Leverage Social Media For Your Retail Store To Drive More Sales

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Brick-and-mortar or retail stores are struggling to attract and increase sales when the comfort of online shopping is easily accessible to the customers. 

But retailers can successfully face this challenge with the power of social media, digital signage, and buoyant social media aggregator to leverage maximum results for their retail stores. 

Wondering “How”? Displaying authentic, captivating, and trustworthy social media wall inside the retail store using digital signage screen. 

60% of customers say digital signage helps them make informed purchase decisions at the point of sales, which means digital displays influence customers’ purchases by offering them inspiring ideas.

As nothing is much more impressive and influential than social media content, harnessing the potential of social media for your in-store marketing can retrieve some exceptional results that you have never seen before. 

In this blog, we will tell you how to display social media content on digital signage for your retail store using social media aggregator which maximizes ROI & revenue.

How Social Media On Digital Signage Will Grow Your Retail Store Sales?

Social media acts as social proof for your retail store, creating an impeccable influence on the people visiting & exploring your retail store. Social media walls move your customers with inspiring products & service pictures featured on the digital signage displays. 

Social Wall on digital signage

Social media content running on digital signage screens introduces your customers to the real-life customer experience using your products and services. 

The vibrant and eye-catching display of social media content inside your retail store improves customers’ buying journey, bridging the gap between your brand and customers by effectively communicating with them. 

Social media boosts authenticity; showcasing it on digital displays enhances loyalty and fulfillment with your business.

Social media channels are also the source of user-generated content in the form of reviews, ratings, product images & videos, and customer experiences with your retail store. Displaying user-generated content on the digital signage screen enhances the in-store experience and develops a trustworthy relationship with your customers.

All this cumulatively leads to attracting more customers and increasing sales by creating a remarkable impression on people visiting your retail store. 

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Amazing Ways To Utilize Social Media Inside Your Retail Store

Social media channels are a treasure trove of content for retail stores. You might not know what type of social media content you can fetch to display indoors of your retail store that brings you sales. If you want to know how to unravel the power of social media content in your retail store, feature these below given social media content on digital screens to boost your in-store marketing.   

Showcase Your Product’s Social Media Posts

If you are already uploading cool images of your products and services to social media channels, you can utilize it to build content to display in your retail store. You can collect all the social media posts with your products to display on your social media window.

Products on social media

Display product images from your social media handle on the digital signage screens installed in your retail store and provide your store visitors with interesting views of your product.    

Boost your Retail Store Sale with Taggbox Display Social Wall

Display Hashtag Campaign Content

Your hashtag campaign will not only bring brand awareness, visibility, and interaction with potential customers on social media channels, but it can also retrieve similar benefits if strategically used inside your retail store.

You can collect hashtag content from running campaigns or aggregate trending hashtag feeds using social media aggregators like Taggbox Display.

Hashtag Campaign

Moreover, if you want to increase your in-store customer participation, you can also launch an official hashtag campaign and run a real-time hashtag campaign social media wall on a digital signage screen inside your store. 

Hashtag campaign wall also increases user-generated content, customer participation, and loyalty with your retail store, attracting new visitors effectively. 

Display Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Use your customer reviews, testimonials, and feedback from your customers on social media platforms. Facebook, Google & Yelp are the most popular social media channels where customers share their reviews and feedback form where you can collect authentic customer reviews using social media aggregators and creatively display them on the digital signage screens inside your retail store. 

Customer Reviews on digital signage

These customer reviews boost the credibility and reliability of your retail store with the visitors on your products and services as they know customers speak freely and unbiased on social media channels. 

Incentivize Customer Engagement With Social Media Booth

One of the amazing ways to generate customer engagement with your retail store & social media handle is through a photo booth. You can install a creative photo booth inside your store and ask your visitors to upload their pictures on social media channels tagging your retail store and get rewards like discounts, coupons, or attractive deals. 

Social Media Booth
Source: Carlyriordan

This will increase customer participation, qualitative social media content, and interaction with your brands, bringing lots of sales too. You can collect these pictures of customers from social media channels using Taggbox Display and display them on the digital signage screens which help you draw customers to your retail store. 

Taggbox Display – A Proficient Tool To Display Social Media Content Inside Stores

Taggbox Display offers an all-in-one solution to enhance and successfully digitalize offline marketing with the power of digital signage. Taggbox Display provides hands-on to brands and businesses to leverage their in-store marketing by displaying captivating, lucrative, and engaging content to customers. 

With Taggbox Display you can collect, curate, and customize social media walls from diverse social media channels and display them on digital signages or any screen. Many brands are using Taggbox Display to run their hashtag campaign content and other social media feeds.

Moreover, with the Taggbox Display Studio, you can also display customer reviews and feedback in both image and video format. Other than that you can create and customize any kind of content, upsell products & services, run a countdown, launch products, display weather conditions, and many more along with eye-catching social media walls.

Taggbox Display is your one-stop solution for in-store marketing challenges and enhances content display through digital signage screens. 

Leverage the Power of Taggbox Display Social Wall

Start Selling More Products & Services With Social Media!

Now with the power of social media and digital signage, you can stake on retail store marketing by increasing the customer experience, engagement, and interaction to augment your sales like never before. 

As of today, you are using social media to reach your customers online, but with the advanced technology of digital signage and social media content management system, like Taggbox Display, you can tremendously increase and enhance your retail store marketing. 

So, if you are the one looking to bolster your retail store visibility and conversion, use social media displays inside your retail store, leaving behind traditional methods that are of no use in this modern marketing era.