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Your Guide To Bring QR Codes in Marketing Campaigns

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Marketing has undergone a significant transition. It is no longer limited to conventional techniques. Instead, everything is just a scan away. QR codes have played an influential part in this drastic change. 

QR codes make the process swift, instant, and error-free. In addition, customers get access to complete information through QR codes. One can make marketing promotions interactive and request feedback from the target audience by including a QR Code. 

For example, one can run a contest, encourage people to sign up for a service, get feedback, or let your clients make purchases.  

Keep on reading to understand QR codes in detail. 

What are QR Codes?

The “QR” codes refer to quick response codes and are matrix barcodes that a mobile device can rapidly scan. They have a wide range of use across various types of businesses. They are notable for giving users a wide variety of information immediately after scanning the code with their cameras.

Taggbox Display QR Code
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The codes can direct you to website URLs, phone numbers, apps, photos, videos, audio, PDFs, business cards, Wi-Fi codes, and even bitcoins. They are a terrific method to connect offline and online marketing.

Role Of QR Codes In Marketing Across Industries

QR codes are quite versatile and can be used across diversified businesses.

1. In Events – Virtual/ Live/ Hybrid

QR codes play an essential role in making events a seamless experience. Every activity that an event organizes becomes effortless through QR codes, such as post uploads, sharing reviews & feedback, making payments, etc. 

QR code for every type of events

The audience can share their images and reviews with you without using any social media platforms, thanks to Taggbox Display’s “Private Post” feature.

Users can scan the QR code on your social media wall to publish their posts. 

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2. On Any Page of Your Websites

Websites are the focal point of any marketing process. Since everything starts with the website and ends with it. You spread awareness about a product through a website, pique their interest, convert the interest into desire and make them take action through a website. 

QR code for websites

However, there are multiple factors involved in the topic of the website. Such websites must be maintained to keep customer engagement high and bounce rates low. QR codes play a crucial role as they are great for perpetual conversation, reviews, and authenticity. 

QR codes help you directly upload visuals showcasing reviews and ratings. Taggbox’s SnapUp turned a new twist in the online-posting department. People can effortlessly post their content and reviews through SnapUp. All the people need to do is scan the QR code, and they will be redirected to the desired platform.

3. In-Store Digital Menu

Using dynamic QR code generators, you can design a unique QR code pattern and link it to a landing page or a menu. This can be tailored to include menu items with appealing designs to entice customers who examine the menu. In addition, promotions and discounts may be used with individual products or the entire menu.

QR codes for in store menu

Customers can scan the menu without the inconvenience of requesting a traditional menu card. You can place the QR codes at prominent locations in your stores, such as the entryway, coasters, and even the walls. Even better, display them on a digital menu with a QR code rather than a physical menu card. To enhance the efficiency of this process, consider utilizing tools to generate a custom QR Code

4. Customer Feedback and Reviews

91% of 18-34-year-olds trust online reviews as personal recommendations, and 93% of consumers say that online reviews influence their purchase decisions.

The numbers are not surprising since online reviews and feedback are highly important. People trust the words of their fellow people more than the influencers. Online reviews and feedback are reviews posted by previous customers that could help a potential customer get important information about a specific product or service. 

Feedback qr codes

QR codes speed up the process of online reviews since they are easily accessible as users can post reviews on-site with just a scan. In addition, QR codes help post reviews for multiple industries, such as hospitality, tourism, retail, e-commerce, sports, fitness, etc.

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5. QR Payments (All Payment Types)

People want their tasks to be as easy as possible. With these habits in focus, QR codes have revolutionized the payment modes of people. Cash was the primary payment mode; however, cashless transactions have taken over. Nowadays, every payment is possible with just a QR code scan.

A QR code payment operation is the same as a “regular” QR code, except that scanning the code directs the user to a web payment form.

qr codes for payments

An alert with a link appears when a customer uses their smartphone to scan a QR code. A link is clicked by the consumer, who is then directed to a web payment form.

The overall process of payments becomes extremely convenient for customers through QR scans. 

6. “Exclusive” Video Resources (Education)

QR codes are a big hit in the education industry and not just for commercial reasons but also for educational reasons. Students can be inspired and have greater classroom participation by using QR codes. Books and educational resources can be marked using QR codes.

They can be connected to instructional films, recordings, animations, and more to improve learning. Through QR codes, parents can also access lesson plans, academic reports, and instructor evaluations.

Taggbox Display QR code studio
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To provide information about courses and semesters, colleges and universities often use QR codes. For simple access by students, you can include the codes in brochures and admission forms.

Apart from this, people can also access an online course or training video by paying for it through the QR codes at the bottom of the screen. 

7. Retail Store Digital Signages

When scanned, QR codes can be used to direct users to a landing page on a website. For example, retail marketers can use this tactic to increase traffic to the company’s store website and facilitate customer purchases. Businesses can easily accomplish this by including a call to action that reads, “Scan to Learn More.”

QR codes on digital sinages

Customers can utilize QR Codes to make quick phone calls to the retailer’s customer service department, which usually managed with a VoIP phone system. They can also be used to send pre-drafted emails and texts with the recipient and subject line already entered and prepared for shipping. Then, all the user needs to do is press the transmit button.

Adding discount coupons and other offers to QR Codes and combining them with an enticing tagline or advertising phrase is another alluring approach to using QR Codes in retail.

Boost Your Online Sales with QR Code on Digital Sinages

8. Print Media Campaigns

QR Codes assist in bridging the gap between the digital and analog worlds as online and offline marketing compete fiercely to maintain the brand’s authenticity and relevance.

QR codes for print media

Let’s say you want to place advertisements in print media. The campaign’s objective is to direct visitors to your website. It can entice viewers to see a video, inquire about your company, browse your product selection, or even make a purchase.

Here, a QR Code for a website embedded on the flyers or even your business cards can be useful.

9. Personalized Gift Messages 

Sending a customized greeting to the recipients promotes engagement and helps to forge closer relationships. And QR Codes can support you in doing so.

They are capable of encoding both text and numeric data. That implies that you can add messages to the gifts and keep them inside the QR Code.

QR codes for Personalized Gift Messages 

The message in the QR Code will be delivered to the end-user as they scan it. Images, videos, audio, and more can all be stored in a QR Code. Simply make one and include it with the gift.

By doing so, you can add more personalization to your gifts than by using only the conventional methods.

How Taggbox Can Help You In Generating User-Friendly QR Codes

Taggbox Display provides easy-to-implement solutions for generating user-friendly QR codes. User-friendly QR codes can be used across multiple marketing touchpoints. QR codes are brilliant to enhance exposure, return on investment, and audience engagement.

The brand-new Taggbox Display Studio has just been introduced to further enhance these advantages by exhibiting a QR code on a social wall, or website. 

As we know, a social wall or widget can be used across multiple businesses. QR code-enabled social walls can be used across industries such as hospitality, tourism, airlines, education, e-commerce, shopping, fitness centers, etc.

Steps to Generate User-Friendly QR Codes Using Taggbox Studio 

Taggbox Display Studio, an in-app feature that allows you to easily integrate other information into your social wall to get more out of it, has been released by Taggbox Display.

To utilize the Taggbox Display Studio, adhere to the instructions provided:

Step 1. Create a free Taggbox Display account.

Step 2. Edit the wall which you want to use for Studio.

Step 3. Select Studio from the left sidebar. 

Taggbox Display Studio

Step 4. To display a QR code select App and more. 

display a QR code select App and more

Step 5. From the available options select QR code.

select QR code

Step 6. Edit the QR code as per your need, and click Save.

Edit the qr code

Note – To make Studio live on your social wall don’t forget to enable the toggle available on the right corner of your Taggbox Display Studio.

Using the Taggbox Display Studio, you can also add a calendar, countdown, maps, and quotes to your social wall.

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Benefits of Using QR Codes in Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns get a major boost through QR codes, and these benefits prove that.

1. Create New Networking Opportunities

QR codes make connections easier for people at professional conferences, sales meetings, or social gatherings.

One can scan someone else’s QR code to access their profile and submit a connection request immediately.

People can display their own QR codes on brochures, event swags, websites, conference IDs, or resumes to grow their professional communities and carry on offline conversations.

2. Helps Brands In Generating More UGC

QR codes have emerged as an efficient tool for brands, helping them generate user-generated content (UGC). 

You can use QR codes to gather and curate the most valuable, authentic, and unadulterated user-generated content (UGC). This central source of information can be used again in the brand’s marketing campaigns.

Generating More UGC with QR codes

On your website, users can post content through QR codes that can be edited and evaluated before being displayed. Users perceive this as an activity that inspires them to produce content and gain website exposure.

For people not using social media, the QR code of the private post feature is the source of posting on a company’s website. 

You can share reviews by scanning the QR code, and those reviews serve as much-needed feedback for enhancing the brand.

Generate More User-Generated Content with Taggbox Studio

3. Leverage as a Dynamic ‘Call-To-Action’

A “call to action,” or CTA, is a term used in the marketing industry as a powerful approach to grabbing the attention of the audience. In other words, it wants the user to act in the end!

A QR code as a CTA makes it easier for you to make your customer act. Remember, our aim is to make the process as easy as possible for our customers. Placing QR codes on your website or social media wall reduces the number of steps for customers. It makes the buyer interact with your company and take the next step. 

4. Make Process Easy 

One of the main reasons why so many marketers now utilize QR codes is because they make the process swift for people. Using a QR code, they can quickly deliver information to their target audience. 

QR codes streamline the procedure by providing everything in a single quick scan. They can be used by businesses to link customers to their official website, contact details, phone numbers, marketing offers, and any other kind of helpful information.

Now, users can use a website’s QR code to access the landing page. It does away with the necessity to use search engines, result pages, and numerous other links to reach where you want to go. For precise measurement, marketers merely need to ensure that the URL and competency matrix match.

5. Ease Omnichannel Marketing

Customers nowadays have high expectations; they want to learn about a promotion in-store and conduct website searches for details. Online ordering, customer chat, the customer hotline, or Facebook are all available for query clarification. In an omnichannel customer experience, customers can connect with a business through various channels while consistently enjoying an excellent experience.

Consistent quality assurance is required. In addition to fulfilling this demand, omnichannel serves as a crucial tool for lead creation. QR codes are a big part of that.

Since QR codes can be utilized on numerous platforms and combine internet marketing with print and outdoor advertising, this is another fantastic advantage. They are also simple to use and highly configurable. Last but not least, their use can be easily monitored, enabling brands to assess ROI on channels where it was previously impossible.

6. Better Brand-User Relations 

Every brand & business needs to take the brand-customer relationship seriously since it holds key importance. Thankfully, brands are becoming aware of this, and including QR codes in their work process would make this task easier for them. 

For example, they can be used to portray a story, provide corporate history, define a product’s provenance, and even track things. 

This brings the customer closer, making them connect with the brand personally. In addition, since customers can trust the company’s process, they can place trust in them, taking the relationship to another level.


In the end, QR codes are helpful for many different businesses. In addition to saving your time and effort, QR codes give you the data you need to evaluate your marketing strategy effectively. They pass via your system, and your analytics can look into them further. Naturally, in order to guarantee the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives, you must set up the appropriate metrics like location, time, and frequency.

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