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A Guide to Social Media War Room in 2024

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When social media join hands with technology, the marketing world experiences great innovations, and that is why brands have been trying their luck in diverse Social Media Marketing tactics to get the attention of their potential audience. 

Be it keeping an eye on new trends, political campaigns, performing competitors analysis, sentiment analysis, and more; brands are performing all of these social media marketing activities by trying their hands on one tactic and that is ‘Social Media War Rooms’ also known as ‘Social Media Command Center’.

If you are already leveraging Social Media War Rooms for your business then it’s great, but if you are not then this blog will clear your doubts on how you can use this trump card.

But first things first,

Social Media War Rooms- What is it?

Described as- “A particular area that is specially designed to extract business insights by visually monitoring the customer’s action- a Social Media War Room consists of multiple screens displaying insightful data from various social media sources.” 

There’s no rocket science behind creating social media war rooms for your business. Just a well planned set up consisting of a bunch of important people from your organization to help you spread a message or campaign from your social media handles (both personal & business).

Social Media war room

In the past, social media war rooms have been made appearances quite often, but not many marketers paid attention to it. But now again, brands have again started leveraging war room to make real-time decisions for their business.

Say, for instance, if you are doing something really big such as a sports event, then you might seek help to decide in real-time. In that case, using a social media war room becomes valid. 

So, event organizers can monitor the screens that have been displayed in war rooms to get a deep insight into how it’s going in terms of audience engagement, reach & awareness, and so on. 

In a nutshell, social media war rooms help brands in the following ways:

  • Do the competitors analysis 
  • Monitor political campaigns 
  • Social Listening 
  • Sentiment Analysis 
  • Market Trends 
  • News Media 

3 Important Screens in a Social Media War Room

Well, there are three screens that you need to consider in terms of what you should be displaying. 

1. The Collected Data Must Stand Out

Always ensure that a screen displaying statistical data you collect related to your social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. must stand out amongst all the data.

2. Choose the Best Market Trends 

The second screen should showcase ongoing market trends. And as you would like to see all of these trends in short intervals, the software you use should fetch all the statistical data and other information from the specific channels in frequent time intervals. 

If simply put, to be able to look up at the ongoing trends help to a great extent in making a business decision.

3. Pay Attention to Dashboard

A social media war room is your ‘Key Performance Indicator’, so you need to have a sort of scorecard or dashboard kind of screen to monitor everything that we have done in the above-mentioned 2 steps.

social media dashboard
Social Media Dashboard Example

For instance, keep an eye on that dashboard to see what’s happening so that you can know about the things that need your attention.

Hence, you need three screens to showcase outstanding statistical data, market trends, and KPIs.

How You Can Use These War Rooms to Entitle your Brand

Till now it must be very clear to you that businesses of all sizes and any industry can leverage social media war rooms. In this section, you will be enlightened with all the major benefits that are associated with these war rooms. 

#Let You Analyze Your Brand Reputation & Competitors Performance

McDonald's vs burger king

Taking help from the information displayed on the social media war rooms, you can monitor your brand reputation in the marketing sphere. 

Along with that, the chances to track the activity of the main competitors of your brand get increased with this set-up.

#Blast Your Product/Campaign Launch Message

With every product or campaign launch, the possibilities of customer-brand interaction get boosted, so does the insights into the users’ experience. 

The more real-time feedback you receive for your product, the better-optimized marketing campaign message you can share. 

So with the help of a social media war room, you can easily curate, streamline & analyze all the insights and therefore let your marketing & PR team react accordingly.

#Highlight & Empower Your Brand’s Social Presence

The goal behind creating a war room is to make the information being displayed on the multiple digital screens understandable easily by every viewer.

Usually, these screens are placed in a closed room, but to make them visible to a larger audience, you can also set up the screens in a public place and atrium.

social media war room

In this way, you will not only increase the visibility of your digital presence but also inform your employees, sponsors, and visitors about the level of discussion associated with your brand.

Simply, leverage the social media war rooms to woo your visitors as well as employees & motivate them to share the pictures of war room display screens.

# Enhance Your Event with Constant Monitoring

Brands organizing live-streaming events can opt for this digital marketing tactic of setting up a social media war room to enhance their event experience by monitoring it and optimizing it accordingly. 

#Real-time Crisis Management

Imagine you belong to the travel industry and travelers who have booked their stay via your brand tweet negatively mentioning you. Then what will you do? 

Here comes the social media war room set up that allows brands to detect the early signs of a crisis & take control over such situations to control its spread.


1. Dell’s Social Media Command Center

Dell’s Social Media Command Center

Aggregating conversations in 11 languages, 24 hours a day & 7 days a week,

Dell community managers aim to track & gather data. 

For example, the aggregated data includes Dell’s brand conversation, sites where the conversation is happening the most, reach, sentiment, product development cycle, and more.

2.Gatorade’s Social Media Command Center

Gatorade’s Social Media Command Center

Featuring 6 big monitors with five seats in the social media command center, Gatorade’s marketing team aims to monitor the statistical data visualizations and dashboards/scoreboards.

This American manufacturer of sports-themed beverage and food products makes some of the world’s most famous athletes part of their spectacular commercials.

Hence Gatarode’s marketing team put efforts in monitoring the following factors in real-time across social media:

  • Visualization of tweets relevant to the brand
  • Competitors analysis  
  • Data related to its athletes and sports nutrition

How Taggbox Can Help in Creating Social Media Wall Room

Over the past few years, the marketing world has experienced a lot of changes and additions in terms of technologies & tactics. One of these marketing tactics that is creating a buzz is Digital Signage. 

And from healthcare, transportation to hospitality, all the major industries are left untouched by the essence of this display technology. 

And because of innumerable social media aggregator tools like Taggbox, brands can merge Digital Signage in their Social Media War Rooms. 

There are 3 ways in which Taggbox can help you:

1. Aggregate Social Media Content from Multiple Platforms

Aggregate Social Media Content

You can start by collecting Content related to your brand from various social media platforms (like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) in real-time via hashtags, handles, and more. These social feeds are curated into a single feed called Social Media Wall.

Taggbox also allows you to fetch the content of your competitors via their hashtags so that your marketing team can analyze it in your social media war room.

2.  Understanding the Customers Sentiments 

For brands & businesses, it is quite necessary to understand the sentiments of their potential customers more openly than ever before. This is because customers can either make or break a brand. 

So, Taggbox allows you to do the sentiment analysis of your customers by letting you track the performance of your social media feeds.

Customers Sentiments

This tool also helps brands in ‘Social Listening’ of all the aggregated content with its Insightful Analytics feature.  

There are certain things that you can listen to via Taggbox such as Handles with the most engagement, Handles with most posts related to your brand, Influential contributors, Most active users, and more.

But also let you ‘LISTEN’ to the user-generated content for your brand, that you aggregate from multiple social media sources via mentions, handles, etc.).

3. Display Aggregated UGC on Digital Signage in Your Social Media War Room

UGC on Digital Signage

The best part about Taggbox is that it is compatible with all the digital signage which you might be using in your social media war room.  

In addition to this, Taggbox also offers a Content Play feature that helps in splitting the screen into two parts, so that you can display two social walls on the same screen. 

This feature helps you monitor the competitor’s marketing strategy even if you have a limited number of screens or digital signages in your social media war room.

Add Taggbox In Social Media War Room

In simple words, for a successful social media war room, the main weapons that a brand must have are a Well-developed social media marketing strategy, Strong purpose & a Well-trained marketing team.

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