3 Effective Ways to Use Social Media Content Aggregator

The Morning Drill For Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and YouTube – You’re perhaps present on each of these social media platforms. Additionally, you may also have a profile on other social platforms as well.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?  – Jump straight to your phone and swipe endlessly on each of these former said social platforms to stay updated with current events, stay in touch with friends and see what they’re posting, share photos or videos, share your opinions, share status updates, tweets etc.


Checking each social media platform can be time-consuming. It’s also difficult to stay notified on each of these channels and also keep posting regularly to not come across as an inactive profile.

But, with the growing social channels and the unique features they offer, it becomes quite tempting to have an active profile on each one of them. This seems to be a problem to us.

Solution –Social Media Content Aggregator (Also known as Social Media Feed Aggregator).

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Powers of the Social Media Content Aggregator

Embed On Website

Best social media aggregator tool brings immense value to your business. The tool can be embedded in your website via the social media aggregator API. It aggregates fresh feeds from your networks and displays them together in a synchronous manner on your website.

display social hub

Thus, your website gets a remodelled look and your website visitors get meaningful and attractive content to work with.

Display All Brand Updates & Social Info Together

You have the power to display the latest news, brand campaign details, related industry news, informative details about new products launched, affiliated services, customer help desk services etc. on Social Wall with the social media feed aggregator tool.

Social Media Wall at Shopping-Mall

Display data that speaks about your brand, user-engagement practices, upcoming contests and campaigns or discount vouchers etc. Experiment with the various functionalities that the social media aggregator tool provides.

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Effective Ways to Use Content Aggregator

Now as it may get quite puzzling on ways how a brand can tap the powers of the social media content aggregator tool, we are thus interpreting 3 compelling ways in which you can use this mighty tool-

1. Centralized Feed For All Your Social Profiles

Centralize all of the brand’s social content and present it together at one place in a crisp manner. As said before, this tool untangles the difficulties that you and your followers face when you visit each of the social profiles separately.

Content Modration1

Instead, all social activities of the brand can be viewed together at a single place. Tweets from Twitter, pictures from Instagram, video from YouTube and links and updates from Facebook, all of this can be put together with the help of the content aggregator or feed aggregator tool easily.

This way, you can keep your website visitors glued to the website itself and allow them to spend more time with your brand activities and products and services and stay informed in a better way without having to leave and individually get updates from different social channels.

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2. A Display Of Customer Feedback & Testimonials

Brands can efficiently use the social media content aggregator tool to gather feedback and suggestions from its customers. Customers and clients who send their feedback via the brand hashtag on different social channels, for example, positive feedback on Facebook, picture using the brand product on Instagram etc., these responses can be gathered and put together on the website with the hashtag aggregator tool.


This way, visitors to your website can see positive testimonials and develop trust based on authentic content from other brand customers. This practice helps the brand in the long run as display of authentic content builds trust and reliability with new customers.

The tool provides the added advantage of moderating insensitive or negative comments thereby giving you full power over your content display.

3. Use It To Display Live Feeds From Brand Events

When a live brand event is being organized and is taking place, such as a corporate annual event or a fundraiser, conference, bloggers meet etc., then the brand can use the social media content aggregator tool and collect all the feeds and posts from the live event and channel them to the website display. A unique event hashtag helps to collect posts from varied social media channels here.

ashp midyear2017 #ashp17 meeting exhinition

The idea here is that live feeds are displayed in real-time as the hashtag aggregator tool functions on this feature. This lends the vibe of a conversation or a dialogue happening ‘now’ between the users and the brand or users with other users, leading to increased conversations and buzz about the brand and its event.

Thus, the social media content aggregator tool leverages live conversations which also stirs up the excitement of the event.

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These were our 3 top ways to use the social media content aggregator tool. How do you plan on using this tool effectively for your business? Leave your Comments.

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