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5 Easy Methods to Save and Download Instagram Stories

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Instagram requires no introduction as everybody nowadays is using this social media network with great fondness. Posting stories on Instagram vanish away after 24 hours. However no need to worry, as in this blog you will get to know how to save Instagram stories without any hassle. 

The popularity of Instagram has outreach millions of daily active users. This social media network has become incredibly popular among every age. With a more easygoing and transient way, you can share your Instagram stories with your followers. 

Also, this social media offers you a good option to choose whether you wish to share your story with all your followers or not. It offers you a close friend option through which you can select your friends with whom you want to share the story.  

Facebook owns Instagram. Thus, it also presents you with a great option to share your Instagram stories straight to your Facebook story. Using this feature, you can make your story reach to all your friends on both the platforms. 

After 24 hours of uploading, all your Instagram stories disappear. However, it doesn’t imply that they have disappeared forever. To save and download your Instagram stories, there are a handful of methods that can be used. 

Save and download Instagram stories – Try 5 simple methods:

1. Save Instagram Stories With Archive Option

Instagram is not behind in offering you exceptional setting options. You just need to activate its Archive option. Rest leave to it, and you will recognize that all your previous Instagram stories will be saved automatically. Below are some of the steps listed to activate this option. Thus follow the below-listed steps-

  • Open your story.
  • Tap (Android) in the bottom right of the stories you’d like to save.
  • Go to story setting.
  • Click on ‘Save to Archive’ option to save your Instagram stories to your archive
how to save instagram stories

And it’s done. In the Archive section, you can witness all your stories, and every story that you will post will be saved there.  

You need to follow the below-listed steps to obtain this section and look at the saved stories.

  • Click on the ‘Archive icon’ in your Instagram account
  • Now on the Archive screen, you can see all your past stories classified by date

Using this option, you can forever look for the saved stories in your Instagram account.

2.Download your iPhone Instagram stories

Go manually choosing a specific story, in case you do not wish to save your every single story to the camera roll. 

Follow the below-listed steps stated to do this- 

  • Look at your active story.
  • At the bottom of your story, you can see  dots. Click on it and tap ‘Save.’
  • To save the separate video or photo stories, choose ‘Save photo/video’ option, or
  • You can click on ‘Save story’ to save everything from your story as a single video. 
how to save videos from instagram stories

This strategy is exceptionally basic; however, it expects you to manually download every one of the stories once they are published. 

3. Share and save Instagram story as post

This Instagram option lets you save your stories in your account and also share it on your Instagram feed

You require to follow these simple steps to save and share your Instagram story as a post- 

  • View your active story
  • Tap on ‘Save’ option by clicking on the three dots at the bottom of your story
  • Select share as a post
how to save an instagram story

That done. All your followers can now experience the video or photo story that pops up in your Instagram feed. 

4. Embed And Save Instagram Story Using Taggbox Widget

Another amazing way to save your Instagram Story is to embed it on the website. Using the Taggbox widget, you can simply sync your Instagram account, automatically archive the Instagram stories and display them on website. 

instagram stories on website

Simple, isn’t it? 

Here are a few basic steps to follow to embed Instagram stories on website.

1. Log in to your Taggbox Widget account and add social feeds with Instagram Business as a source.

2. Choose “Stories” from the given options and fill in all the required credentials.

3. Once all your Instagram stories are fetched, customize, and moderate them for unique and relevant display.

4. Click on “Publish” and choose your preferred CMS platform.

5. Copy the Code and Paste it on the website’s backend page.

Kudos! You are done.

This is an exquisite way to save your Instagram stories. It allows you to promote your stories and display them as an advertisement for your brand to a large audience and boost the exposure of your Instagram stories beyond Instagram.

5. Save stories in ‘Highlights.’

Instagram recently upgraded its story features with a highlight stories section. Using this feature, users can highlight their stories on their Instagram profiles after they have disappeared.

Similar to Pinterest boards, this section can be looked at by other people and work. 

The main idea behind creating Instagram stories highlights is to produce themed highlights that are worth gaining attention. Also, with this section, you can publicly store and save your stories for a long time. 

Instagram stories highlight features offer great advantages for the business. Here are few of them listed beneath-

  • An easy approach to all your classified stories and posts
  • Business can grab the opportunity to highlight their particular collections or products
  • Another important benefit of Instagram highlight feature is that businesses can display their customer reviews or testimonials
  • Also, businesses can display FAQ section 

Here are the steps to save your Instagram story in highlights

Alternatively, if you’re looking to save and download Instagram Stories, you can explore platforms like Imginn. This user-friendly website provides a convenient solution for archiving your favorite moments shared on Instagram. With Imginn, you can easily retrieve and store Stories, ensuring that those fleeting, ephemeral posts are preserved for future enjoyment. This option comes in handy for those who want to keep a personal collection of cherished memories or simply appreciate the convenience of having offline access to their favorite content.

  • You can simply open your active story or go to the Archived one and click on the saved stories. 
  • Now at the bottom of the story screen, there is a Highlight icon. Click on it. 
  • You can just ‘Add new’ or choose a Highlight category.
save instagram highlights

You are done. That’s simple! Now go to your Instagram profile, and you will see that your highlighted story appears right below your details. 

Closing Note

I hope the above guide will help you save and download Instagram stories easily.

Also, there are other ways through which you can save someone else’s Instagram story if you want to for any reason like making shoppable Instagram stories gallery for website.

You can make use of certain Instagram story save apps available on the Apple app store or Google Play store. With the help of these apps, you can easily fetch your friend’s Instagram stories. 

Saving a photo story or taking a screenshot has always been the simplest method. However, the same doesn’t go for a video story. For saving a video story, a video capture app will be good to go. 

However, stay knowledgeable that Instagram will notify the owner that you have made a screenshot.