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Everything You Should Know About Twitter Walls

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Twitter is a powerful microblogging and social media platform with more than 330 million monthly active users. It is constantly poured with refreshing, engaging and informative content with every moment passing. This provides Twitter hashtag aggregators with the overwhelming flow of user-generated content to be displayed on Twitter walls at events.

Given the fact that it is a new upcoming concept, we appreciate the fact that not everyone will understand what do we mean by a “Twitter Wall”.

So, we thought we would start by explaining all that is there to know about a “Twitter Wall”.

What is a Twitter Wall?

In the simplest words, a Twitter Wall is a digital wall that displays live twitter feeds via exclusive hashtags and handles. These tweets may be related to a specific event, a specific topic or brand advertisement.

It can be brand created or fan-created or even the tweets of the attendees of an event.

Twitter walls are becoming increasingly vogue at events, conferences, exhibitions, festivals as they prove to be a great tool to create a social buzz about your event and encourage people to be a part of it.

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Why use a Twitter Wall?

Now, if you are planning to use a Twitter wall for your next event, you should very well know the reasons why to use it in the first place! Why is it so trending and climbing the charts of success wherever used. Well, here are some reasons why!

1. Creates a social buzz

A Twitter wall is the best way to generate a social buzz for your brand or your event even before it’s launch by the proper use of hashtag campaigns. A live Twitter hashtag feed amplifies the audience engagement and reaches of the brand even beyond your target audience. It also increases your word of mouth marketing.

2. Allows both speakers and sponsors to be a more intimate part of the event

By allotting a specific portion and time of the Twitter wall to the speakers and sponsors at frequent intervals, you may actually feel your sponsors and speakers being more actively involved in the event and so do their followers.

Their vibe brings their tribe along with them. This also creates social visibility for your brand and event. It results in positive PR too.

3. Live Twitter Feeds

Twitterwall Taggbox

It is one of the most dynamic and vibrant features of a Twitter wall. It displays real-time Twitter feeds for an ongoing hashtag campaign. People present at the event engage more on the Twitter wall by posting about the happenings of the event and what others are missing. So it displays a homogeneous mix of customer-generated content and brand content.

4. Gives your brand values a voice

Twitter walls allow you to display your brand style. Let your users’ tweets about their experience with your products shout out for your credibility.

Give voice to your brand

Also, Twitter Walls help you to amplify your cause marketing. Displaying the ideals and principles your brand endorses on a Twitter wall increases your reach to the customers who resonate with your ideals and principles.

This also helps you to create a community of your own which helps you stand out in the cut-throat competition out there.

Make Your Next Event Successful

Display Live Twitter Wall During The Event

Now having learned the general reasons of why to use a twitter wall at your events, let’s learn how to make proper use of twitter wall to actually make your event a big success.

How to use a Twitter Wall?

Sometimes the smallest and the most basic tricks deliver the greatest of results. There are very basic tactics to be kept in mind while using a twitter wall which could make your event a really grand success and something that everyone is talking about for days. Here are some of those –

1. Promotion of Hashtag Campaigns On Your Twitter Wall

First things first, keep your hashtag small, catchy, simple and trendy. Given the 280 character limit, you must really know how to play well and smartly with words.

event hashtag

Hashtags are the best organic way to talk about your event and brand and popularize it. Also, hashtags are a good way to categorize your tweets. This helps you to choose, segregate and sequence the ones to be displayed on a Twitter wall in an orderly manner.

Proper placement of your hashtag on twitter wall is also a strategic move in grabbing the attention of the audience. Generally, it’s on the top of the wall in bold letters.

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2. Proper and Strategic Placement Of Twitter Wall

Keep your Twitter wall where everyone can see it, even from a distance. This attracts the audience towards your event. The audience must be able to see their tweets being displayed on the Twitter wall so as to keep them engaged.

social media week dubai uae

Twitter walls may be distracting sometimes. Be sure if you want to place the Twitter wall, keep it at an appropriate distance where it is neither too distracting nor too far to approach for use in seminars and conferences.

3. Let The Floodgates Of UGC Be Open

UGC basically means User Generated Content. It is the content created by your users by posting images, videos, and reviews about your product or brands on their social media platforms. It provides a refreshing and dynamic touch to your Twitter Wall.

Embed social wall on website

A Twitter Wall is the best platform to showcase the UGC generated by your users on their twitter accounts. This can be extracted through hashtag, handles, account, keywords, and mentions related to your brand.

You can embed this Twitter Widget on your business website too. Displaying User Generated Content on your Twitter Wall increases the dwell time of your website, increases website visitors engagement and also creates a trust factor regarding your product.

4. Let the People Know What You Stand For Through Your Twitter Wall

At your event, it is your event wall. Use it to let your audience know the values your brand endorses, the principles you stand for and what you finally wish to accomplish for a greater cause. Cause marketing is “the” new marketing tactics in the field.

When your brand stands for a social cause, your audience relates better or let’s say their conscience to do some good makes them relate to your brand. So shout out the social cause your brand addresses through the use of Twitter wall at your event.

5. Advertise Your Sponsors

Show your gratitude to your sponsors by making full-screen announcements of your sponsors and scheduled pop-ups during the event at proper intervals advertising your sponsors.

display sponsor on social wall

Give a special space to your sponsor’s during the event. You can use Taggbox’s “Full Screen Announcement” feature for it and scheduled pop-up posts which could be used efficiently for the same purpose.

6. Use Of Banners And Tickers For Making Announcements

What is Twitter Wall

Twitter Walls prove to be of great use to promote your hashtag campaigns, make important announcements and reveal offers and discounts.

Tickers running at the bottom of the Twitter Wall displaying announcements, attractive Banners at the top promoting your hashtag campaigns and recurring custom posts making important announcements lets the audience know about the important events, discounts and announcements for the event.

Best ugc tool

7. Be Active On The Event Day

Your event day is your D-day. Your twitter wall needs to be active and dynamic. It should be flowing with fresh and real-time content all the time. You could make arrangements for the same before the event starts.

Schedule automated twitter updates for the event day prior to the event. Also, make sure you tweet back to those getting engaged in the event activities so as to appreciate their involvement.

Keep updating your guests about the event happenings through the Twitter wall. Keep posting real-time pictures of the event to attract more audience towards it.

8. Gamify your Twitter Wall

Organize games and activities on your Twitter wall. Encourage your audience to participate in those activities and reward them with prizes encouraging others too to participate.

Leader board

Your Twitter wall can display the leaderboards of these activities showing the names of the winners and the toppers. The leaderboard may display best tweets, top hashtags, most active users, top influencers, best posts, photos etc.

Organizing of such activities make an event more interesting and engaging. It makes people tweet and post about your event on their twitter handles thus creating a fuss about your event leading to its success.

9. Take Care Of Your Important Attendees

This is actually a great trick to gain social visibility. Follow your speakers, your sponsors and your important attendees on Twitter. Mention them in event-related posts. This will extend the reach of your event-related posts to the followers of the speakers and sponsors you follow and tag.

This also let their followers know about the happenings and activities of the event.

Find out the important attendees (VIPs) of the event and follow them. This will increase their interest in the event and will also increase their loyalty towards the event. You can also track their main interests to keep them engaged in the event.


Twitter walls are a great tool of social media integration and to display the right tweets at the right time at the right platforms. Twitter walls give you a unique and very refreshing social way to speak to your audience in a unique way.

We at Taggbox are here to help you to set up your own Twitter wall for your next event. So for any further information about Twitter wall or any other social media wall, Start Free Trial Today!.

Make Your Next Event Successful

Display Live Twitter Wall During The Event