Event Marketing: 3 Levels of Social Media Marketing for Your Event

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Social media event marketing is becoming a part of utmost importance for every business. There are several things that marketers need to do while organizing an event, but one of the most important is to launch a unique hashtag.

All you want is a memorable & informative event hashtag that keeps up with your branding. 

Why? Because an energetic event demands a hashtag that matches its status and energy.

Remember to promote the hashtag conceived in social media event marketing tactics to familiarize the audience & leverage its usage by the time the event D day arrives.

Using a hashtag is quite beneficial as it is a search functionality where searching it on the web gives search results to display social media posts from multiple social channels together. 

As soon as you create a catchy hashtag, you can use it on your social posts. This way you can encourage the kind of two-way interaction, but just don’t confine it to social media only. 

Always try to increase your community by promoting the event hashtag at sponsors’ websites, digital newsletters, email signatures & more.

Various social aggregator tools like hashtag aggregator work on the same principle and it allows event organizers to install a social media wall and display a live hashtag feed by virtue of this.

In this blog, we will enlighten you with levels of social media event marketing for event marketers along with social media event marketing examples.

Before we indulge in pre-event social media marketing tactics, let’s establish the requirement of an event hashtag in the social sphere today. To ensure a global reach & wide appeal, great user engagement & leveraged traction for event marketing campaigns and activities, it is essential to launch your unique hashtag.

3 Level of Event Marketing tips

Here are our 3 levels of social media marketing for your event marketing and the best practices you can do at all 3 levels, to gain the best of traction for your event-

Before The Event

1. Reveal Speak Line-Ups and Guest List Creatively

Research tells that pre-event excitement accounts for 14 per cent of the total social media event marketing buzz. 

Here, to tap on the same, creative graphics design can be used to increase content consumption and encourage social sharing. 

The countdown approach until the event day can be done by organizers and sponsors to generate heavy pre-event buzz.

Social media event promotion can also include sharing creatively designed speaker line-up & guest list in a special way. 

For example, you can announce 1-5 speakers per day or by dropping hints like speaker attributes, key details about the speaker, etc to increase excitement.

2. Share Teaser Videos

As video content empowers the social media world, teaser videos have become an exciting social media event marketing to gauge in the pre-event stage. 

These teaser videos not only attract audience interest, and boost retention but also encourage high audience engagement in your event. 

The best part is that these videos can be uploaded to YouTube while shorter versions can be designed for Twitter & Instagram. Such videos can also be easily shared on Facebook and the event website along with the event hashtag.

3. Share BTS Much Ahead To The Events’ Kick-start

BTS, short for ‘Behind the Scenes, is the key to letting your audience be pumped for seeing what’s happening before the real stage is set. 

This social media event promotion tactic helps in maintaining a great level of authenticity too, by allowing your customers to take a peek into what goes into pre-event administration.

Give your audience glimpses of BTS (pictures & videos) to boost social conversation, and engagement & establish a personal connection between the brand & customer.

If simply put, methods like sharing pictures, printing event passes or designing event merchandise & apparel, like all-over-print socks or t-shirts, are very engrossing, and such content is consumed actively by the audience.

During The Event

1. Schedule Social Content

Events are an incredibly busy affair. Unless you have a dedicated social media marketing department catered specially for curating & posting tweets, Facebook & Instagram posts on time, and other event engagement activities too, it’s recommended to schedule your social content absolutely.

Generic content topics such as the event & brand, its product/services, upcoming contests & campaigns, and deadlines for entry into contests or giveaways can be scheduled ahead of time to save time for on-site event duties. Make sure to use social media scheduling tools to streamline your social media management and ensure consistent posting.

2. Obtain Video Testimonials

Video testimonials taken at the event’s location are a confirmation of testimonial authenticity. These are a great way to absorb user attention & harness the power of video content for social media.

For instance, if there is an event attendee who is a fan of your brand & event, then request him to provide you with a quick video testimonial that you use for social promotions. 

You can also ask him/her a question or two as this keeps them focused to share the excitement about the event. A one or two-minute video clip does wonders as video testimonial content can be shared on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & your website.

3. Live stream Your Event

One of the fastest-growing internet trends is the ‘Live Streaming’ of event content. This is both to the benefit of your physical & virtual audience. Give those people a chance who couldn’t attend the event, to be involved & take away valuable insights. 

We are sure that they’ll remember this experience. Also, archived live streaming videos can be used for sharing on social channels & embedding on-brand websites.

Taggbox offers a customization feature i.e. social media Ticker for live stream sessions. It gives you the opportunity to integrate social media content, live updates, user interactions, etc. into your live streaming video feed. 

You can also aggregate & display social content from various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google reviews, etc in real-time. The social media feed integration makes your live stream more engaging, interactive, & scalable.

Leverage the Power of Social Media in Your Event Marketing

After The Event

1. Lead Follow-Up

After winding up from the event, you must go over the list of visitors that connected with you at your event (both in-person & on social media). 

This is to capitalize on these potential leads & establish a more personal connection with them in the long run. 

You can also connect with them on any social channel & like their page. Here you want to make a genuine connection and not add them for the sake of adding them to your CRM database.

2. Request For Feedback

Collect feedback from event attendees, critics, and social media fans. But make sure you share positive feedback and consider negative feedback as constructive criticism. 

As a response thank critics for their feedback, & take the same into account when planning your next event.

You could share a post-event survey as a social media event promotion strategy with your followers to collect event feedback and to know how to make your next event even better. 

Be open to the feedback & put it to good use by making the changes in the next event. This will ensure that your audience is even more excited to buy tickets for next time.

3. Gratitude Emails

Lastly, don’t forget to send out emails thanking everyone who visited the event and for those too who couldn’t attend but wanted to. 

You can also share live streaming video links, video testimonials and event blog links in the email too for further engagement.

Social Media Event Marketing Examples

Parookaville Music Festival

One of the world’s popular music festivals from Germany- ‘Parookaville’ took place amid the Covid-19 pandemic. A music festival in a pandemic? Yes, you read it right. 

But this time, the music festival took place in a new style. Obviously, social gatherings are restricted due to coronavirus, that is why there was a minimum audience in the event.

But those thousands of global fans and followers of Parookaville Music Festiva, who couldn’t attend the event were also involved in it via Live Streaming. 

The event organizers live-streamed their event directly from Germany on their different social media handles. 

At the same time, Taggbox proved to be a great help in this global event. How? Well, for these music events, Parookaville installed the Taggbox Display which was an amalgamation of the best content from their audiences all across the world. Be it from the past or from the present event, the Taggbox Display was composed of the amazing content on their festival site. 

With interactive customization options as well as easy integration to digital signage & website, Taggbox made the event experience seamless and more fun for the audiences.


The hashtag generated for the brand or event can be successfully used for installing a social wall during the event. This Social wall will display all branded & customer-generated content derived from the hashtag. It becomes an engrossing feature at the event & keeps people updated in real-time and promotes more social sharing.