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Social Media Battle of the Brand Fans 2024

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Knowing about the big battle of fame between Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, the world is now aware of battles between brands, known or unknown. There always exist standoffs between huge brands to win over the market and enwrap customer allegiance.

Talking about the past decades, we have seen many battle of the brand fans and their rivals on social media. Termed as brand wars, it is the vigorous competition among big brands for a specific market segment and on the same market share.

But how do these brand wars happen?

Well! User-Generated Content is the mover and shaker of this battle. It makes the brand ubiquitous on social media. How?

This blog is a complete guide on how UGC drives the brand wars and helps you track your market performance.

So, let’s dive in.

How Is UGC Fostering The Brands?

Due to the cut-throat competition in the market, brands are trying their hands on the new age and progressive technology trends, one of which is user-generated-content. If the brand is well-sufficed with UGC, then half of the battle is already won.

Instagram brand profile

Content is the trump card, especially when it comes to a face-off between two brands’ existence. When generated by the users, this Content is considered the most authentic form of Content that showcases the love of the brand fans. It has been a stapled entity for the brand to establish recognition.

Brands leverage this UGC to display the effectiveness of their products and services. This acts as the social proof of the quality possessed by the brands.

It, therefore, expands the brand reach and intensifies the brand’s presence in the battle of brand.

UGC As A Winning Tool For The Competitive World

By tracing back to time immemorial, competition has been the part and parcel of the market ecosystem, and is here to stay till the market ceases to exist.  

To stay active in this fast-growing competitive world, brands must leverage UGC in their marketing strategy

Brands can capitalize on the power of UGC by catalyzing hashtag battles using hashtag campaigns. How? By creating a unique hashtag that aligns with the objectives of the brand. 

By using the brand hashtag, brand fans can post their love for the brand and support it by liking and reacting to the posts uploaded by other fans.

starbucks UGC

These uploads and reactions give brands the voice and humanize their products in a large market sphere.

Not only brands but even political parties can amplify their voice by displaying the support of the public. It helps them showcase their strong presence to the rival parties, leading to a hashtag battle.

This hashtag battle is quite a frequent phenomenon on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. Brands can track their performance by gaining insights into these hashtag battles and their effects on the competitors.

Ways To Track The Conduct Of The Battle

The brands need to keep an eye on what the competitor aims to survive in this neck-to-neck competition. There are many ways brands can enter deep into the layers of performance metrics and learn about their competitor’s success graph.

1. Social Media Listening

The first and foremost way is by incorporating Social Media Listening in their marketing strategy. It helps the brands to analyze the kind of conversations happening around them. 

Social Media Listening

This can be done by using mentions, hashtags, and much more. This strategy also caters to the brands with information on the latest trends hitting the market, to help them make a step ahead of their competitors in the battle.

2. Social Media War Rooms

Brands can create a social media war room designed with multiple screens to extract performance insights. This is done by monitoring the customers’ actions towards the brand and their engagement in the hashtag battle.

These social media war rooms can be a good option for analyzing the competitor’s performance for the brands and political campaigns.

Social Media War Room

These two ways can help the brands track the brands’ performance and gain insights into customer engagement, customer impression, click-through-rates, and much more.

But sometimes, all the user-generated Content is not in alignment with the brand’s aesthetics, which might ruin the brand’s stability in the battle.

To maintain its position in the competitive market, brands should opt for Social Media Moderation Tools to help the brands filter out inappropriate Content and display only the premium quality content to the audiences worldwide.

Examples Of Some Famous Brand Fan Wars

1. Coca-Cola vs. PepsiCo

During the 2019 Super Bowl, Pepsi won the branded hashtag battle with around 227,000 branded mentions. 

#PepsiHalftime grossed the maximum mentions, followed by #Pepsi and #PepsiMoreThanOK.

Coke vs Pepsi brand battle
Source: Talkwakers

Coke could not compete well with Pepsi, as #CocaCola just got 43,400 mentions and #BTSxCocaCola got 14,800 mentions. Their content hashtag #TrophyTour had only a small impact on the masses, as it became difficult for them to decipher the hashtag.

pepsi helloween campaign

2. Burger King vs. McDonald’s

Burger King launched its Valentine’s day campaign recently this year, titled “Lonely No More.” In this campaign, customers were asked to click a picture with McD clown, Ronald McDonald, to avail the opportunity of getting a free whopper on Valentine’s day. The campaign was a massive success for Burger King as it generated a plethora of UGC on social media around the brand.

Burgerking valentine's day campaign

Another campaign called “Whopper Detour” gave people a discount on their BK burger by showcasing their presence in the proximity of McDonald’s. Using geofencing technology, it unlocked the promotional offer for the customers to avail discounts. This campaign generated a staggering 1.5 million app impressions for Burger King.

3. Apple vs Samsung

Apple does not have an impressive presence on social media; instead, it promotes via TVCs. In comparison, Samsung is an active user of all social media platforms.

To win the battle, Samsung launched a #SamsungCares, showcasing its initiative of doorstep customer services in rural areas. It was a hit on social media, especially Youtube, reaping around 64 million views. As a result, Samsung won the battle related to social media presence.

Win Your Battle of the Brand Fans With Taggbox!

Taggbox is a UGC platform that can help you win the battle with your competitor with the amazing features and functionalities it possesses.

  • Taggbox can help your brand create a well-designed social media war room to help you analyze your competitor’s market performance and your graph of growth, along with the latest trends in the market.
  • This social media war room can help your brand have the analytics of the  performance and gain insights into user impressions, user engagement, and brand relationships with the customers, using the analytics tool of Taggbox.
social Media Moderation
  • As an amazing UGC tool, Taggbox can even help your brand know the behavior of the customers and their conversations around your brand, and can display it on another screen of the war room.
  • Moreover, Taggbox can help you curate all the posts related to your brand using mentions and hashtags. This curated feed can be customized and moderated to display the captivating and attractive feed to your followers.
  • This tool can also help you aggregate this curated feed into a real-time social media wall that can then be displayed on giant digital screens to increase customer engagement and win the brand war with ease.

Also, News channels can create their customized social media wall to display the political and sports fan wars using Taggbox and its specialized functionalities.

To win over the market and be the ace of your niche, your brand needs to be well-equipped with all the above-mentioned marketing tools. Taggbox being the umbrella tool, can be the best preferred choice for all the brands and their marketers. 

So, start your 14 days free trial now and witness the game-changing phase of your brand war.

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