How To Embed Twitter Feed On Squarespace Website

Add Twitter Feed To Squarespace Website

To Embed Twitter feed on website, you need to follow the given steps-

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Step 1

Create a Taggbox Widget Account or Login if you’re an existing member of Taggbox Widget.

Embed Twitter Feed on Squarespace

Now, you will be redirected to Taggbox Widget Dashboard

Twitter Feed on Squarespace Website

Step 2

Click on the “Add Social Feeds” option to start the process of adding Twitter feeds to your widget:

Embed Twitter on Squarespace Website

Step 3       

A dialog box with “Pick a source” will appear, select Twitter as your source of aggregating feeds.

Embed Twitter on Website

Step 4

A new dialog box “Create Twitter Feed” will appear to aggregate feeds from:

You can aggregate feeds from the following sources:

  • Hashtag (#)
  • Handle (@)
  • Mention (@)
  • List
  • Favorites
  • Advanced (Query)

1. Hashtag (#): Enter the Hashtag and collect all the hashtag feeds from Twitter.

Embed Twitter hashtag on Squarespace

2. Handle (@): Enter your Twitter user Handle and collect all feeds.

Embed Twitter handle feed on Squarespace Website

3. Mention: You can also collect feeds of mention as well; just enter the Twitter Handle or username. 

Create Twitter Feed via Mention

4. List: You can also collect feeds of the list as well; just enter the Twitter Handle or username and List Name.

Embed Twitter on Squarespace

5. Favorites: You can collect Twitter Feeds of your Favorites; just use their Twitter Handle.

Embed Twitter hashtag feed on Squarespace

6. Advanced: You can use the Advance option to get feeds via a search query. Fill your query in the box and collect feeds.

Twitter feed on Squarespace Website

Tip: Use the checkbox to Add Multiple Photos and Exclude Retweets on the connection select “Add Multiple Photos” and “Exclude Retweets”.

Step 5

Choose your method of aggregating feeds and enter the input accordingly.

Finally, click “Create Feed” button to start aggregating process.

If asked provide the Login Credentials to connect your Widget with the Twitter account.

Great, the connection will be created and within a few moments, tweets will appear in the Widget editor.

Tip: To enable Moderation on the connection select the “Manually approve posts before making them public” checkbox.

Embed Twitter Feed on Squarespace Website

To embed Twitter Widget on Squarespace website you need to follow below steps–

Step 1

Click the “PUBLISH” button on the left bottom of the screen, You can also see the PREVIEW of how your feeds gonna look on different devices.

Embed Twitter feed Widget on website

Step 2

Dialog Box will appear “Choose Your Platform”, select the “Squarespace” logo as your website platform.

Choose Squarespace Platform

Step 3

A new Dialog box Squarespace will appear:

Step 4

Select auto or set width and height according to your requirement then just click on GET CODE and COPY the whole generated code:

Step 5

On Squarespace Navigate to the page where you want to add Twitter feed.

Step 6

Click on Edit.

Edit the Squarespace Website

Step 7

Click on +Add/Edit Block.

Add Embed Block

Step 8

Select Code.

Select Embed Code

Step 9

Paste the Copied code and Click on Apply.

Embed Twitter Feed Code On Squarespace

Step 10

Save the page to apply the Changes.

Great! You have successfully embedded Twitter Feed on your Squarespace website.

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