How To Add Google Reviews On Squarespace Website

Google reviews are considered the most reliable source for people to become familiar with a business. So they are a very important marketing tool for you.

With this quick tutorial, you will get to know how you can add Google reviews on Squarespace website

Read further to understand the procedure using simple steps:

Add Google Review On Squarespace Website

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1. Login or Sign-Up to free Taggbox Widget account

add google reviews to squarespace

2. You will be redirected to your Taggbox Widget Dashboard

how to add google reviews to squarespace

3. On the dashboard, click on Add Social Feeds to start adding Google Reviews on your widget dashboard.

how to embed google reviews on squarespace

4. On the new Dialog Box “Pick a source” select Google as your source to collect Google reviews

google squarespace

5. A pop-up Create Google Review will appear, here you will get two options to aggregate the most relevant Google reviews:-

5.1. Places: to aggregate Google reviews for a place such as any visiting place, hotel, restaurant etc available on Google.

Google reviews on squarespace

5.2. My Place: to aggregate reviews from your Google My Business profile.

google reviews squarespace

If you choose My Places then click the Connect Google button to connect your Google account to your widget.

After successful authentication, you will be redirected to select the place you want the reviews for.

6. Choose your aggregating method and enter the input accordingly.

Finally, click ”Create Feed” button to process aggregating.

Steps to Embed Google Review on Squarespace Website

To add Google review widget on Squarespace website you need to follow below steps –

1. Click the “PUBLISH” button on the bottom-left of the screen, You can also see the “PREVIEW” of how your feeds gonna looks like.

google review widget squarespace

2. In the “Choose Your Platform” pop-up, select Squarespace as your Website platform to generate the Google reviews widget embed code for the Squarespace website.

add google reviews squarespace

3. Set width, height, and height type as per your requirements and click on Get Code.

embed google reviews on squarespace

4. Copy the generated Google review widget code and follow the below steps

google reviews widget squarespace

5. On Squarespace Navigate to the page where you want to embed reviews widget.

6. Click on Edit.

Google reviews on Squarespace website

7. Click on +Add/Edit Block.

google review plugin squarespace

8. Select Code.

adding google reviews to squarespace

9. Paste the Copied code and Click on Apply.

squarespace add google reviews

10. Save the page to apply the Changes.

Great! You have successfully embedded Google Review on Squarespace website.

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