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Social Media Wall Ideas for Church: Boost Community Building with Social Content

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Churches across the globe share one common objective; that is to boost their community. The more the people stay active with a church’s activities, the more lively its community would be.

Social media channels serve as an excellent platform for this community building since people love to be a part of online communities. In addition, online communities with social media content offer people a chance to remain connected in the hustle and bustle of life.

This social media content can be displayed through a social media wall for churches to enhance the experience of the people at churches. Let’s see in detail how a church’s community engagement can be boosted through social walls. But first, let’s understand a social media wall!

Social Media Wall For Church: An Overview

A social media wall is a unique real-time representation of social media content created by church constituents across multiple social media platforms on digital screens. These social media platforms include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. The user-generated content is in the form of texts, photos, and videos.

social media wall in church

A social media wall for the church can broadcast prayers, play sermons, bible study, daily devotions, spiritual hymns, choir rehearsal, and synagogue services. Due to its advantages in user interaction, social media walls have helped churches achieve their objectives. Real-time experiences are displayed on social media walls in churches, encouraging other visitors to share posts to appear on the social wall.

Display Real-Time Social Content In Your Church Events

Steps To Create A Social Media Wall for Church

Various content can be displayed on a church’s social media wall to boost engagement. Here is a list of some ideas that would assist you in creating a brilliant social wall for church.

Step 1. Select Your Connection Type

Church representatives can choose their preferred connection type while creating the social media wall. They can look to fetch the social media content from a collection of multiple social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. After you have selected your preferred social media platform, you can choose the connection type from the options of hashtags, mentions, and handles. 

Step 2. Curate Social Content

After you have collected the social media content through social media platforms using your connection type, you can curate it to form a brilliant social media wall. Taggbox, as a social media aggregation tool, offers you personalization, customization, and moderation features that give a cutting edge to your social media wall.

Step 3. Display the Social Content On Church Social Wall

After one has collected the social media content from the church’s community members, it’s time to display it on the social wall. 

User-generated content in chruch

A sense of involvement can be quickly ingrained in the place of worship by visual representations of events, significant individuals, clergy, support workers, birthday wishes, and other significant announcements.

Members would be very appreciative and spend time looking at what is displayed. In addition, they will be curious about volunteer possibilities, fundraising, spiritual education, and similar content.

You can display your social wall at multiple places such as the narthex, aisle, facade tower, transept, crossing, altar, and ambulatory. When passersby look at the social wall, they might get intrigued by the church’s services and the fun activities it organizes.

Ideas To Boost Church Community Engagement with Social Wall

An enhanced community engagement is key for every church since communities and members form a major part of a church. So, amplify your church’s community engagement with these ideas.

1. Sermon Video Clips

Sermon video clips might be one of the most common among churches using social media, and for good reason. It helps to keep your community involved and motivated throughout the week.

Sermon video clips emphasize essential passages from a recent sermon you want your audience to remember. In addition, they support the spiritual development of your church online, where the majority are active.

2. Sermon Quotes

Sermon quotation in the visual form is a fantastic way to encourage your community to reflect on a recent sermon throughout the week. First, choose a sermon quotation to elicit your audience’s comments to create a shareable graphic. Create a graphic for your preferred social networking platform next.

3. Live Prayers

Live Prayers are something that people connect with as they drive their spiritual emotions and make them feel grateful about life. With social media platforms in place, online live prayer sessions have grown in popularity.

social media wall for church

In addition, hosting a live prayer session can build ties with your physical and online communities. Not everyone can attend prayers in church, so if you are making them feel part of it through social media, you are making them feel involved and special.

4. Forthcoming Church Events

An incredible method to raise awareness and anticipation for upcoming events at your church is to promote them. Promotional movies and countdown graphics are excellent tools for building anticipation.

5. New Church Projects

Sharing about your church projects on social media is a fantastic approach to generate interest and boost involvement. In addition, your audience will like learning about and applauding the project’s development. As a result, it is easier to raise money since they feel informed and included. 

6. Recognize The Efforts

Recognizing those who assist and support the church is very important. You can effectively recognize the contributions of church volunteers and members through digital displays.


Make them feel cherished and appreciated by displaying their names. To encourage people to continue supporting community welfare efforts, you can also praise your staff members, volunteers, donors, community spokespersons, etc.

Benefits Of Displaying A Social Media Wall in Church

Since we have covered all the major topics around the church, such as steps to create one and ideas to create an engaging one, let’s look at the benefits of displaying one. 

  • With a social wall for your church, you can foster a community inside and outside your services.
  • You can make your congregation feel included during services even if they cannot attend in person. 
  • A social media wall can be used to promote bible study groups.
  • Church social media wall boosts volunteer activities. 
  • A church social wall can help out in significant community accomplishments.
  • Sharing faith-based messages with the congregation in addition to connecting people together.

Display Real-Time Social Content In Your Church Events

Case Study – Pleasant Grove Manila Creek Stake

A renowned Church, “Pleasant Grove Manila Creek Stake“, part of Pleasant Grove Manila Creek, held a large event that boasted significant members. This event was special for the church, so they didn’t want to leave any stone unturned. Let’s see how the journey unfolded for them! 

Pleasant Grove Manila Creek Stake’s Quest Of Community Engagement

Since a community is the crux of any organization, the bigger it gets, the better. An organization such as Pleasant Grove Manila Creek tries to increase members through in-person events. But it’s not always possible for the interested members to attend an in-person event. So the organization wanted to take this hurdle out of the way.

In the quest to make their event reach members virtually, they contacted Taggbox after their online research. 

How Taggbox Boosted Community Engagement For Pleasant Grove Manila Creek Stake

Before the event kicked off, Pleasant Grove Manila Creek Stake shared a hashtag #remembertrek that signified the event’s objective. In addition, people shared their thoughts about the event before its inception, during, and after. 

social media wall in Pleasant Grove Manila Creek

To boost the event’s engagement, Taggbox collected all these posts and curated them to create a sensational social wall that represented all the fun people had during the event. However, there was more to this event than fun as people shared their learnings from experience and shared them through social media posts. 

The social wall displayed all the live social media feeds and many pre-programmed posts in a captivating fashion, boosting the people’s engagement and increasing the community’s size. 

Taggbox In Pleasant Grove Manila Creek Stake’s Word

Feedback from our clients greatly matters to us, so we contacted Executive Assistant Holly Frank and asked about the functions that impressed them the most. Here’s what they answered.

Every organization uses Taggbox with different objectives, which is why we wanted to know which part of Taggbox impressed Executive Assistant Holly Frank the most; she answered,

Here’s how Pleasant Grove Manila Creek Stake rated us on a scale of 5 over different parameters. 

Client views about Taggbox Social wall

It took a while to learn but was very user-friendly after I learned how to set up the features.

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Wrapping Up!

With Taggbox, you can gather content from more than 20 sites utilizing a variety of aspects, which opens up a wealth of additional advantages and opportunities.

To construct your own incredible event social wall, you can also allow advanced content filtering, creative social wall modification & personalization, adding banners, simple setup, seamless connectivity with devices, and much more.

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