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The Ultimate User-Generated Video Content Guide (UGC Videos)

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Modern-day customers, millennials, in particular, value their frame of time and love voicing their opinions. As a result, almost every brand has customers willing to go on camera and advocate for them.

In fact, among the millennial generation, UGC Videos Content is trusted 50% more than information from other sources and has a 35% higher chance of being remembered.

Intrigued? Keep reading to know more about this ultimate strategy.

What is User-Generated Video Content?

User-generated video content refers to videos created by people who are not professional filmmakers or production companies but rather individuals who create videos for personal or public consumption. These videos can be created using a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and personal computers.

User-generated video content has become increasingly popular with the rise of social media and video-sharing platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat, where users can easily create and upload their own videos for others to see. This type of content can be highly diverse in terms of quality, style, and subject matter, reflecting the interests and perspectives of a wide range of individuals.

Different Forms Of User-Generated Video Content 

Social media hosts a variety of user-generated content, and the reason why this works is that, as humans, we are naturally influenced and inspired by the experiences of others. 

If we come across UGC Video Content created by an existing user of the brand, sharing their experience about its deliverables, we trust it more. Here are some stats to provide a clear picture: 

user generated content video

Short-Format Videos 

The world of content marketing is dynamically evolving — adapting to new technologies, behaviours, and ecosystems. The rise of short-format content is the perfect example of it. 

Today, 91% of the time spent on social media comes from smartphones, compelling brands to create content that is easily digestible in a mobile configuration. 

Videos provide better insights into your products to potential customers. In fact, 72% of the customers prefer learning about a product or service through a video. 

user generated video

There is however no universal duration of time for short-format videos. For example, on Twitter, a short-form video can be up to 2:20 minutes, whereas, on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube the limit is 60, 30, and 60 seconds. 

They are the new way to create and discover short, entertaining, and snackable videos

By leveraging this format of User-generated video content, brands can potentially narrate their story, humanize their marketing approach, and better connect to their audience.

Long-Format Videos 

When users seek to know anything in detail, they seek long, detail-oriented, and immersive videos. A study conducted by Google showcased that around 2/3rd of online shoppers watch videos before they make a purchase. 

Millions of users on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, amongst other social media channels, create unadulterated content, speaking of their experience with brands and their products. This content is impactful and influential because it gives dynamic insights, helps purchase decisions, and is a vital part of building trust amongst the users.

ugc video

Further, according to Google’s survey, 80% of people say they typically switch between online search and video when looking out for products to buy. Here, leveraging long-format videos can make for an incredible option as they also help in building connections. 

Why Is User-Generated Video Content All That important?

Wondering if your regular, middle-of-the-road UGC is good enough? Well, it might be, but UGC video content takes all the virtues of UGC to another level. Here is why:

User-Generated Video Content is Inexpensive

Sure, you have tried to create a video in-house and experienced the nightmare that it is! 

From the need to buy editing software, DSLRs, lights, and microphones, to finding time to film and edit, producing content is a bootless errand that might not actually be worth it. 

User-generated content video, on the contrary, is created by users, ready to be used, and can be resourced easily into your marketing strategy. 

Instead of spending huge sums of money on equipment or collaborating with influencers to produce content for you, leveraging UGV content generated through marketing strategies can help you tap into the potential of trusted content creators without you having to break the bank. 

More Effective Than Brand-Generated Videos

All it takes is one good video to skyrocket the performance of your marketing efforts. Further, videos are effective because:

  • UGVC delivers authentic content that resonates with people. 
  • Incorporating user-generated video content into ads can improve paid ad conversions by 28%
  • This content being uniquely engaging, can hold the attention of the audience effortlessly. 
  • Furthermore, since this content is credible, it can convincingly inspire prospects to also incorporate the brand’s products into their lives. 

Nike makes for a classic example here. The company created its #betterforit campaign to inspire and encourage women to take care of their fitness and health goals.

The UGC campaign was a way for Nike to keep in existence its brand value of encouraging athleticism. In just two months of the launch of the campaign, Nike’s women’s division saw a 20% lift. 

Fulfils The Consumer’s Expectation Of User-Generated Content

Driving user engagement is a cumbersome task, especially given the fact that the state of users’ minds is mostly distracted. 

Here, showcasing compelling, unique, and real content can be the deal maker. In fact, to your surprise, videos accounted for 84% of all web traffic in 2019. Clearly indicating that users seek video content more than static content. 

Users seek more video content featuring their peers to be able to make better and more informed buying decisions. 

Boosts Brand Authenticity & Dependability 

Since user-generated content is created and shared by users of their own will hence, their opinions are unbiased. 

In comparison with static UGC, videos create 3x more reliability, as people can perceive and get inspired by the excitement and expressions of the users. 

Moreover, UGV has no ulterior motive attached to it, making the content more authentic and credible than professionally filmed brand videos.

How to Get the Most Out of Your UGC Videos?

UGC videos, while they help users express themselves better they also facilitate potential users to grasp knowledge about a product thoroughly. Coming to us marketers, and brands can leverage these videos in multiple ways to get the most out of this type of content.

  • Through Social Media

Social media is a powerful platform to make your content go viral. When you get UGC videos you can ask for permission and ethically repurpose this content on your handles to influence your followers. 

Moreover, you can publish UGC video ads to ensure that valuable content is reaching the target audience. 

  • Embed Authentic Videos in your Email Campaigns 

Email has been the most used marketing technique for businesses for a long time and using UGC in their email campaigns is a marvellous way to inspire your subscribers. 

This way your audience is not required to leave the email and can see visually-appealing content in your emails. 

  • Inspire Users Through Review Videos

Using review videos to inspire your audience involves creating and sharing videos that showcase the positive experiences and feedback of customers or users of your products or services. 

This can be an effective way to build trust and credibility with your audience by providing social proof of the value that your offerings provide.

  • Leverage UGC Videos On Your Website

This can be done by featuring customer testimonials, product reviews, or other videos created by users on your website’s homepage, product pages, or other sections of your site.

By featuring YouTube UGC videos on your website, you can increase engagement with your audience by providing the satisfaction that your products or services provided. Additionally, it can also help in increasing the authenticity and transparency of your brand.

Let us Help you Tell Your Brand’s Story Through Video

How Can You Create User-Generated Video Content

The best marketing is created by consumers. Recommendations from a real person go a long way in brand promotions as people trust satisfied customers more than self-acclamations. 

But, inviting customers to create content for you is a rather challenging task. But, here is how you can achieve it. 

Tap Into Influencer Marketing

When trying to push more consumers to create content for you, leveraging influencers’ impact on the minds of the audience can be your best bet. Further, you can provide them with specific instructions about the kind of content that you would like to see. 

user generated video content

When users see influencers posting content in a certain way, they might also do the same.

Run Hashtag Contests

Giveaways have always been a common strategy to build awareness of the brand, spark the interest of the audience and encourage them to participate in video contests.

Businesses ask their followers to post on social media using their branded or any other specific hashtag, similar to a giveaway. In return for their efforts, brands reward the winners with a giveaway price. 

user generated video

Hashtag contests are a great way to engage audiences in your brand’s activities while also igniting conversations among them. 

Interestingly, you can also use the user-generated content generated via the hashtag contest for later marketing purposes. Taggbox Widget allows you to collect these posts and embed them onto your marketing touchpoints to further showcase your brand’s authenticity and credibility. 

Engage Your Audience With Visual Content

We already know that online written reviews can have a significant impact on people’s purchasing decisions. However, visual content marketing can also help you stand out. By adding UGC visual elements to your website, product detail pages (PDPs), and more, you can show customers how your products would look on them rather than on a model.

user generated content video

Many fashion brands are leveraging their loyal customers and influencers in their UGC strategy by sending them clothes that they review.

This type of campaign’s benefit is that brands can accurately measure what type of content customers are choosing to engage with and what item is being sold the most because of this content.

Leverage Content Focusing On Customers 

Remember, user-generated content is about your customers, not your product. When your customers feel ‘seen’, they make more of an effort to give good reviews and generate more online content.

For example, Starbucks created a “Meet Me At Starbucks” campaign, inviting customers to use the hashtag #HowWeMet and tell their stories about the first time they went to Starbucks or when they met someone interesting there.

user generated content video examples

Customers were so excited by the opportunity to share their stories that they took Instagram and Twitter by storm, sending in videos and other instagrammable content.

How to Source UGC Videos?

There are various ways to source UGC, some of which are discussed below.

Instagram reels

Instagram reels make your content go viral faster and by posting UGC videos as reels the chances of them getting more attention are high as people interact with UGC more than any other form of content. 

It is important to always ask for permission from the video creators before using their content and give proper credit when sharing or reposting their videos as reels. This can help build trust with your audience, and can also help increase engagement of your brand.

Tik Tok

TikTok is a social media giant that has been capturing the audience’s attention these days. People share short videos of them dancing around, making DIYs, etc.

It is becoming increasingly popular among brands as well. Brand owners seek out UGC videos from their TikTok audience as they already like making and looking at videos, it makes them feel important and valuable. 

YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts were introduced by YouTube a long-form video content platform. This feature launched by YouTube opened many doors for brands to share exceptional content that stays with the audience. 

However, brands have expanded their horizons and started sourcing UGC through YouTube shorts as it makes them feel like a part of a community filled with like-minded people and sharing such content excites them as it makes them feel important. 

Don’t Miss Out On the Benefits of Video Marketing

UGC Video Examples – Get Inspired By These Top Brands 

Fenty Beauty

Rihanna’s makeup line, Fenty Beauty, took the industry by storm with a 100% digital campaign that depended heavily on reviews given by influencers. 

Fenty Beauty combined these reviews and testimonials from trusted Fenty customers to produce videos that discuss their products. This customer-inclusive strategy was successful in helping the brand with 10.6 million Instagram followers in the last couple of years.


Another amazing UGC video example is of the most loved baby diaper brand, Pampers. Pampers asked their customers to send in videos of their babies in diapers via Facebook. 

The company then curated an adorable campaign using those user-generated videos. Not only was it adorable to watch, but it also resonated with potential customers (parents), boosting the brand awareness and necessity of the brand.


As of August 2020, 47% of GoPro’s social media traffic has come from YouTube. The video camera brand uses content generated by its users to fuel its YouTube channel- with the majority of GoPro’s finest YouTube video on its channel being UGC content. 

GoPro generates UGC through its GoPro awards which generated 130K visits to its website in 2019. These awards tap into its community and supply a steady stream of quality content. 

UGC videos

How Can Taggbox Help You?

Taggbox is the most trusted platform to gather and leverage user’s content generated on more than 15 social media platforms. It has been helping global brands to grow brand trust, engagement, and conversions effortlessly. 

The premium suite of products offered is designed to provide enterprise-level UGC solutions for all marketing touchpoints. With Taggbox, brands can aggregate content generated by the users across different social media platforms, customize it as required, and use it across marketing channels to amplify the growth of their brand, after obtaining legal rights of UGC.

The platform also provides its users with detailed analytics to track growth and tweak tactics wherever needed.

user generated video content platform

Over To You

Users are scrolling through compelling video content created on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat for a rather major portion of their time. Repurposing content created by the users on multiple marketing touchpoints can be your best bet to lock your brand’s growth. 

Hence, cut the struggle, and make a colossal impact on the minds of the users with content that connects, performs, and delivers!


Here are the steps to make a UGC video: 1. Choos the topic of your video 2. Record your video using a camera or a smartphone 3. Use video editing software to edit your footage 4. Add captions to your video 5. Publish your video on a social media platform 6. Engage with your audience

Yes, in most cases UGC is always organic however, you can partner with influencers or hire UGC Creators to get sponsored content and repurpose it to acquire more leads.

Once you get a UGC video you need to ask the user for their permission before repurposing it. Once you can the required rights, you can either embed the videos in your social ads.

Your customers can feel seen and heard when you use user-generated video material. Users are encouraged to produce UGC because it makes them feel like they are contributing to your brand. Additionally, this contact can aid brands in building a loyal following.