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Introducing Powerful UGC Rights Management Software – Get UGC With Legal Rights

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Welcome to Taggbox’s UGC Rights Management software feature guide. This new a UGC platform that transforms your brand’s User-generated content marketing game-plan into a powerful and successful campaign with diligence and earning complete UGC Legal rights from the content owner.

User-generated content rights management tool is concerned with asking from the original content creators to get the rightful access to repurpose the users’ content in the brand’s marketing campaign. 

Thus, with UGC Rights Management, you can directly request the content owner to grant you permission to use their content. 

UGC rights

Why Do You Need UGC Rights Management?

Nowadays, we see there are immense content privacy, copyright infringement, and security issues that the users faced. Brands get slammed with lawsuits for using someone’s copyrighted content. 

That’s where the role of UGC tools like UGC Rights management comes into the play. 

Taggbox’s UGC Rights Management platform ensures that as a brand, you accumulate, customize, and repurpose user-generated content rightfully within the legal boundaries by getting the consent from content creators professionally and effectively. 

How UGC Rights Management Rewards Brands and Marketers

Here we have a step-by-step guide on how the UGC Rights Management software works and how each step benefits your brand & building a powerful UGC marketing campaign. 

1. Curate Valuable UGC

Discover and curate user-generated content from diverse social platforms in your Taggbox feed. It is the initial step towards your UGC Rights management. 

Social platforms are a hub of UGC which can be beneficial for your brand campaigns. So, curate the valuable and relevant UGC that you would like to repurpose for your brand campaigns and commercial purposes. 

  • Once you have curated the UGC for your feed, Go to the moderation section of your Taggbox account to access the UGC Rights management feature. 
UGC post

2. Generate a UGC Rights Request

In the Moderation panel, you will have the option of creating and customizing your UGC Rights request for each post that you want to ask for permission. 

Taggbox provides you with the option to create a trustful and reliable branded request message with custom request message creation for each user, brand logo inclusion, personalized UGC T&C attachment, etc. 

It will help the users to trust the credibility of your UGC Rights request, leading to more approvals and a higher success rate.

  • Once you create the Rights request, you will then move on to sharing the request with the original content creator. 
UGC Right request

3. Share and Track UGC Requests

Share the already created UGC Rights requests with the content creators to seek their approval. You will have to follow some easy and quick steps that will be provided to you by us. 

You can click on the status to track when the request was raised, its current status, notifications if the request gets approved or rejected, and more. It will help in better management of your UGC hub. 

  • Request Status will be shown for every requested post in the moderation panel
  • Check Status & Details by clicking on the request’s status panel in every post
UGC Right management

4. Repurpose The Approved UGC

Once your requests get approved by the content creators, you will now have the liberty to repurpose that content for your brand’s campaigns. 

The rightful access to the user-generated content will empower you to make users’ content a crucial element of your brand campaigns. It will immensely enhance brand image, brand-user relationship, community building, engagement, and most importantly, financial benefits. 

We provide you with the option to download the content of the approved UGC posts, which ensures your brand, the extended repurposing opportunities. 

UGC Rights

Get Rights To The Valuable User-Generated Content

Taggbox – A Powerful UGC Right Management Platform

Closing Statement…

As the influence of user generated content marketing is developing day by day, the rightful access to the all-powerful user-generated content will help you empower your brand at all fronts in a marketplace. 

Taggbox a best UGC platform provides a comprehensive solution to the UGC rights management attribute that lets your brand to have a hassle-free experience of collecting, customizing, and repurposing the UGC.

Start your 14 days free-trial with Taggbox UGC Rights Management platform and make your UGC marketing strategies highly powerful and effective.


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