiple marketing touchpoints cost-effectively.

Drive traffic and conversions with user-generated content and showcase your creative, collaborative content to build trust and increase sales efficiently.

This easy-to-use interface platform offers advanced features and various plans. Another solution lets users catch their customers’ attention at live hybrid and virtual events, in-store displays, websites, and more.

Easily customize and moderate according to your needs and filter out the excess and irrelevant data, acquire rights from the original creator of the content, and keep track of your social media campaign performance with their detailed insight feature.

2. Flowbox


Flowbox, with over 850 brands as its clients, helps brands market their products and achieve desired goals effectively with its services. 

As a user of this tool, you can get access to their AI automation which helps to boost your customer engagement.

Improve user-generated content and customize your integrations on social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and more. 

From content synchronization to moderation of unnecessary content to advanced data-driven insights, they offer it all and cater to brands from the beauty, sports, and food industries, giving them access to unlimited widgets and advanced analytics.

3. The Wallrus

The Wallrus

With Wallrus, you can integrate social content created by your customers and flaunt it on social walls at conferences and events through projectors. 

Interact with your audience creatively by creating attention-grabbing CTAs or call-to-action buttons and content feed which can be streamed on digital touchpoints.

This tool helps brands connect with their user community better. 

It offers a user-friendly platform with features such as hashtag campaign content collection and quickly displays anywhere, and is less time-consuming.

4. Tagshop


One excellent option in competition with Flockler is Taggshop, a leading e-commerce tool helping brands to use their social proof to generate sales by providing solutions like shoppable galleries, customer reviews, and visual UGC. 

Infuse superpowers into your online store and boost revenue by showcasing your valuable user-generated and branded content as a shoppable feed on your website.

Tag products to the appealing and relatable visuals, compelling your visitors and publishing highly engaging feeds on your social commerce webpage.

As their user, you can customize creatively, manage and acquire UGC rights, and access detailed analytics.


Make your content stand out with This tool lets users track hashtags and filter content according to your brand’s needs. is a fantastic platform to aggregate content previously shared on social channels. It supports 15 social media platforms per feed: Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn.

With a simple click or two, you can modify your content into one single feed to display on the website after using moderation and customization features.

This tool offers other functionalities: social media curation, social wall, and WordPress social feed. Create a personalized and interacting social wall feed and link multiple social media profiles.


One fantastic platform for your social media wall marketing is

On this tool, you can boost customer engagement with its impressive live polls feature. 

Showcase your hashtag campaign, social news widget, and social proof collection on large digital screens and make your events interactive.

Generate leads with the flexible embed feature and source your content from over 13 social media channels like Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, and more. 

The users of this tool can effectively aggregate content by keywords or specific profiles, upload content with the direct post feature, maximize the advantage by customizing and moderating social wall feeds, and link content with call-to-action buttons.

7. Tagembed


Tagembed is another social media content aggregator tool that helps brands collect, curate, and display engaging social media content on websites. 

With the help of Tagembed, you can easily leverage the youtube brand’s appealing content and market beyond social media networks to drive traffic, social reach, and revenue.

Aggregate content from over 18 social platforms, manage, customize, and filter out content as a Tagembed user. 

You can also showcase your content through reviews, stories, album widgets on the webpage, and other digital signages for conferences. 

Other features include report generation with analytics and an SEO-friendly user base.

8. TintUp


TintUp is another Flockler alternative tool that offers businesses a way to optimize their social media better feed through their UGC studio, visual search feature, and AI.

As a user of this platform, you can go beyond collecting and curating content as they enable you to rate, review, publish, and schedule.

With its performance insights and detailed reporting feature, you can go beyond simple metrics.

Gather content created by your customers and through collaborations at one place and market it to various social accounts, thus leading to higher sales and increased engagement.

9. Embed Social


Embedsocial is another AI-powered UGC tool that offers analytics and affordable pricing to its users along with its mobile-friendly interface. 

Get access to unlimited hashtag campaigns, quick responses to users, and faster integrations on its one dashboard.

Collect social feeds in the form of stories, reviews, and images within a few clicks and lesser time. 

With more than 40 templates and more, Embedsocial is a UGC widget library.

Besides this, it enables its users to manage, collect via emails and SMS, and flaunt reviews and content from TikTok on the website.


Display your social media feed where your audience is with the social media aggregator tool- 

This platform offers its competitors features very cost-effectively as per its user’s requirements and budgets and is very SEO friendly, offering its customers an easy-to-use interface.

Other features of this tool include access to analytics and reporting, advanced filtering out content depending on your need, trolls, irrelevancy, and anything off-brand. 

This Flockler alternative platform supports multiple social media channels, including Instagram, Youtube, and Tumblr. Run your hashtag campaigns and embed your striking visuals on your brand website.

Over to you

Everything considered exploring and choosing the right fit for your brand is a time-consuming course of action and requires considering pricing, interface, and the features of the tools. 

Hence, a one-stop shop for your endless requirements like Taggbox, TintUp, and Embed Social, which can correspond to your diverse problems, align with your messaging and help you achieve goals. 

These platforms offer the best of the best functions and capabilities at affordable plans to quickly derive the best results. 

So, go on and work with the one for you.