Why Should you Embed Instagram Feeds on Website

Instagram as a social media platform is highly addictive. Don’t we love the Instagram filters, stories feature, filters available in Instagram stories, geo-tagging and the colorful galleries of pictures making the social feed come alive? Even though Instagram has no website version of itself, we still have a strong sentiment with the application and love using it.

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Instagram Stories
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Instagram Filters

Embedding Instagram feed on websites not helps you gain more likes on Instagram but also increases your brand trust because Instagram has established itself as an association between a brand and its customers thereby helping brands to leverage their social influence. The application is used as a business tool by bloggers, vloggers, photographers, travel enthusiasts and in addition by people working in the lifestyle space.

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Having begun merely as a mobile application to share photos and videos for other users to see, Instagram has evolved over time where people have begun to see the powers that lie within the application for business development and global exposure. Brand awareness, product launch, blogging, reviewing, travelling, product experiments and more, it’s all possible with the social runway of Instagram.

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Becoming renowned and gaining massive followers every day, Instagram has millions of users globally and is on the flight soaring high with no possible sign of descending.

An Instagram fact read – “User engagement is higher on Instagram than any other social network”.

“Driving engagement more than Facebook and Twitter”.

Instagram Facts

Having seen the powers of the social tool, one can step ahead in the game and embed Instagram feeds on websites too. Embedding social media widget on your websites improves your brand’s authenticity and follower base hugely.

Websites have provision for the Instagram widget or plug-ins to enable displaying an Instagram feed on the website by using the Instagram API. One is redirected and channeled to the Instagram page when he accesses such an embed Instagram feed on a website.

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Benefits of Embedding Instagram Feeds

1. Channelize Instagram Traffic on your Website

An Instagram plug-in for websites allows you to embed Instagram feeds on the desired website which further allows website visitors to socialize, get into conversations and connect with the brand.


Leaving no scope for the user to quit surfing your website or your social channels, Instagram widget soak in the website traffic and engagement and opens ways for increased surfing time on the brand website. An attractive UI given the rows of Instagram images increased brand awareness, user-generated content in the form of reviews, comments etc. by embedding Instagram feed to a website.

2. Drive User-Generated Content from Instagram to the Website


User-generated content (UGC) comes straight from loyal customers and such content is desired by the global audience nowadays. Embed an Instagram widget for websites to aid social processes, brand recognition, and authentic content and this can be done very easily using an Instagram aggregator like Taggbox Widget!

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3. Moderate your Content with Instagram Feed Widget


While connecting Instagram widget to websites via the Instagram plug-in, be sure of moderating content and take pure charge of that. Setting filters or manual approval of posts can be done with Instagram widget for websites and this further ensures that UGC is relevant to the brand only. Irrelevant or inappropriate images or videos using the brand’s hashtag that directly displays on the brand’s Instagram wall can lead the brand to face public guilt and ruin their brand image outright.

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4. Instagram Feeds add Vibrancy to the Website UI


When Instagram feed is embedded to a website, it lends the website instant color and attractiveness displaying customer experiences, a journey of the brand, globally acceptance and presence and more.


If a brand or a business is investing its manpower skills, money and time into building its Instagram handle and connecting and socializing there, then it must step ahead and embed its Instagram handle to its website too for simple reasons explained above. Who doesn’t want and who doesn’t appreciate a chromatic and lively user interface on a website?

Let your brand and its website inhale a dose of color, liveliness, user experiences and more and lend a mod look to the website by embedding Instagram feed.

Pride Wall Facebook Israel

You are also privileged with Instagram walls for events as these social media walls can be displayed on a digital signage or a display at events and stir emotion at the brand event. Being an interactive tool during the events, Instagram walls for events is yet another powerful tool for brand image and marketing.

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  1. I have been told be web experts that it is not a good idea to have an IG feed on our site because it will allow people to navigate away from the site. On an retail E-commerce site you don’t want to give the customer an vehicle to get distracted and leave the site. Does anyone agree with this? I think the feed looks amazing on a website if you have nice content.

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