Top 5 Tools to Embed Instagram Feed on Website

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With over 700 million active users monthly, Instagram is a mobile application that comes as fancy to social media addicts, brands and businesses that are promoting business on the network. The popular social media network gets branded user-generated content from users worldwide in the form of Instagram hashtag content.

Instagram savvy people love the application for its filters, quick editing tools and the effective crop feature where they can click a picture instantly, edit and share it with their social media followers as per their requirement and taste.

It is a great opportunity for marketers to use Instagram for their marketing purposes. It is a great podium to enhance your brand influence and promote your business.

Not just on the platform itself, Instagram is a great tool to boost audience engagement even beyond the platform. One way of doing this is by embedding Instagram feeds on your website.

This post talks about the Instagram feed display tool you should be using to embed Instagram feed on website or a blog. Here are multiple reasons why brands can take advantage of their social media strategies for Instagram.

There are multiple tools which allow one to embed Instagram feed on website with hashtags or handle. This can be done by Instagram widget and Instagram plugins and brands and individuals can thus show live Instagram feeds.

Here are some Instagram photo display tools to embed Instagram feed on website –

Tools To Embed Instagram Feed On Website

Embedding Instagram Feeds on your social media widget opens a doorway for your website traffic to visit your Instagram profile and enhance the activity on your Instagram handle.

This helps to enhance your overall social influence. User-Generated Content plays a major role in Instagram feeds. It also helps to increase the relevancy of your website content and thereby UGC also improve the overall SEO performance of your website. It also helps to expand the organic reach of your website and improve its search ranking.

From a medium scale business to a Fortune 500 company, anyone can efficiently embed Instagram feed on their website. Discover how-

1. Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Website Widget is an Instagram aggregator that allows brands and individuals to create a social media feed widget for their website, events, conferences, weddings, product launches, music concerts and more. It collects Instagram hashtag feed via a specific hashtag or username.

Apart from being a content aggregator, the highly responsive tool that allows you to easily set up, moderate and customize your live Instagram hashtag content on website.

Taggbox Widget has an awesome moderation panel; you can filter feeds and remove bad content in real-time. It is developed to embed Instagram feed on the website.

With a variety of features such as CTA, Auto Moderation, Profinity filter, use this Instagram tool to embed Instagram feed or photos on website. With a variety of highly customizable themes to choose from, Taggbox Widget also offers the Instagram API for successful integration of photo feeds on a website or a blog.

Taggbox Widget also allows you to easily embed Instagram feed on HTML website as well as various website building platforms such as WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Shopify, Squarespace and many more.

Search multiple hashtags and create multiple walls with this tool too. What more for you? The tool offers a free trial after the free trial you can upgrade your account its affordable price and plans. Don’t just take our words, try it!

Try Taggbox Widget

Embed Instagram Feeds On Your Website And Drive User Engagement

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2. SnapWidget

embed instagram web tool

Snapwidget is a free and easy to use Instagram photo display tool that searches for Instagram feeds by the username or hashtags specified. The tool is highly customizable, easy to set up and embed Instagram feed in a grid, slideshow or a photo map manner.

Snapwidget is also easy to upload to the website as the tool provides the user with an HTML code to upload the feed to the website and show live Instagram photos. Snapwidget is a great tool if the user enjoys interactive and stylish variants of photo display.

3. Instagram Official Embedding

display instagram photos on website

The platform Instagram itself offers the functionality to embed the Instagram feed and embed the photo feed on a website easily. The platform itself offering the photo display tool functionality becomes a trusted way for users to use it. The Instagram plugin can be used to streamline photos towards WordPress and other websites as well.

4. Instagram Feed WD

embed instagram tool

The Instagram feed WD is easy to use the plugin. It allows the user to use own feeds as well as hashtag-based Instagram feeds to their website and WordPress. Equipped with fully customizable themes and social sharing buttons, the user can use beautiful layouts with Instagram feed WD. Feeds can be filtered by specific usernames, hashtags or Instagram media link. The Instagram feed WD plugin is also SEO-friendly.

5. Instush

Instush Tools

Instush is an Instagram photo display tool that users can use to create wallpapers from Instagram photos. The tool helps you to select pictures from particular accounts, your liked pictures and also search pictures via hashtags and then create wallpaper. One can choose from the these Instagram feed examples for websites to put on their website.

It lets you display Instagram photos on various websites, blogs, online stores, etc. You can easily customize and embed Instagram Gallery on your website and leave your audience awe-struck.

It is a responsive widget for Instagram Galleries to be embedded on websites. Its beautiful layout designs, effects, filters, image crop feature, and many more alike features will help you present your Instagram gallery in a much more attractive manner. This will help you engage your website visitors and boost the overall performance of your website.


With the growing number of users on Instagram and its growing popularity each day, brands, businesses and individuals must not miss the opportunity to let their followers and customers interact and engage with the feed on a website. Use these Instagram photo display tools to successfully embed Instagram feed on website.

With the growing number of users on Instagram and its growing popularity each day, brands, businesses and individuals must not miss the opportunity to share their social side (like Instagram presence of your brand) with their followers and loyal customers. 

Embedding Instagram photos and feeds on your website will help you to drive the potential traffic between your website and Instagram profile thereby growing your Instagram influence as a brand and improving your website performance.

So, what are you still waiting for? Embed Instagram feeds on your website and start boosting user trust!