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Ideas & Benefits Of Restaurant Digital Signage for Better Customer Experience

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With ever-evolving technology, Restaurant Digital Signage is setting new standards in the industry. From placing orders to overall customer experience, digital signage for restaurants help managers to make the best use of resources. 

Digital signages in restaurants have already proved to calm down hangry (hungry customers getting angry) by displaying TV shows & other entertaining content that keeps customers engaged till their order arrives. 

However, there is much more you can do with your restaurant digital signage. Installing digital signages will help restaurants to: 

  • Reach customers
  • Provide instant information
  • Save time for both (customers & staff)
  • Authentic advertisement, etc.

With the right placement and strategy, digital signage will help you discover exceptional marketing benefits and stand out from competitors in the marketplace. So without further ado, embark on your restaurant’s digital signage with the best and result-driven ideas to retrieve desired results with an ideal return on investment.

7 Creative Ideas For Restaurant Digital Signage 

#1 Digital Menu Boards

30% of customers influence the digital menus at eateries. Digital signage can make a great deal of effort to convert paper menu cards into digital menu boards. You can display all your food items, as well as allergens, by adding a digital menu list with the prices on a digital signage screen..

digital menu boards

It will quicken the ordering process as your customers can directly order from the display list, which reduces the hassle of staff members taking food orders individually.

Taking things to the next level, the Taggbox display Studio offers a QR code that you can embed along with the digital menu. The customers can then scan the QR code and place direct orders from their mobile phones. Besides, they can place the order and pay directly, removing all the hassles and allowing the customers to spend more intimate and quality time at your restaurant.

With its user-friendly interface and seamless integration, Taggbox Display Studio enhances the overall dining experience. To complement this innovative approach, consider incorporating captivating restaurant menu design ideas that showcase your delectable offerings, tantalizing the customers’ taste buds even before they scan the QR code. A visually appealing restaurant menu design can entice customers and make their ordering experience even more enjoyable, creating a lasting impression.

#2 Interactive Waiting Room Screens

Waiting rooms are always annoying, even if you are in your favorite restaurant. From placing to receiving an order, customers get overwhelmed waiting for long hours.

Waiting Room Screen

Installing digital signage screens in the waiting room or dining area can help customers divert their attention by engaging them on a digital screen. The Taggbox Display Studio can be the perfect integration to entertain your customers. 

The studio offers several apps like Quotes to display fun food quotes, Noticeboard to share every day’s special, happy hours, or any other promotional offers. Not just that, you can also use the Videos & Image App to inspire customers with food images, chef videos, etc.

#3 Upselling Products & Food Items

Rather than pushing your customers to try new food items, buy new products, or subscribe to various loyalty programs, digital signage can do it for you authentically. Showcase exotic meals, mouthwatering desserts, or delicacies that will entice customers to place more orders at the last bite of their meals. 

Upselling Product

Moreover, using appealing visuals and creative images, you can even attract your customers to buy products other than food items like antiques or handmade crafts, etc. This will increase customer experience and add up to the revenue of your restaurant.

Use Taggbox Display Studio to Display Engaging Content on Restaurant Signage

#4 Display Discount Offers & Deals

Let your customers know about the offers and deals you have brought for them. Then, when a discount offer flashes on the screen, it will easily grab attention and encourage your customers to place more orders. Adding this feature will streamline restaurant management.

Offers & Deals

Digital signage can be used to display combo offers, which might be the best deals for a family or group of friends to place an order.

#5 Social Media Walls

Besides TV shows, a displaying social media wall can be another tool to entertain and engage your customers. For example, social media walls with attention-grabbing food images will increase the appetite of your customers.

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, etc., are great sources to collect food images. With Taggbox Display, you can easily collect, curate, customize, and display social media walls that include posts with hashtags, mentions, tags, URLs, etc., depending on the channel you choose. 

Let your customers mouthwatering with the luscious social media wall on your restaurant’s digital signage. Not just that, with the Taggbox Display Studio, you can display the social media wall alongside the digital menu, to inspire the customers and help them choose what they want to eat more efficiently.

#6 Reviews & Ratings

Digital signage in restaurants can be used to display reviews & ratings shared by past customers. Enlighten your customers as they enter the restaurant with 2X the power of customer reviews on a digital signage screen.

Reviews & Rating

You can also collect user-generated content from social media platforms as well as review platforms and display it on a digital signage screen, improving your customer interaction with digital signage.

#7 Display Latest Order Images

Let your customers know what other people are ordering by displaying the latest order on your restaurant’s digital signage screen.  

Many people have experienced that they want to order the same dish the other person ordered, but they don’t know the dish’s name, and it is embarrassing for them to ask it from the other person. Displaying the latest orders with visuals might help your customers and let them also know about the wide range of dishes. 

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Some Amazing Benefits Of Using Restaurant  Digital Signage

#1 Eliminate Printing Cost

Almost every restaurant faces challenges with printing their paper menu cards or posters or restaurant cards every time a new dish is added, offers, discounts & deals, or anything introduced by the restaurant. 

For such reasons, restaurants have to pay lots of money in printing every year. Using digital signage is a cost-effective, long-term investment, high ROI, and reduces the hassle of printing every time you update the menu list.

#2 Customize Menu Anytime & Anywhere

One best part of using digital signage for restaurant is that you can easily update or make changes in the digital menu list from anywhere at any time. You can create a content playlist for your digital signage in advance and schedule the time accordingly.

With the help of tools like Taggbox Display, you will get a full-fledged digital signage content studio, that allows you to remotely create, collect, and manage the digital signage content to updates in digital menu from any place and time.

Try Taggbox Display For Free

Create Engaging Content for the Digital Signage with Taggbox Display

#3 Keep Customer Engaged & Entertained

On average, people spend 13 hours a day on digital screens. This means people are more friendly with observing information through digital screens instead of plain papers or posters. 

Displaying content on digital signage will enhance the customers’ engagement, which also improves your customers’ overall experience with your restaurant. Moreover, it will also increase your customer relationship in the long run.

#4 Attract Customers Attention

Digital Signage screens are catchy, and they easily attract the attention of people around them. However, in an ever-growing digital world, anything that is plain and subtle will not be effective enough to generate interest in people. 

Digital signages smoothly grab the attention of people and keep them engaged on the screen without any force. It helps grow your customers’ interaction with promotional content by grabbing their attention on a digital signage screen in no time.

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#5 Increase Number Of Orders

Digital menu boards will make it easy for your customers to select the dish and place an order quickly, unlike the paper menu card where they first check the menu in small fonts and then place their order.

Moreover, when your customers see a menu list on digital signage with their visuals, it will captivate them and enforce foodies to place more orders.

#6 Reduce Long Queue

You might say thank you for this! Yes, with restaurant digital signage, restaurants can get free from the headache of managing long queues and handling hundreds of customers at a time. 

Digital signage for Restaurant will provide instant solutions to your customer’s queries directly through the screen including information related to price, dish name, discounts offers, deals, and health and safety protocols like restaurant mask requirements. Related to price, dish name, discounts offers, deals, etc. Just after applying a digital signage screen in your restaurant, you can see the long queue will vanish all of a sudden in a more manageable manner.  

#7 Boost Brand Social Proof

Developing a relationship is all you need to retain customers and build a secure place in the market. Displaying user-generated content, reviews, hashtag & mentions on social media posts or blog posts from food bloggers will boost solid social evidence. It will also build a trustworthy image of your restaurant among your customer. 

Also, it will have a reciprocal effect; when people see social posts, reviews, UGC, etc., on digital signage, it motivates them to create such content for your restaurant. 

Create a Social Media Wall for Restaurant Digital Signage

A Restaurant Digital Signage All You Need

Like burger & fries, restaurant & digital signage is a great combination for your restaurant. Digital signage for restaurants can be used for multiple purposes like marketing, improving customer experience, leveraging upsells, etc. 

Now more than ever, the restaurant industry is facing tough challenges. After the Covid-19 pandemic, people are not allowed to gather and stand in groups together. Your post-pandemic marketing strategy for restaurants must include digital signages. It is the best time for restaurants to look for better ways to improve infrastructure where their customers and staff members; all stay safe while living a normal life. 

Hence, restaurant digital signage is what you need for a better customer experience and a good investment return. 

If you have any questions regarding how to implement or manage your restaurant’s digital signage, then we are just one click away.

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