How To Embed Twitter Hashtag Feed on Website

Twitter is one of the dominating social media platforms, with around 321 Million active users. The go-to platform for Brands and Businesses to make announcements or news public.

Every News channel and fans follow tweets related to their interest. Twitter has become a brand signatory, anything tweeted on it by popular brands, or public figure is claimed to be genuine.

So, embedding Twitter hashtag feed on websites related to your brand; it is definitely going to boost the engagement and trust for the new and old visitors.

Embed Twitter Hashtag Feed Using Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget makes the process of embedding Twitter Hashtag Feed easier. It aggregates the feeds all feeds related to hashtag and collect them in one place.

Using the amazing features of Taggbox widget like moderation and customization, you can create an amazing hashtag widget as per your website design and layout. Also, you can filter the irrelevant content from your widget.

Taggbox Widget analytics feature allows you to track the user activity, check the post count, source of the post, post type etc.

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Steps to Embed Twitter Hashtag Feeds on Website

Let’s dive in!

1. First, Create Taggbox Widget Account by Signing Up for 14 Days Free Trial. If you’re an existing member, then Log in to your account. You’ll be redirected to Taggbox Widget Dashboard.

embed twitter hashtag feed

2. Click “+ Create Widget” at the top right corner to create a New Widget.

embedding twitter hashtag feed

3. A popup will appear with the input box:

– “Widget Name” (Enter Widget Name of your choice).
– “Your Unique Url” your Widget Name is automatically your unique URL.

Taggbox also gives you the option to edit it according to your requirements.
“Profanity Filter” Taggbox gives you the option to refine the profanity posts, To enable it to click on the checkbox.

embed twitter hashtag

Finally, Click on “Create Widget”.

4. Now it’s time to embed Twitter hashtag feed

4.1 Click Feeds (On the Left-Hand Menu)

twitter embed hashtag feed

4.2 Click Add Feed, (to create New Feed)

embed twitter hashtag feed on website

5. Now select Twitter as your feed source to add Twitter hashtag feeds.

twitter hashtag feed embed

6. A box will appear to create hashtag feed, enter your hashtag(#) to fetch the feeds.

embed twitter hashtag feed wordpress

7. Now, Click “Create Feed” to collect the Hashtag (#) feeds to Taggbox Editor.

Tips – You can use personalization feature to customize your Twitter hashtag feed widget.

Embed Twitter Hashtag Feed On Website

1. Click “Embed Widget” at the bottom left of the screen to generate the embed code of Twitter hashtag feeds.

embed a twitter hashtag feed

2. A popup will appear with the different CMS platform, choose the required one to embed Twitter hashtag feed.

how to embed twitter hashtag feed on website

3. Set the Width and Height and click on GET CODE.

embed twitter feed with hashtag

4. Copy the generated embed code.

twitter hashtag feed on your website

Then paste the copied code at the backend of your website where you want to embed the Twitter hashtag feed on your website.

Tada! You have successfully embedded the Twitter hashtag feed on your website.