Social Media Aggregators And Marketing: The Correlation Your Business Needs in 2020

Before the commencement of the year 2020, it had been predicted that the marketers will emphasize more on adding human elements to their social media marketing strategies.

And it got proved right. Brands are completely into UGC marketing strategies and now there’s no room for traditional and robotic marketing tactics.

When you attach a human element with your brand, it eventually becomes more personal to the audience. 

The current scenario of Social Media Marketing is focused on User Generated Content which is aggregated with the help of the Social Media Aggregator Tool.

Both the User-Generated Content and Social Media Aggregator tools are interlinked and we can’t deny the fact that both of them have impacted the brands immensely. But how do you fetch the UGC Content? 

Social Media is an endless ocean of User Generated Content and if you are a social media addict, you know that UGC is all over there. But don’t you feel like that it’s quite overwhelming at times? 

Thanks to Social Media Aggregation Tools which has made the aggregation of online content i.e. #UGC convenient. 

Before we start with the aggregation tools, it’s important to understand the basics.

What the Heck is Social Media Aggregation?

There’s no rocket-science behind Social Media Aggregation. This hottest buzzword of the century i.e. Social Media Aggregation is defined as;

“The process of collecting, curating, and repurposing content from various social media platforms and presenting it in a unified way.” 

Collect From Any Or Many Social Media Channels
Moderate the Content Accordingly
Display It on Websites or Digital Screens in Beautiful Themes

But how does this happen? 

Here comes the HERO of the story. “Social Media Aggregators” are the tools that perform the task of social media content aggregation. 


Since the last few years, industries have understood the importance of Content Aggregation via online platforms like FB, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, and more.

You can hear many social media marketing gurus talk about the significance of Social Media Aggregation in terms of the current marketing scenario.

But to get the attention of the audience, it is not easy to create different types of social media content.

At the same time, content creation can be both expensive and time-consuming, especially for businesses with a low budget. Fortunately, there is a helping hand called- Social Media Aggregator Tools.

Breaking it into simple words, “Social Media Aggregator is a software which helps in collecting UGC from various social media platforms and displays/embed them in any particular platform.”

A powerful aggregator tool like Taggbox understands the needs of the brands and therefore provides them with well-tailored features like Auto and Manual Moderation, Analytics, Customization, and more.

In the end, these aggregators are giving marketers more control over how they would want to use the aggregated content.

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Social Media Aggregators: Challenges and Solutions 

There are quite a few challenges that come on the way of Social media aggregation. But there’s nothing to worry about.

Why? Because a good and robust Social Media Aggregator like ‘Taggbox’ will always end up providing solutions to overcome every challenge easily with its excellent features. 

Let’s see what are those challenges and how they are resolved by these aggregator tools? 


The content that has been uploaded on social media platforms is RAW! It needs to be morphed into something which makes sense to the audience as well as fascinates them.

So, how can you transform this raw content into a crisp one?

Here aggregator tools seem to be of great help. Features like ‘MODERATION’, ‘PROFANITY’ etc. give a new shape to the raw content that you aggregate from the social media platforms. 

Understand this with an example!

The moderation feature gives you the freedom of which social media feeds you want to make public and which one you want to keep private.

Also, the profanity feature filters out all the vulgar comments that are on your feeds, keeping them clean. 


Content infringement, copyright claims, and content privacy are some of the issues why you need UGC right management.

To access the User Generated Content and then repurpose it, marketers need to take permission from the content creator. The UGC Rights Management allows the brands to ask the original content creators for rightful permission to reuse the User Generated Content. 

With the illegal use of UGC by the brands, the cases of lawsuits have increased over the past few years. This shows that marketers have to always pay for their over smartness.

Therefore, marketers need to take consent of the original content creator to cumulate, customize, and repurpose the UGC. There are certain legal rules that brands are liable to follow if they don’t want to get into trouble.


Thinking about where to display the UGC has always been a headache for the brands. After all, there is not just one display option available. 

Social media aggregators like Taggbox enable the various display options like Widgets, Signages, E-commerce, Social Media Walls for brands to promote their products or services. 

Social Media Aggregation and Related Services By Taggbox

Marketers can go for any of them as per the demand of their brands. Like for websites; embedding widgets are the best while for the display; signages are a great option


Going through the content of all the social media handles can mess you up. A single person can’t perform this task on their own. 

Here come social media aggregators as your savior. What if we say, social media aggregators help you cumulate content from various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Yelp, Linkedin, Yammer, Soundcloud etc.

Then this aggregated content can be then displayed in a unified way on a single platform. 

How Social Media Aggregators Boost Up Your Marketing?

As we have forementioned, social media aggregator is one of the major aspects of current digital marketing plans.

With the advancement of technology, brands and marketers have started leveraging social media platforms to promote their products. 

If you are a marketer and you still are not focusing enough on social media aggregation and it’s tools, then you are at loss. 

So, don’t miss out on this amazing marketing strategy. Just don’t rush into the idea of social media aggregation without knowing about its outcomes. 

Let’s now explore the depths of the benefits that come along with the Social Media Aggregators. 


Content creation can be a daunting task, both financially and time investment-wise. Speaking of user-generated content, it is both authentic and cost-efficient. UGC Marketing is highly cost-effective!!

Social Media Aggregators save you from investing so much of time and money on creating content that is not only appealing but fresh. Invest these liberated resources in the other parts of your business 

Take the help of UGC content aggregators like Taggbox to curate engaging and unique content.

Users create user-generated content by posting on their genuine social media profiles sharing their real-life experiences with your brand’s products and services.


More than 50% of customers trust UGC as compared to any other type of advertising.

User-Generated Content is equal to Brand Loyalty. So, use the voice of people to tell your story for you. Any form of content like pictures, videos, text, testimonials, or audio which has been posted on social media platforms by unpaid contributors.

These contributors can be fans of the brand or the constant users. In short, UGC is the content promoted by the unpaid contributors and not the brand itself. Brands who leverage user-generated content are most likely to increase their brand loyalty.


Audience engagement needs to be mandatorily there in your marketing strategy. Be it travel, hospitality, event industry, or name any and you will know how necessary it is to engage the audience.

For this, marketers have to create a buzz around their brand to engage traffic and boost your brand’s fondness amongst the audiences. 

This can be achieved by improving your brand’s responsiveness on various social media platforms. As per the stats, approx 85% of customers expect brands to respond on Facebook in max to max 6 hours.

If your brand is the least responsive then your audience is most likely to lose interest.

Only if you satisfy your customers with the services or products you offer, then only you can engage them. It is easier to find the target audience on social media.

Create #CAMPAIGNS to connect with the customers on a more personal level. Tempt your audience to not be just a part of your campaigns but also indulge in the content creation for your brand.

For instance, one of the most attention-grabbing #campaigns that we have seen until now is Coca Cola’s #Shareacoke campaign. The idea behind this was to strike a massive number of sales and to indulge in User Generated Content on social media sites. 

Social walls like an Instagram wall, Twitter wall, etc. are another effective way to engage the audience.

From events, exhibitions, conferences to trade fairs, and more, the social walls can be displayed. FYI, “A social wall is an amalgamation of many social media feeds which are aggregated via social media aggregator tools.”

Other factors affecting the audience engagement are as follows;

  • By collecting content from social media platforms like FB, Instagram, Twitter, and more, social media aggregator tools optimize both internal and external audience engagement. Your audience can access the aggregated content anytime hassle-free as it is easily accessible on a single platform. 
  • Using the Analytics feature of tools like TAGGBOX, the marketers have an idea about who their audience is. Due to the aggregation of content in real-time, it gives them a chance to connect and motivate well with the audience. 
Taggbox Analytics


Social media aggregators make the content reach massive, which means your content must have a pragmatic impression of your brand on the audience.

If used properly, these tools can do wonders, and showcasing User Generated Content is one of them. Whether you present it through your social media handles, website, or manifest it as live updates, it’s completely up to you.

Leverage the below-mentioned benefits of Social Media Aggregation.

Amplify Social Media Reach

The combination of User-Generated Content and Social Media Platforms is perfect to amplify your social media reach and growth at the same time. These two if put together can create magic.

UGC= Freshly Curated Content

Every marketer focuses on content strategy as the content is the ‘King’ for brands. But there’s a small but impactful difference between the UGC content and the content created by the marketing team.

The user-generated content produced is purely from the audience’s perspective, which means there is no content strategy.

This is why your audience connects well with UGC rather than the paid content. Another perk of UGC in the form of videos, posts, images is that it engages new audiences to join your existing loyal users. 


Best UGC Platform

What makes UGC unique is the fact that it can be personalized in any way you want.

The customized content looks more appealing in terms of your marketing strategies. This type of content engages a large section of the audience with your brand. 

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Lastly, social media aggregation and the aggregators both are crucial for marketers to build strong relationships with the audiences and create a powerful community for their brand.

In this process, social media platforms are of utmost importance and a great help. Collect, curate, and repurpose the User Generated Content from social sites and analyze the outcomes.

See how engaged your audience is and how well your campaign performed on various platforms like websites, signages, event screens, eCommerce, etc. 

Powerup Your Marketing With Social Media Aggregation