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Social Media Stream: What Is It & How To Leverage It In Marketing

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Do you wonder why social media is everywhere in marketing? Why do users love social media platforms? How can you leverage social media to magnify your marketing success across every marketing channel? Or wondering, What is a social media stream?

For marketers and brands, social media is an opportunity to promote their brand, reach consumers, get engagement, and drive brand growth. 

Social media platforms have been continuously evolving for the betterment of their users and also integrating components that help brands in their marketing. 

But now, innovation & technological advancement has brought in tools & tactics that are taking social media superpowers to other marketing channels as well, and social media stream is one such powerful tactic to achieve this. 

What Is Social Media Stream? 

A Social media stream is a feed of content that has been collected & curated from a single or different social media platforms and displayed on any marketing channel like website, digital signages, events, etc. 

It is also popularly known as the social media feed or social media wall. A tool like social media aggregator helps you collect, curate, and display social stream through the process known as social media aggregation or content aggregation. Social media aggregator is an excellent social media app tool for you.  

You can fetch amazing content from platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, RSS, Yelp, Slack and many more to create an engaging social media stream.

social media stream

Social media stream can be understood as the link that takes amazing content from social media and distributes it to different marketing channels.

Social Media Stream: The Influence Of Social Content On Marketing

Social media has become an inseparable element of users’ lives, and validation of this statement is the fact that there are over 3.5 billion active social media users globally… that’s like half of the world’s population.

You should ask yourself, what is it about social media that keeps you engaged & intrigued? 

Whatever you may think, the root of it will be “Content,” and social media is a hub of it with every second bringing a massive amount of content on these platforms. Especially when we talk about social media content, a huge part of it is user-generated content

Content has become the most crucial component of any marketing strategy, especially user-generated content in 2020

Brands are using content to deliver value to users, give engagement opportunities, enable two-way interaction, immersive experiences, etc. leading to marketing being the consumer-centric and driven by consumers through their content & engagement contribution. 

And the constant evolution of social media platforms like Facebook’s video focus, dynamic content creation, Instagram’s shoppable posts, magnification of visual content, interactive elements, boost to user-generated content, etc. 

These evolutions are creating opportunities for brands to get access to the valuable social content, and social media stream helps in leveraging the social content beyond social media to unlock its maximum potential. 

Why Use Social Media Stream For Your Marketing? 

Here are some of the reasons why you should leverage social media stream in your marketing for better results & growth. 

1. Reach & Exposure Beyond Social Media

We discussed earlier how social media content and user engagement is boosting the social marketing landscape, but the social stream widget goes beyond the social media ecosystem.

With the social stream widget, you can aggregate the best of your content from different social media platform and display it easily across different marketing channels.

social stream
Social Media Stream On Website

It will help you amplify your brand reach and exposure to new channels leading to greater brand awareness and multi-channel marketing with higher possibilities of engagement & conversions. 

2. Boost Growth With User-Generated Content

User-generated content is understood as the “future of marketing” by many industry experts and marketers. The reason for that is as user-generated content is known to be the most authentic & trustworthy content in marketing. 

People tend to trust UGC while making their online purchases, and it helps in increasing user engagement hugely. Also, when brands use UGC in their marketing campaigns, it generates way more click-through rate, conversions, engagement, etc. 

social media stream wordpress
UGC Feeds On Visittallahassee Website

Social stream widget helps you aggregate the best and most relevant user-generated content about your brand from social media and showcase it in your marketing campaigns to boost brand growth & revenue possibilities. 

3. Embed Social Stream Widget On Website

The website is like the online storefront of your business, and for most of the brands, it is their primary touchpoint with the consumers. So, it becomes essential that the website provides the excellent user experience, and content is the best way to do so. 

You can curate your social media posts and relevant user-generated content from different social media platforms and embed it on your website. 

social media stream app
Taggbox Social Feed Widget On National Geographic Website

The social media stream will help you build social proof, attract more visitors, boost content visibility, augment website vibrancy, increase user engagement & dwell time, reduce bounce rate, link social media to the website, enhance SEO strategy, and even drive conversions. 

Upgrade Your Website User Engagement

Easily Stream Social Content On Website

4. Boost Offline Engagement With Social Stream Signages

Offline marketing channels are also equally important as the online marketing channels for any brand as these offline channels provide a more interactive, experiential, and humanized approach of marketing to consumers. 

You can leverage social media feeds to display amazing and engaging content in your live events through digital screens or empower your outdoor marketing with social media feeds on digital signages and in-store signages. 

UGC campaign
Social Media Feed on Taggbox Signage

Displaying social media streams of user-generated content and hashtag campaigns can boost engagement in your event and offline marketing touchpoints.

Further, the social media stream signages can help you create gamified experiences like contests, polls, etc., or enable interactive discussions through reviews, ideas, and questions sharing on streams to magnify your audience engagement and deliver successful offline marketing. 

5. Turn Content Stream Into Revenue Source

When you build trust & engagement, it will most probably lead to improved conversions & sales. But here we are talking about literally turning the content into a revenue source. 

Wondering how? 

You can use the social media aggregator to add shopability features to your feed widget, i.e., Shoppable content. Just link product details, prices, and check out links to posts that contain your products.

social media stream wordpress

You can use this shoppable social media stream on your website, email campaigns, social ads, etc. to allow users to explore & purchase the products in real-time directly from the posts. 

Also, when you can turn UGC posts into a shoppable gallery that will help in attracting users, building social proof, and increase sales.   

6. Cost-Effective Multi-Channel Marketing 

It is a crucial attribute for every brand and marketer to reduce the investments and increase the returns simultaneously. The social media stream is cost-effective with functionality for multi-channel marketing. 

Cost-effective in a way that you are collecting and curating valuable content rather than investing in content creation. Also, you are using one platform to display your marketing campaigns across channels that save the cost of creating distinctive strategies, separate plans, etc. for every channel. 

Upon that, you get to create multi-channel marketing campaigns where you can personalize your campaign to target the respective channel’s audience. 

How To Create & Embed Social Stream Widget

Here we bring you the best solution, i.e., Taggbox Widget, to leverage the social media stream for your brand. 

Taggbox Widget is a social media aggregator and UGC platform that will help you create your social media stream & display it across diverse marketing touchpoints with the objectives to build trust, increase engagement, and grow conversions. 

It helps you with the following components for your social media stream:

  • Collect & Curate content from different social media platforms into a feed
  • User Generated Content moderation for premium stream quality
  • Customization of your social stream widget with attractive & interactive elements
  • Get UGC social media rights for your marketing campaigns, if needed
  • Display your social stream widget easily and quickly on any channel like website, event, signages, etc.
  • Analytics for your widget to measure the performance

Besides these, you also get access to features like real-time content updates, content play, display promotional announcements, add custom posts, a show sponsored posts, etc. 

You can take the 2 weeks free trial to experience how you can create your social media widget and publish it as the social stream widget or social stream plugin on your website or even social stream wall.  

Get Started Now

There are many tools and technologies out there that provide different solutions for different channels but reaching all channels with one solution effectively & efficiently is a hefty task. 

Marketing in 2020 is quite challenging and tricky as reaching the right audience and engaging them in your campaign can be troublesome. In this challenging environment, the social media stream provides an easy yet effective way for creating successful marketing campaigns. 

So, it is about time to get started with your social media stream now by leveraging Taggbox Widget as an all-in-one solution to empower your brand growth in 2020 and stay ahead of the competition. 

Boost Brand Trust & Growth With Taggbox Widget

Create Your Social Media Stream Now

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