Top 5 Benefits of using a Social Media Aggregator

Social media is a prominent platform for networking and interactions. The network managed to grow in one year with an engagement of about 1.96 billion users. Startled? Well, it is not enough. The expected future growth in the number of users of social media networks is a figure of 0.54 billion users. It means that by 2018 there will be 2.5 billion people working out various activities on various social channels. These are not merely numbers but an insight into the yet obscure potential of various social media networks. The question is, as a business or a brand, are you making the most out of it?

Two distinguished purposes of brands that can be catered by optimum utilization of social platforms are- first, the creation of a vital virtual presence; second is to regulate engagement with audience/ potential customers/ followers.

However, managing various social networks to run numerous social media campaigns altogether can be a tricky task. That ways, it somehow gets difficult for brands to make use of every significant social media platform to its utmost potential. Nonetheless, the era of digital signage has given a vast scope to cater to this problem too. As a part of digital signage trend, social media aggregation tools came into actuality.

What is a Social Media Aggregator?

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A social media aggregator, also called social network aggregator is a tool, for example- a Twitter wall or Instagram wall, which enables to collect and showcase an aggregated output of a number of social feeds derived from various channels or networks. In other words, it provides a depiction review of all the web-based social networking exercises occurring on various channels. These exercises are the distributed posts on Twitter, Instagram, Vines, Facebook, Google+ and so forth. It provides a revised aspect to monotonous patterns of social media marketing.

Best Social media aggregators are used for a range of purposes, for say, displaying real-time customer interactions and embedding social media networks to the website. You can also use a social media wall at event in many effective ways.

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Benefits of Using Social Media Aggregator

1). Time and Cost Efficient:


Marketing is a profile that holds a major portion of our businesses’ investment budget. However, the ROI in most of the cases is not that significant. While we talk about content aggregators, the investment is momentous. However, its impact and result are far-reaching, covering various dimensions of social media marketing. A content aggregator also reduces all the efforts that are otherwise to be put into data analyzing, demonstrating information and creating engaging content. Hence, it benefits in saving a lot of time and money.

2). Audience Engagement:

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Audience engagement through social media aggregation tool is the most effective way to interact with your audience. It also alleviates connect between the audience and the brand.

For instance, tools like the Instagram wall and Twitter wall are highly efficient in regulating on-site engagement during events and exhibitions. These walls kindle an urge among your audience of being featured on a big screen at an event. It makes many participants to post live updates of your event on their timelines through various channels. These posts are then shown live on the screen which is displaying the aggregated content at your event.

3). Curate Creative Content:

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If Social media aggregator tools are used wisely, the impact of the created content can be impeccable. Two things that work here are, appropriate hashtags and interactive campaigns. A combination of an interactive campaign and opportune hashtag will make your followers participate and generate content for your brand. Thus, you can showcase the aggregated user-generated content through your website, social media channels, and even as live updates.

4). An Edge Over Competitors:


Social media aggregator is an incredible tool to create an influential presence over social media networks. However, apart from that, you can also use social media aggregation as a way to have an edge over your competitors. The tools can help you to monitor your competitor’s marketing and networking strategy and learn from their efforts and mistakes.

5). Discover And Create Social Media Trends:

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Amidst the competition prevailing in the market, every brand needs to be aware of various trends occurring in its surroundings. A social network aggregator can be of help in this context too. With the use of the tool, you can keep an eye on trending brands/ campaigns. Analyzing these trends closely can help you determine various success factors for a social media campaign and implement them to create a new trend.

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