How to Find Content Creators

How to Find UGC Creators? Step-by-Step Guide

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In the era where people are tired of being bombarded with ads, promotional, and sponsored content, they find solace in User-generated content and definitely find it more persuasive than any other form of promotional activity. 

Whenever we see an ad pop-up on our screen, we look for the skip button instead of listening to the message, causing the marketers behind the screen to scream for their ROI. 

Find UGC Creators

You don’t want this to happen. Do you? Then, it’s time to switch to UGC and look for UGC creators. 

What is a UGC Creator?

UGC creator is an ordinary user, for instance, a client or a follower of a certain brand who has created content by his or her own will. These creators produce content ranging from images, videos, reviews, blog posts, social media posts, testimonials, and more.

The creators of UGC are often not associated with the brand in any professional or financial capacity but choose to share their experiences and create relevant content out of passion for the brand.

They might share their thoughts, experiences, or creativity through various online platforms with the brand’s products or services.

However, these creators are significant in marketing because they produce more genuine, believable, and familiar content.

In many cases, brands use UGC creators’ content in their marketing strategies to develop credibility, engage the target audience, and create a sense of ownership concerning the brand product.

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Why is UGC So Valuable?

1. Authenticity and Trustworthiness:

According to Stackla’s survey, 90% of consumers say authenticity is important when deciding which brands they like and support. 

UGC is created by actual users, reflecting authentic experiences, opinions, and interactions with a brand or product. This authenticity resonates strongly with other consumers, fostering trust in the brand.

2. Enhanced Engagement and Relatability:

UGC-based ads get 4x higher CTR and a 50% drop in cost-per-click compared to average ads.

UGC tends to be more relatable and engaging than branded content. Consumers often connect better with content created by their peers or fellow consumers, increasing engagement levels.

3. Diverse Perspectives and Creativity:

85% of users find visual UGC more influential than brand-generated content or videos. 

UGC provides diverse perspectives and creative expressions that might not be achievable through traditional marketing strategies. This diversity adds depth and richness to a brand’s story and offerings.

4. Cost-Effectiveness:

Considering its cost-effectiveness, 86% of businesses indicate that UGC is an effective marketing strategy

Leveraging UGC can be more cost-effective for brands than creating high-budget, professionally produced content. Brands can tap into a continuous stream of content generated by their user community.

5. Strengthening Community and Loyalty:

69% of millennials believe that their involvement in creating UGC strengthens a brand’s relationship with them. 

Encouraging users to contribute content fosters a sense of community around the brand. It also acknowledges and appreciates the contributions of loyal customers, strengthening their bond with the brand.

6. Social Proof and Influence:

92% of consumers trust recommendations from others—even people they don’t know—over branded content. 

UGC serves as powerful social proof. When potential customers see others positively engaging with a brand, it influences their purchasing decisions, serving as an effective form of word-of-mouth marketing.

7. Impact on Purchase Decisions:

79% of people say UGC highly impacts their purchasing decisions, especially on social media. 

Studies consistently show that consumers are more likely to trust UGC when purchasing. It influences their perceptions and can significantly sway their buying choices.

The collective impact of these factors makes UGC an invaluable asset for brands looking to build authenticity, engage with their audience, and create meaningful connections that drive brand loyalty and sales.

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Pros and Cons of Working With UGC Creators

Pros of Working With UGC Creators

AuthenticityUGC creators offer authentic content reflecting real experiences, fostering trust.
Diverse PerspectivesDifferent creators bring diverse viewpoints, appealing to varied audience segments.
Cost-EffectivenessOften more affordable than traditional marketing, reducing production and ad spending.
Engaged AudienceUGC creators often have dedicated and engaged followers, enhancing content reach.
Creative & Fresh ContentProvides a constant flow of innovative, fresh content, keeping the brand’s image dynamic.
Community BuildingEncourages community involvement, fostering brand loyalty and a sense of belonging.

Cons of Working With UGC Creators

Quality ControlVaried quality standards may challenge maintaining consistent brand messaging and image.
ReliabilitySome creators might not adhere to deadlines or may not align with brand values consistently.
Legal IssuesCopyright, licensing, and usage rights could pose legal challenges if not managed properly.
Risk of Negative ContentThe content might not always align with brand standards, potentially leading to a negative impact.
Limited ControlBrands have limited control over content creation, which could deviate from brand guidelines.
Competition with Other BrandsCreators might work with multiple brands simultaneously, diluting exclusivity and impact.

UGC Creators vs. Influencers: How They’re Different

Aspect UGC CreatorsInfluencers
DefinitionRegular consumers creating content about a brandIndividuals with a dedicated following promoting brands
Origin of Content Self-generated by consumersCreated intentionally by influencers for promotion
MotivationGenuine interest or experience with the brandOften financially incentivized to promote brands
Relationship with BrandsOrganic, voluntary content creationCollaborative partnerships or paid endorsements.
Follower Engagement Varied audience sizes and engagement levelsTypically, larger, engaged followings on platforms.
Content AuthenticityAuthentic, real-life experiences sharedMore polished, stylized content for brand promotion.
Control over ContentBrands have limited control over content creationBrands often have more control over content
Diversity of PerspectivesOffers diverse, unbiased perspectivesIt might present a narrower, curated brand image
Cost-effectivenessGenerally more cost-effective due to the voluntary natureIt may require higher budgets for sponsored content.
Long-term Brand AssociationMay have long-term loyalty but not exclusive to one brandOften engaged in short-term brand partnerships.

Tips for Working With UGC Creators

1. Define your Marketing Objectives: 

Clearly outline what you aim to achieve with UGC. Whether increasing brand awareness, driving sales, or building community engagement, having well-defined goals helps align content creation efforts.

2. Avoid Being Too Prescriptive: 

Allow creators creative freedom within brand guidelines. Providing a framework rather than strict instructions fosters authentic content that resonates with their audience.

3. Stick to Creators with an Existing Audience: 

Choose creators whose audience aligns with your target demographic. Leveraging their established audience ensures your brand message reaches those already interested in similar content.

4. Generate a Creative Brief: 

Offer a concise yet comprehensive overview of expectations, brand guidelines, goals, and any specific requirements. A detailed brief helps creators understand your vision while maintaining flexibility.

5. Compensate Them Properly: 

Fairly compensate creators for their time, effort, and influence. This ensures a positive relationship, motivates quality content creation, and fosters long-term collaborations. Fair compensation validates their contribution and commitment to your brand.

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7 Ways to Find UGC Creators for Your Brand

1. Use an Influencer Marketing Platform:

Many influencer marketing platforms let you find UGC creators that fit perfectly with your brand image: Tagbox, Influencity, Upfluence, and Hiretalents, to name a few such platforms.

These tools often have databases of influencers and UGC creators. They also provide insights into the creator’s reach, engagement, and content style. This can help you analyze whether or not they are fit for your campaign.

2. Social Media Monitoring

Another way to look for UGC creators is by monitoring hashtags, mentions, and tags related to your brand. Engage with users who are already creating content about your brand or related topics. It can be difficult to keep track of these mentions, so various online tools help you save time and do the tracking for you.

3. Launch user-generated content campaigns

If you have a strong online audience base or a vast reach, the best way to go is by initiating campaigns and encouraging users to create content related to your brand. This could be done through challenges, prompts, or specific themes that resonate with your brand values. You can encourage the participation of your audience by rewarding the best entries as well.

4. Create a Brand Ambassador Program

Another way many big-shot brands have adopted is the “Brand Ambassador Program.” Many successful UGC examples available, like Nike, GoPro, Gymshark, etc., have leveraged this program in their marketing efforts, and we clearly see the results. It’s a great way to hunt for UGC creators in big numbers.  

For this, you need to develop a structured program where passionate customers or enthusiasts can become ambassadors for your brand. These individuals can create and share content in exchange for perks, recognition, or exclusive access.

5. Ask Your Customers After a Purchase

Asking for feedback and engaging with customers post-purchase goes a long way. Ask them to share their experiences by creating content, such as a video testimonial, a social media post, etc., and in exchange, you can offer incentives. 

This will help your brand generate UGC and get product or service feedback.

6. Partner with Influencers

Collaborate with established influencers who have an engaged audience. They can either create content themselves or encourage their followers to generate content around your brand.

7. Run Contests and Challenges

Organize contests or challenges specifically designed to generate UGC. Set clear guidelines, themes, or objectives, and offer rewards or recognition for the best submissions.

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Tips to Maximize the Impact of Your UGC Content

1. Make UGC Videos Shoppable

make UGC shoppable

Incorporate user-generated videos into your e-commerce platform, allowing viewers to purchase featured products or services directly. Add clickable links or buttons within the videos that lead to the product page, making it easier for viewers to transition from inspiration to purchase.

2. Use UGC in Social Ads

UGC in social ads

Integrate UGC into your paid social ads. Authentic content users create resonates well with audiences, increasing engagement and conversions. Tailor UGC to fit different ad formats and platforms for optimal results.

3. Report on Social Handles

repost ugc on social handles

Share UGC on your brand’s official social media accounts. Highlighting user-generated content showcases customer appreciation and encourages others to create and share similar content. Always credit the creator and encourage community engagement around it.

4. Embed on Website

embed UGC on website

Feature UGC on your website to build trust and authenticity. Create dedicated sections or pages that display customer reviews, testimonials, images, or videos showcasing real-life experiences with your products or services. This builds credibility and aids in the purchasing decisions of potential customers.

5. Display on Instore Screens

display UGC

For physical retail spaces, leverage UGC on screens or monitors within the store. Showcase customer testimonials, images, or videos that endorse your products or brand, creating a more immersive and persuasive shopping experience for visitors.

By strategically implementing these tactics, brands can leverage the authenticity and benefits of user-generated content across various touchpoints, effectively influencing consumer behavior and enhancing brand perception.

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UGC creators, ordinary users who voluntarily produce content related to brands, play a pivotal role in marketing. 

These creators, unaffiliated with brands in a professional capacity, share genuine experiences and content resonating authentically with audiences. 

The value of UGC lies in its authenticity, driving trust and engagement. Statistics reveal its impact, with UGC-based ads garnering higher engagement and influencing purchase decisions. 

Though working with UGC creators presents challenges like quality control, the benefits—enhanced engagement, cost-effectiveness, and community building—make UGC an invaluable asset. 

Effective strategies, from defining marketing objectives to compensating creators fairly, empower brands to harness the power of UGC and build meaningful connections that foster brand loyalty and sales.