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Introducing Powerful UGC Rights Management Software – Get UGC With Legally

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Getting approval to repurpose someone else’s content is an essential part of uplifting your marketing campaigns. It is integral to seek users’ permission for reusing or reposting their content. 

Taggbox has come up with yet another update in its exclusive UGC content rights management tool that helps you repurpose user-generated content from multiple users ethically and rightfully in diverse marketing touchpoints. 

Nowadays user-generated content is popular among brands. Taggbox offers you a seamless experience of acquiring legal rights to repurpose UGC from bulk users with its feature update. You can now post a comment on multiple posts and get approval.

User-generated content is the content created by existing users that the brand has gained over time. As much popularity as it has received, it is equally difficult to repurpose. To avoid hurting the users’ sentiments and lawsuits, it is safe to seek rights before using their content. 

Getting legal rights from every owner is not an easy task. How about we tell you that Taggbox has revamped this feature to make the entire UGC rights management process effortless?

Yes, you heard it right. Without further ado let us explain what UGC rights management is and why a brand needs it. 

What Is User-generated Content Rights Management?

User-generated content rights management is a feature that marketers and brands can use to collect UGC from all possible platforms and send permission requests to their rightful owners. This software helps brands send requests, download approved media, and leverage UGC in their marketing campaigns freely.

With this feature, brands now have the option to:

  1. Collect authentic and valuable user-generated content from anywhere that they find helpful and relevant for their promotion. 
  2. Brands can ask permission from multiple users in a single go. 
  3. Users can leverage UGC in various marketing touchpoints like emails, websites, hashtag campaigns, etc.

This way brands build a transparent relationship with their users and initiate a simple conversation making a huge positive impact. Since you cannot use someone else’s intellectual property, Taggbox makes it easy for you to get legal rights professionally and ethically. 

UGC Rights Management – Why Do Brands Need It?

With the increasing content privacy, copyright infringement, and cyber security issues brands get slammed with lawsuits relating to leveraging UGC. To eliminate this issue, the UGC rights management feature was launched. 

Content Security 

Using someone else’s intellectual property for our benefit is a breach of their rights and property. Brands have been facing losses of millions of dollars due to legal action incurred due to content used without proper permissions. 

Content rights management makes sure that you get valuable UGC from the users via a proper channel that is legally bound. This gives content security to both the brand and its rightful owners. 

Hassle-free Content Acquisition

User-generated content is filled with authenticity as it is the first-hand experience of existing customers. It holds the potential to influence potential customers. When brands leverage UGC in their marketing efforts, they deploy influential, powerful, and genuine content from reliable sources. 

Displaying UGC ethically requires permission from the content creators. Taggbox’s UGC rights management feature ensures a hassle-free journey from aggregating to repurposing UGC. 

Uplift the Brand Image

Brand reputation is a huge part of survival in this competitive market. Brands that are desperate for success and growth indulge in unfair practices to curate and leverage UGC. These practices cause irreparable harm and leave a permanent mark on the brand’s image. 

UGC rights management allows you to acquire content the right way. Curate and use UGC fairly and simply which helps in maintaining a clean and positive reputation in the market. 

Ensures Customer Loyalty

Loyal customers are an asset for brands for success and growth in the long run. You build personal relationships with users and ensure loyalty through this rights management update. 

Users create content using their knowledge, experience, and niche. First and foremost leveraging it for your benefit requires acknowledging their efforts and uphill battles. User-generated content rights management helps you with acknowledgment and build a reliable, long-lasting relationship with your customers. 

Influence Mass Audience to Share UGC

You might be wondering how can acquiring rights help with influencing people to share more UGC. well, when brands reach out to their users for doing something ethical, it builds trust and helps with transparency. Which eventually motivates them to create more UGC. 

Generating a loyal customer base helps in getting organic leads through word-of-mouth marketing. This is exactly what UGC rights management does, it helps you rightfully aggregate, customize, and repurpose UGC in your marketing campaigns. 

Taggbox – The Perfect UGC Rights Management Tool

We have carefully curated a stepwise guide to help you get UGC rights from content owners. You get customized branded request messages that will be sent to content creators. You also have the option to add hashtags and deliver personalized UGC T&C attachments. Develop credibility and avail higher success rates. 

Log in/ sign up to your Free Taggbox Account

  • Log in to your existing account or sign up for a new Taggbox account. Once you are logged in, on the dashboard click on “Add Feeds”. 
Taggbox widget
  • In the next pop-up window choose the required source platform from 20+ options like Instagram, Facebook, etc.
choose your social network
  • Make the secure connection, put in the credential to fetch the required feed, and click “Create feed”
choose connection type

Curate Required UGC

  • Once you have curated the feed, visit the moderation feature on the editor page to access the rights feature. 
  • Select all posts you wish to use, and select “Get rights” from the top menu bar. You will be redirected to the UGC requests page.
  • On this page click on the Google Chrome “Get Extensions” button on the top left corner. 

Generate the Request

  • Once you click on the “Get Extensions” button, the Google chrome extension will be downloaded. You will be moved to the moderation panel once the download is completed. 
  • Select the posts you wish to repurpose and click the “Get Rights” button on the top menu bar. Click on the “Get rights” button on the next page. 

Send UGC Request

  • Once you click on “Get Rights” you will be moved to the “UGC requests” page. Here you can connect your Instagram account, choose which account you wish to use to send the request, and add relevant branded hashtags. 
  • You will get a pre-written message that will be posted as a comment on the user’s post, you are free to edit the comment as per your requirement. Once all your edits are completed select the “Get UGC Rights” button to post the comment. 

Note: The content creator will be requested to use the hashtag and mention the account in order to grant their permission. 

Repurpose the Approved UGC 

Taggbox will notify you once the owner has granted the permission. If the comment has no reply for 30-days, the request will be marked rejected. 

Once the request is approved, you have the freedom to leverage this UGC in your website, shoppable gallery, signages, etc. you can enhance your brand image, build personal relationships, and improve your engagement and conversion rates. 

Get your Rights Now!

One of the most important things to understand is that once you get permission to repurpose their UGC, you need to be faithful enough to not use this in unfair practices. Legally using UGC helps you empower your brand. 

Taggbox provides you with a comprehensive approach to get the required rights and enjoy a seamless experience of aggregating and repurposing UGC. 

So what are you waiting for? Start your 14 days free trial with Taggbox rights management and gather UGC professionally and ethically.