Polaroid – A Stunning Theme for Events where Visuals Matter

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Are you a business who has a tremendous amount of visual content or even better – user-generated visual content, but are unable to use it for your benefits? 

Are you having trouble gaining user trust, engagement, exposure, and promotion opportunities?  

If so, and you are exploring for a perfect opportunity to showcase this content in the best and most influential way to the audience then we have found the best social wall solution. 

It is the new Social wall theme that we have introduced as a solution to these questions

We have built a new display theme called – POLAROID. This theme has been designed keeping in mind the audience engagement, interactivity, and maximum trust & interest generation possibilities. 

Let’s explore what Polaroid as a display theme can offer for your business through social media display screens & digital signages. 

Why Polaroid – Few Unbelievable Benefits

#1 Visual Content Display

Visuals are highly engaging to the audience and having a vibrant display screen with attractive visuals could help in attracting the maximum audience, generating interests & higher audience engagement. 

Polaroid as a theme lets you highlight the visual content such as images and videos from social media.

If you have beautiful images, stunning videos that need to be displayed to the audience, Polaroid is the way to go. 

It is perfect for businesses that have a high amount of visual content such as photography studios, restaurants, artistic ventures, etc. As you can showcase your visual content to the audience at large. 

#2 Highlight UGC

Digital signages and display screens can help you build engagement with the audience but you can take it even further by bringing in the user-generated content.

You can encourage the audience to share their photos and videos in real-time and display this valuable user-generated content on the big screen or digital signages. 

Polaroid will help you showcase this visual UGC perfectly with its intelligent alignment and stream. 

The chance of having fame for seconds with their images and videos on the big screens or digital signages at the public spaces will motivate the users to post more visuals. 

#3 Size, Visibility & Display

The size of the post is a major concern as it might reduce the visibility of the feed due to distance & smaller size posts in the feed. 

Polaroid theme displays the perfect size posts in the feed for big screens, smaller screens or displays that are further away for the audience to view perfectly.

It is an essential feature that can drive the engagement of the audience with the social media wall as they will be able to see the posts from the feed properly with enhanced visibility for different screen sizes.

#4 Add-ons With Theme

Besides these offerings, you can get additional features with the Polaroid theme as well. You can change the background of your Polaroid social wall. 

You can modify the content colors, size, and even add or remove text details from the feed posts in the Polaroid theme. Besides, it gives you the option of auto content play to play videos automatically in the feed. 

Polaroid Theme With Custom Background and Banner @ Sunburn Music Festival

Further, you can add custom visual posts in the feed, exclude profane visuals, add banner, full-screen promotional announcements, and adjust the spacing of the visuals for better visibility, more expressiveness, interactivity, and engagement. 

Use Cases

Polaroid display theme can be used for diverse businesses based on their content generation and concerned area of business. We have listed a few key use cases where Polaroid theme can be immensely effective & resourceful. 

#1 Fashion

Fashion brands are hugely dependent on striking images and stunning videos to showcase their products and offerings. 

Polaroid Theme at 417 Magazine fashionation Event

People see the images & videos by fashion brands to see the new launches, trends, designs, and other fashion aesthetics as it shapes their further engagement & conversion with a fashion brand. 

Polaroid theme could help in displaying the fashion products more perfectly and effectively with a stream of user-generated content that can also be added to show how other users are using the products & its size, color, look, durability, and much more. 

#2 Restaurants

Restaurants are again a great place that requires the display of stunning images and videos of various dishes, ambiance, location aesthetics to give a better knowledge & perspective to the audience. 

You can use Polaroid live hashtag feed to show the diverse images of your restaurant’s food & ambiance uploaded by both you and the users. 

Displaying it in restaurants can show how other customers enjoyed the time at your restaurants, offer announcements, and you can display it in public space to channelize traffic to your restaurants. 

#3 Concerts

You might have seen photos and videos from your friends on social media from a concert they attended and how was their experience. 

Using Polaroid theme on display screens in a concert could help in enhancing the attendees’ engagement and interaction with the concert. 

As concert are usually a hub of a huge audience & some famous personalities and adding a display screen with a Polaroid theme could help in showcasing attendees’ images & videos of their experience at the event. 

Additionally, Photos and videos on social media are also shared more so this could provide extended exposure and engagement for the concert. 

#4 Photography Exhibition and Conferences 

Photography is such a visually aesthetic field where photos and videos are used as a medium to conduct commercial activities and some even do it for leisure.

But what’s the point if you can’t present your work to the public or if people are not aware of it.

There are various social wall themes that can be used to display your photography skills but Polaroid is the best theme to use. 

Polaroid theme highlights the best aesthetics of your photos and videos which instantly grabs attention from the audience, attracts them, and drives engagement. 

#5 Weddings

This is probably the most unique known use of display screens out there yet. Weddings are events where the audience is highly engaged and a lot of photos are clicked and shared. 

taggbox wedding wall

Having a custom wedding hashtag wall with a Polaroid display theme could help the attendees to click and share more photos and videos relating to the wedding and these photos can be displayed in real-time beautifully on display screens at a wedding.

This is the best way to deliver entertainment and engagement opportunities to the attendees. It is could be a fun activity that will liven up your wedding both digitally & socially. 

Take Away

Polaroid is the best theme for social wall display screens and digital signages if you have high-quality engaging visual content from different social platforms. 

Polaroid theme could adjust to different screen sizes, maintain great visibility, and keep the content attractive & engaging. 

It is suggested that you try it for yourself to see what polaroid display theme can do for your content, display screens, and the business overall. 

To access and implement Polaroid themes Log In to your Taggbox account – Dashboard –> Personalize –> Themes –>Display themes –>Select Polaroid & apply. 

Ready to display your content beautifully through the Polaroid theme.

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