Why Should you Embed Instagram Feeds On Website

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Instagram as a social media platform is highly addictive. Don’t we love the Instagram filters, stories feature, filters available in Instagram stories, geo-tagging, and the colorful galleries of pictures making the social feed come alive? 

Instagram Filters

Even though Instagram has no website version of itself, we still have a strong sentiment with the application and love using it.

Titled to be a renowned platform, Instagram has millions of users globally and is still gaining massive followers every day. It is on the flight soaring high with no possible sign of descending.

Instagram has evolved over time and not just users but brands have started seeing the powers that lie within the application for business development and global exposure.

You can also leverage the powers of this social media platform in your business by embedding Instagram feeds on websites in the form of a widget. It is one of the great ways to up your marketing game. 

Instagram for photographer fashion

This way not only you improve your brand’s authenticity, gain more likes and followers on your Instagram handle, boost your audience engagement, enhance social proof, increase your brand trust but also boost conversions on your website.

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In this blog, we will enlighten you about some of the best benefits of embedding Instagram feeds on your website with the help of the social media aggregator tool – Taggbox Widget. 

Benefits of Embedding Instagram Feeds

1. Channelize Instagram Traffic on your Website

Instagram widget soaks in the website traffic and engagement and opens ways for increased surfing time on the brand website. It leaves no scope for the user to quit surfing your website or your social channels.


Embedding Instagram feeds on the desired website allows website visitors to socialize, get into conversations, and connect with the brand.

2. Drive User-Generated Content from Instagram to the Website

User-generated content (UGC) comes straight from loyal customers and such content is desired by the global audience nowadays. Embed an Instagram widget for websites to aid social processes, brand recognition, and authentic content and this can be done very easily using an Instagram aggregator like Taggbox Widget!


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3. Moderate your Content with Instagram Feed Widget

Irrelevant or inappropriate images or videos using the brand’s hashtag that directly displays on the brand’s Instagram wall can lead the brand to face public guilt and ruin their brand image outright.


Thankfully, while connecting the Instagram widget to websites via the Instagram plug-in, be sure of moderating content and take complete charge of that. 

Setting filters or manual approval of posts can be done in the Instagram widget for websites to ensure that UGC is relevant to the brand only. 

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4. Instagram Feeds add Vibrancy to the Website UI

When Instagram feed is embedded to a website, it lends the website instant color and attractiveness. This displays customer experiences, a journey of the brand, global acceptance and presence, and more.


5. Boost Conversions & Sales

By embedding Instagram feeds on your website, you can easily convert your visitors into customers. This will automatically lead to boost in conversions and sales of your products & services. 

Example of a Brand that Embedded Instagram

One of the world’s renowned American film production & distribution studio- Warner Bros created a buzz around it’s globally appreciated and loved Mortal Kombat 11 with the #MKKOLLECTIVE hashtag. 

Mortal-Kombat- Instagram Widget on website

The company re-launched Mortal Kombat 11 in one of the unique ways to get the attention of the game lovers and to make them participate. 

Along with that, the company reached multiple social media platforms like Instagram to share its original and innovative content using #MKKOLLECTIVE. 

How Taggbox Widget is the Best Solution for You?

Taggbox free website widget is one of the world’s leading tools that help brands and businesses of all sizes in collecting & curating real-time feeds (via hashtags, handles, keywords, or mentions) from various social media platforms into a single feed and embed it on the website. 

Instagram Widget

This robust tool offers a variety of features that are mentioned below!

  • Customization: This feature helps in customizing the aggregated Instagram feed with different themes, background, colors & fonts, posts styles, banners, CTA’s, custom posts, and more.
  • Moderation Panel & Filtering: You have the power to eliminate unwanted & irrelevant content that you want to restrict from your Instagram feeds to keep the widget clean.
  • Insightful Analytics: Taggbox offers an in-built analytics feature to monitor the performance of your Instagram feed on your website. 
  • Multiple Website Building Platforms Compatibility: You have the freedom to integrate Instagram feed with multiple website building platforms like Weebly, Wix, Shopify, and more. 
  • Real-time Updates: All the embedding feeds are updated in real-time i.e. as soon as you post something on your Instagram, it will automatically get updated on your website.


A brand or business invests its manpower skills, money, and time into building it’s Instagram handle and connecting and socializing there. So it must step ahead and embed it’s Instagram handle to its website too for all the aforementioned reasons explained above.