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How to Increase Ecommerce Sales Using User Generated Content

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For shopping enthusiasts, love, at first sight, has become easier with the arrival of shoppable posts, making purchasing just a click away decision.

Are you wondering how to increase eCommerce sales? Well, in that direction, Taggbox recently launched it’s latest product update- Taggbox Commerce, the ultimate solution for brands to increase eCommerce sales on eCommerce websites.

Now, you can inspire your audience to make the purchase while displaying shoppable User-Generated Content through a social media aggregator. Let’s explore it more and know how to increase eCommerce sales using a shoppable UGC.

Why Should You Use Shoppable UGC To Increase Ecommerce Sales?

Shoppable UGC is a must for any modern eCommerce website. If you don’t believe us, just look at the stats below!

increase ecommerce sales

It generates trust and brand loyalty, helps you discover products organically and makes your website dynamic and trendy.

It helps you to close the gap between customer engagement and purchase.

Using UGC helps you reduce the website bounce rate and improve the overall performance of the website and if that UGC is shoppable, then it’s just icing on the cake.

Embedding shoppable UGC on your eCommerce website will boost the shopping experience of your visitors and inspire them to browse and make purchase.

Taggshop allows your visitors to complete their purchase journey directly from the shoppable content being displayed on your website. This makes shopping fun and engaging for your visitors and helps to convert them into permanent customers of your brand.

The shoppable user-generated content shows real customers enjoying your products in daily lives which helps the users to relate more with the products and brand which in turn helps to enhance the relevance of the brand.

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How Does It Exactly Work?

By the way, using Taggshop is really simple. Taggshop lets you bring social content on your website that inspires visitors and encourages purchase.

User-Generated Content is just waiting out there to be used by you for your eCommerce website.

All you need to do is Collect, Tag, and Embed.

Let’s see how?

#1 Collect

Foster discovery and collect user-generated content for your brand from various social media platforms.

When your website displays real happy users using your products in their daily lives, it presents as a social proof which further helps you to build social trust.

Taggshop helps you pair visual content with your eCommerce business and put great finds in front of your customers inspiring them to make the purchase.

Taggshop offers you advanced CSS options and beautiful themes to commercialize and customize beautiful shoppable social hubs for your website.

#2 Tag

Shoppers when enter a store always comes out with something extra being brought than what they planned for.

Same is not the case with online shopping.

But linking more products with the shoppable UGC posts helps to bring the point of sale closer to the point of inspiration thus increasing your sales and conversion rates for eCommerce.

The more products you tag and link, the better are your chances of boost eCommerce sales. The more, the merrier.

#3 Embed

Embedding shoppable UGC posts on your website not only helps you to increase eCommerce sales but also helps you to improve the overall performance of the website.

It increases the website UI and enhances the overall interaction of the brand with the users.

Featuring UGC on your shoppable social hub helps you connect curiosity to social commerce.

Not just that! But embedding shoppable UGC posts on your website makes shopping fun and engaging for your users too and encourages them to create the content of the similar kind for your brand.

Tips To Increase Ecommerce Sales and Conversions Using TaggShop

#1 Maximize Your Touchpoints

Maximize your touchpoints with your users by integrating more social media platforms and CMS.

It highly enhances the quality and richness of your shoppable posts and pumps your social hub with fresh content regularly.

It also provides more sources of inspiration for your users and generates curiosity which finally leads them to the point of purchase.

#2 Take Advantage Of UGC

User-generated content is fresh, dynamic, trendy, genuine, and hence trustworthy.

Customers rely more on user-generated content rather than brand-sponsored stock photos.

UGC shoppable posts are the easiest way to convert casual passing by users into permanent paying customers. Here’s how to use UGC to increase business sales.

#3 Moderate Your Content

User-generated content that you intend to make shoppable for your social hub is generally not directed by any guidelines rather it is freely created by users with their free will.

Hence, it needs to be moderated first before being put to use for your shoppable social media hub.

Only the relevant user-generated content must be selected and the irrelevant content must be filtered out in order to maintain the quality of the content.

#4 Incorporate CTA Buttons

As an eCommerce marketer, it is your duty to provide your users with a Call-to-Action button at all the strategic touchpoints on your website so that the user finds it right in front of him as soon as he makes up his mind to go with the purchase.

how to increase eCommerce product sales

CTA buttons are important for any eCommerce business as they help you to make the conversions and hence increase your sales.

#5 Delve Into Analytics

how to increase eCommerce sales

Last but not least, never forget to check your Analytics.

It is your report card.

It shows you the performance of your shoppable posts by giving you insights like the most clickable posts, and others which further helps you to improve your eCommerce marketing strategy.

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On To You!

By integrating the shoppable social hub on your website displaying user-generated content, you can give your eCommerce business the sales boost it needs.

Delivering supreme customer experience is a key element that increases shoppability for your eCommerce.

And Taggshop can help you deliver that experience by embedding shoppable user-generated content on your website leading to increase eCommerce conversions & revenue.

Unlock the maximum eCommerce sales and revenue potential of your eCommerce easily and quickly through Taggshop.

Try TaggShop To Greatly Increase Ecommerce Sales