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10 Best Juicer.io Alternatives You Need To Try In 2024

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Are you looking for Juicer.io Alternatives that can help you showcase your valuable social media content on your website?

Businesses continuously seek ways to enhance their user experience and stand out from the competition. One of the ways they are doing this is by leveraging UGC in their marketing with the help of tools like Juicer.

Juicer.io is a social media aggregator and content curation platform that helps individuals and businesses collect, curate, and showcase user-generated content from various social media platforms

However, what if another tool can deliver better results for your specific industry, pricing preferences, and goals using the latest and improved technology?

List of Best Juicer.io Alternative and Competitor 2024

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What to Look for in a Juicer Alternatives?

Juicer.io is a easy tool to embed social media feed on website to captivate your audience, and significantly extend their time on your website, leading to a conversion surge. 

If you’re looking for an alternative for your site, rest assured that numerous options are available. Among them, you can discover choices with powerful features, user-friendly design, and a wide array of additional benefits to cater to your specific needs.

In fact, here are the key factors to consider while looking for a Juicer.io alternative for your site:

  • Easy to Use: With an easy-to-use tool, you can easily collect, curate and publish social feeds from various platform like Instagram, Google, Twitter etc. in just a few steps – No coding knowledge is required, making the process straightforward and accessible to all.
  • Customisation: Powerful personalisation options through which you can make your widget that attract your visitors and perfectly match your brand
  • Customer Support: Before choosing any juicer competitor, you can check the user reviews to find out the quality of the customer support. 

Top 10 Juicer.io Alternatives

Here are some powerful Juicer.io Alternatives, providing user-friendly interfaces, customizable display options, and real-time social media feed curation.



One excellent Juicer.io Alternative is Taggbox, with unique features such as advanced AI technology for visual search and analytics to keep track of campaigns. This platform offers an easy-to-use interface and cost-effective plans along with their free plan. 

Aggregate content from over 15 social media and review channels like RSS, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., with hashtags, mentions, and account handles.  

And not just this but Taggbox lets its users publish content on multiple social media platforms, digital signages at conferences or events, websites, ads, etc., from their one single dashboard. 

Taggbox offers other functions to help you build trustworthy relationships and boost customer engagement, like customizing and moderating content according to its relevancy and filtering unnecessary data. 

With this UGC suite, you can collect, manage and store content in their UGC libraries and repurpose it with just a few clicks and build bonds with authentic content. 

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curator alternative tagbox

With Curator.io, you can flaunt your social media feed where your audience is and weed out content depending on your needs, relevancy, advanced analytics, and reporting of the top-performing assets. 

They offer affordable and competitive pricing features and meet customer requirements and budgets. 

Besides this, it is an SEO, mobile and user-friendly interface that supports various social media channels, including Tumblr, Instagram, RSS, and Youtube.

It lets its customers host hashtag campaigns and embed compelling content on their brand webpage, leading to increased engagement. 

This tool provides a simple free plan with essential features and many premium plans with all features for its clientele. 


tagembed alternative tagbox

One excellent social media aggregator tool in the market is Tagembed which offers features for better-leveraging content on social media platforms.

Showcase your content in social media reviews, stories, and album widget format on your webpage and digital screen services at live events and grab your audience’s attention. 

This tool allows you to assemble content for more than 18+ social channels and manage and customize it according to user preferences. 

Some extra qualities include advanced content sorting out, transforming the website to be SEO-friendly, and creating reports with analytical insights.  


flocker alternative tagbox

Another tool that lets its clients display their social media feed from multiple channels on digital services like brand websites and increase user interaction is Flockler, which lets you pick the display style from its many options. 

Create a social wall feed for your upcoming marketing campaign with a simple click or two and showcase your user-generated content with your audience through digital screens at public events and conferences. 

Like its rivals, this tool allows you to customize and moderate content before displaying it according to your requirements and converting it into social proof, which can lead to building trust among its customers. 

Embed Social

embed social alternative tagbox

Embedsocial allow 20+ network and more templates in its widget library and enables its customers.

Display reviews and the beautifully curated content feed from Facebook page posts, Youtube videos, and more on the website.

This UGC platform extends unlimited hashtag campaigns, analytics, and faster integrations on its dashboard. 

They provide secure API integrations with leading social media channels, quick solutions to users through their customer services, and curation of feeds in the form of stories, reviews, images, and videos in a less time-consuming manner through cost-effective plans. 

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tagbox competitor

Display reviews on your webpage and build trustworthy relationships with your customers by using Trustmary, as it lets you create CTAs, popups, and lead generation forms, and you can further spread them by unique URLs, email SMS, etc.

Not only that, but as its users, you can also analyze your feedback with share-worthy reports, customize your survey templates, and generate review widgets and CTA on your website. 

Some of the critical traits include social media sharing, SEO-friendly interface, Trustmary AI integration, and automation. 

This tool offers several customizable pricing plans according to your organization and needs. 



An easy-to-use interface and fast solution provider option in competition with Juicer.io is Walls.io

This tool allows its users to quickly aggregate, curate, and showcase compelling content in videos, posts, and images from multiple major social media networks via hashtags and account mentions to generate buzz and connect better with visitors. 

Not only this, but you can also set up social walls to further flaunt hybrid events, a website as a widget, or mobile, which can bring more customers’ attention to your brand and increase conversions.  

Other features of this tool include customizable CSS, moderator, and style editor. Subject to your feed display, you can use their API as they support all significant social networks.


elfsight alternative

Engage with customers and collect leads with this lesser-time-consuming Juicer.io Alternative tool- Elfsight

Use this tool for multiple website goals, select the widget, and set it up without coding. Not only that, but you can also analyze your widget efficiency.

Embed content feed from social media channels like Twitter and Pinterest on the website, display your consumer’s reviews and feedback from Google, Tripadvisor, and Yelp, and quickly generate survey, quiz, and questionnaire forms for your webpage. 

As a brand, you can engage with website visitors via platforms like Facebook and TikTok.

This tool also offers diverse solutions for your challenges in a cost and time-effective manner. 


smashballon alternative

One great Alternative platform of Juicer.io with features such as a powerful and user-friendly interface with complete access to the display of your feed is Smash Balloon. 

It offers social media tools, including Facebook Feeds Pro, Instagram Feeds Pro, Twitter Feeds Pro, etc. One outstanding function of Smash Balloon is that it automatically pairs with your WordPress theme and style.

Easily enable GDPR compliance, and boost social proof by leveraging testimonials and reviews with this SEO-friendly platform. 

Other services this tool serves are dozens of layout options and multiple feed types (like videos, photos, hashtags, and much more), which broaden your spectrum of content to be embedded on a website. 


powr.io alternative tagbox

A close Juicer.io alternative is Powr.io, a suite of plugins that can help you drive more conversions and increase engagement.  

You can create a website app, collect valuable leads through email addresses and other data, and improve customer conversion by developing solid call-to-action campaigns.

This tool enables its users to build community support through live chat and FAQs and offers unique features like a countdown feature and a count-up timer.

Discover over 60 unique website apps seamlessly connecting with over 70 popular platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, Squarespace, and many others. 

You can even effortlessly incorporate them into your HTML website for added functionality and creativity.

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Comparison: Juicer v.s Taggbox

PRO versions comparison of Juicer and Taggbox website widget

Pricing$99 for 3 feed$79/month with 5 Widget
Widget Views10,000Unlimited
Collect ReviewsNoYes (User can can SnapUp to Collect authentic reviews
Customer support with a dedicated support teamEmail only
Live chat & Email
Integrations *NoSocial platform, email platforms etc
Free versionYes14-Day Free Trial Available

Over to you 

Ensure you pick the best platform that offers advanced features that meet your requirement and helps you build authentic marketing, increased conversions, and more. 

Some great options in competition with Juicer.io are Taggbox, Embed Social, and Smash Balloon, with various features catering to multiple industries and easy-to-use interfaces at affordable pricing. 

So, pick the social media aggregator tool that aligns with your budget and goals and helps you achieve better results.