Awesome Layout Ideas To Liven Up Your Embedded Instagram Feeds

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Instagram is an incredibly powerful and popular social media platform with immense marketing potential.

Instagram photos have proven themselves significant enough to spread the word of mouth marketing. These help you to improve your visual marketing strategies for your brand.

Embedding Instagram feeds on your business website is a great way to promote your business online. While doing so, it is really important to parade your Instagram feeds in an enticing fashion.

Taggbox bestows its users with really beautiful and amazing themes you could easily employ to flaunt your embedded Instagram feeds on your website.

Come, let’s have a look at each of these website embed themes which will help you enhance the beauty of your Instagram feeds embedded on your website.

1. Modern Card

The Modern Card is an amazing, beautiful and expansive theme. It is graphically malleable and its colorful look provides a dynamic touch. It is the best choice among all given themes options to display sophisticated and deeply resourceful Instagram feeds.

modern card -Instagram Template

It is a uniquely powerful theme which embeds Instagram posts as rectangular posts arranged in a smooth flow pattern through which you can scroll down to view the stream of Instagram posts. Each post can be viewed individually in full size in a popup that displays the post along with handle name(@), caption, and a link to the concerned social media platform.

2. Classic Card

Classic Card is a beautiful, professional, easy-to-use, and tech-savvy Instagram feeds theme that Taggbox provides. It is readily responsive with various layouts and designs. It lets you easily articulate sophisticated visual environment for your Instagram posts.

classic card - Instagram template

It is an innovative and feature-rich theme which lets you embed Instagram posts on your website in a really splendid and work efficient manner. Its Audi font further enhances the beauty of the posts. The “View On Instagram” button helps you drive your website traffic to your Instagram account.

3. News Card

News Card is a visually-appealing theme who value consistency and quality. It is best suited for displaying Instagram posts that are most informative than visually appealing. This theme is actively being used by many niche blogs, reviewers, and customers.

news card - Instagram Feed template

This theme allows you to display your embedded Instagram feeds as news pamphlets running as a stream on your website. It is a user-friendly and cleverly designed theme that signifies the importance of your embedded Instagram feeds and beautifies their presentation at the same time.

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4. Classic Photo

Classic Photo is a visually appealing, interesting, and a wholly impressive theme template. It has been masterfully crafted and cleverly designed into an attractive and flexible theme. It is modern, sleek, aesthetically attractive, lightweight, and highly responsive.

classic photo - Instagram feed Template

This theme deploys the aestheticism of the Instagram feeds embedded on your website. It hides the textual part displaying only the images along with the handle name and Instagram icon from where the post has been fetched.  You could see the whole post in a popup that appears when you click on the embedded post.

5. Square Photo

The design philosophy of Square Photo is a bit different from others. It successfully leaves its mark on the audience and has an impactful presence. While it displays only the images as square tiles, the caption is displayed once you float the cursor over the embedded post.

square photo - Instagram Template

The social icon is displayed overall but the handle name appears only when you land on the square tiled post. Again the whole post can be viewed once you click on the post.

A square tiled post is a great addition to your website as it is a multi-concept theme. They allow you to present your embedded Instagram feeds in a handsome high-resolution design.

6. Horizontal Slider

Horizontal Slider is a competent, capable, modern, and innovative theme. It is easy-to-use and highly engaging. It is readily responsive with different layout options and comes with an immense possibility of expansion under the hood.

You can always embed your Instagram posts in a horizontal slider template on your website. In an overview, it shows only the post image and the Instagram icon. But when you move the cursor over the embedded post, the captions and handle names are displayed.

horizontal slider - Instagram Template

You can always click on the post to see the complete post. You will always find a button to go to the actual Instagram post.

Over To You

These are some of the really amazing themes that Taggbox offers its users to make their embedded posts seem really beautiful and engaging. Having a great theme displaying your embedded Instagram feeds is a great way to improve your website’s user interface.

So, what are you still waiting for? Create an account on Taggbox and start embedding beautiful Instagram feeds on your website using the amazing themes it offers.

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