Increase Ecommerce Conversions With These 7 Amazing Strategies

Introduction For an eCommerce, every road leads to the ultimate tourism destination marketing which is to increase ecommerce conversions or maximum selling & happy customers. Isn’t it? Not the number of visitors but eCommerce conversions is the key metric that defines the success of an eCommerce platform. To increase eCommerce conversions & sales is a […]

7 minute read

Ecommerce Sales Funnel: A Step-Wise Strategy To Get More Sales

eCommerce funnel or eCommerce sales funnel is the most underestimated yet most crucial aspect of your eCommerce marketing & customer acquisition process.  Believe it or not, on an average 97% of your consumers come to your eCommerce platform and leave without buying anything! Given how costly it is to acquire one customer, the need for […]

10 minute read

Everything About Shoppable Content With 12 Best Examples

Shopping as an idea and practice has seen major transitions over the years. Commerce businesses brought various inventions to make shopping more exciting, engaging, and seamless for the consumers.  Starting from offline commerce to ecommerce and now the biggest shift: Shoppable Content or Shoppable Posts.  Shoppable content is a discovery that has emerged as a […]

13 minute read

30 Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies (Updated)

Ecommerce conversion rate optimization has become a necessity for eCommerce & online brands in the present age.  The online shopping market is growing exponentially with its easy-to-use, universally accessible, diverse, and interactive aesthetics.  Even experiential elements are also being integrated into eCommerce, just like offline brick-and-mortar shops.  Although the eCommerce market is expanding rapidly as […]

20 minute read

7 Amazing Ideas For Smart Social Selling

Over the years, social media has transformed from something that was trendy for the younger generation to a medium that is used across every age group and demographic. From small business owners to startups to large corporations, social media marketing has become one more way to drive sales and impact bottom-line results. But many companies […]

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How User-Generated Content Can Boost Brand Loyalty In E-Commerce Sector

“Ever wondered how a shopper while making an online purchase looks for a helping hand just to get the feel of approval? In the E-commerce industry that helping hand is user-generated content for any user.” Yes! You heard it right. UGC is no more just a nice tag along for the e-commerce industry, rather it […]

8 minute read

Shoppable Instagram Feed – How To Set Up Instagram Shop & Get Sales

Shoppable Instagram feed – a term that has been in trend among the ecommerce brands and online stores that sell physical products and services.  Brands who sell online consider Instagram as the supreme social media platform for their marketing campaigns. And rightly so! As it brings the most potential to drive sales, traffic, and engagement.  […]

9 minute read

How To Leverage Social Media To Increase Ecommerce Sales

Ecommerce and social media streams are two subject matters which are highly spoken about. Together or independently, both social media feeds and eCommerce are activities that people participate in for a good period of time. Everyone you see is often fixed on their social network streams checking updates from their friends and family – liking, […]

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