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10 Best Instagram Story Apps For Marketers In 2024

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Stories are vanishing visuals that automatically get removed after 24 hours. Originally they were introduced by Snapchat in 2013, but it was only until 2016 when Instagram added this feature to their platform, and it became a huge success. 

The attractive element of Instagram stories is that they are not permanent, so you don’t have to make any changes to your business profile’s grid. And if you want them to last longer than 24 hours, you can save them as highlights so that they can be accessible to every profile visitor.

Above all that, you get a blank canvas that you can paint however you want to. Instagram makes sure that you create the best visual marketing campaigns. They provide filters, colors, fonts, GIFs, engaging music, and whatnot. 

Above all that, you get a blank canvas to paint your Instagram story ideas on. The platform makes sure that you create the best visual marketing campaigns. They provide filters, colors, fonts, GIFs, engaging music, and whatnot. 

On top of that, many apps provide these alluring templates and other features for Instagram stories so that you don’t leave a single stone unturned and manage to woo your target audience effortlessly. 

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Why Do You Need Instagram Story Apps?

You might be wondering if Instagram stories already provide so many features then why do you need an additional app for the same? We all know the audience is more attracted to fresh things that are uncommon. 

When they come across something, never seen before, they automatically get intrigued. Since everyone uses Instagram story features, these apps help your stories stand out from the crowd and make an impact. 

These apps make the perfect ROI and bring in all the marketing benefits, making the entire procedure seamless for you. 

Moreover, tools that allow you to download Instagram story content can be invaluable for archiving and analyzing successful strategies.

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1. Canva

Canva is a unique app that caters to users with many options to customize Instagram stories. They have a gallery of 60,000+ templates and over a million background images, and most of them are free.  

instagram stories app

Not just that, they also provide you with so many ideas and designs that you always manage to create unique and alluring stories. You can upload them to mesmerize your audience. Canva stands out of the competition as it’s not just a mere story editing app. Its graphics focus on helping you bring the best to the table.

2. Taggbox Widget

There are many Instagram story apps to create visually appealing stories for your Instagram audience. And yes, they are a great ROI. But so many efforts into something that is as temporary as 24 hours? You need something that can help you extract more out of it. What if we tell you there is more?

best instagram stories app

Taggbox Widget brings that “more” to the table. It will help you engage your website visitors along with your Instagram page visitors by providing you an Instagram story widget. You have to create an account on the Taggbox widget and connect your Instagram business account.

It has aggregator tools that collect content using hashtags, mentions, tags, stories, etc. You can choose stories, and by following simple steps, you can generate a code, easy to embed Instagram stories on your website.

You have nothing to worry about, as the Instagram Story Widget updates automatically every time you post a new story on Instagram. Taggbox widget helps you make the most out of your Instagram stories by engaging your website visitors, bringing in traffic, and increasing dwell time.

instagram stories on website

3. Over

Use Over to create stories and customize them with templates and themes. They bring Photoshop quality to your pictures, making them look professional. You can even make branded stories by adding your brand logo, fonts, and colors to make sure they are up-to-the-mark.

instagram stories app free

Not just that, they provide overlays in the form of texts and graphics to make your visuals more impactful. They also have their unique hashtag #bestofover on Instagram. You can use it to explore other brands’ posts and get inspired.

4. Unfold

Unfold has a blend of free and paid services with 25 free templates and 60+ premium templates. They work well in Android and iOS smartphones, and they have 5+ unique font styles that you can not find anywhere else.

save instagram stories app

It does not matter if your content has photos or videos, Unfold lets you give your content a minimalistic and elegant look, matching your brand theme. Moreover, Unfold is user-friendly as you don’t need to create an account, download it, and get, set, going.

5. StoryArt

StoryArt is an immensely loved app if we take its high app ratings on Play Store and Apple Store into consideration. It has 200+ templates, and the number keeps increasing weekly. Other than that, the app also provides 20+ themes, all for free.

free instagram stories app

It is easy to use the app, and it also provides many design effects to add a touch of beauty to your story template. Other additional features are fonts, filters, and themes. It also has few paid in-app features that range from $0.99 – $32.99 per item.

6. Adobe Express

Adobe Express is the perfect app for Instagram stories, no matter whether you want to post a photo or a video. They let you make a video out of small clips or photos creating perfect video stories. They also provide filters, effects, sounds, fonts, animations, and designs that you can experiment with to our free Instagram story tool.

best free instagram stories app

Developing animated videos with typography, texts, layouts, and stock photos gallery with over a million photos and some of its key features. The app supports Android, iOS, and desktop platforms.

7. PhotoGrid

PhotoGrid is a commonly used app that is designed specifically for Instagram. It has many story templates that support both photos and videos. This app provides free services like photo clipping, removing the background, and resizing to fit in any frame.

top instagram stories app

You get over 300+ photo and video collage templates, beautification filters, an in-built camera that provides 60+ AI filters. Above all, 90 different theme backgrounds give your Instagram story a unique look. Android and iOS users can download it.

8. Cut Story

Android users might not take it well, but Cut Story is an iOS app. The only limitation Instagram stories have is that you can only post a video less than 15 seconds long. Cut Story comes as a great help in such a situation as it cuts long videos and divides them into 15 seconds mini clips so that you can upload them effortlessly. 

instagram stories app

Cut Story supports all video formats, and you can choose layouts, stencils, or masks, add stickers, text, or music to make your Instagram stories more engaging for your target audience.

9. Foodie

#foodporn is everyone’s favorite hashtag on Instagram, depicting how much the users love content that revolves around food. If you are a food blogger, a restaurant business, a chef, or just a travel blogger and want to give your food pictures an impactful look. Then Foodie is the perfect Instagram story app for you.

instagram stories app

Foodie has over 30+ filters and amazing editing tools that are designed to focus on food pictured and make the food look more tempting. A food picture only comes out great if it is captured with a top view, and Foodie helps you with that too!


You might not be a perfect photographer, but with SKRWT, you have nothing to worry about; the quality of your content is in safe hands because this seamless Instagram story app has it all covered.

SKRWT lets you adjust the angles of your picture in terms of perspective and tilt. It also allows you to crop effortlessly and fix the alignment with the lens distortion. It also provides an auto feature that can bring perfection to your picture with just one click.

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Over To You

Before Instagram, stories were merely used for fun by Millenials and Gen-Z on Snapchat, but when they reached Instagram, the entire visual marketing scene took a 360-degree turn. 

We now reach the end of this blog, where you got to know about some of the best Instagram story apps of 2024 that can bring a spark to your stories and make your target audience fall in love with you.

Famous brands are doing it, and all the cool kids are doing it too. Why should you stay behind? So! It’s time to try out these apps and go on this aesthetic journey that only goes uphill!

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