10 Innovative Display Screen Ideas For A Social Wall

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Have you ever entered any event and be amazed by the big glittering screen attracting everyone’s attention? Well, I am sure you must have. When you look closely, you identify social media feeds being displayed on that screen. Wait! That’s your tweet being displayed.

Isn’t that cool? Well, that’s a Social Wall. The Wall of Fame everyone loves being featured on.

So, what is a social wall?

It is an amazing tool that fetches posts from various social platforms and displays them in one place i.e. a social wall. It identifies post updates from various social media platforms via specific hashtags and handles.

Social Wall at music fest

You could employ a social wall to display user-generated content at your events, as digital signage in your hotels, shops, restaurants, or even on your website’s home screens. You can just create an amazing hashtag campaign and display all of that user-generated content on a live hashtag feed on any type of screen using a social media wall tool like Taggbox.

One of the most important things to be considered is the display screen because it is the first thing that grabs a viewer’s attention, and later comes the content.

Is it gonna be a series of simple LED TV screens or a jumbotron projector or a panoramic display? Seriously, your options are literally countless. The only limitation is your imagination.

So, stir up your creative juices folks! We are here with the most innovative ideas for screens to display your social media wall on. Let’s delve into-

1. LED TV Screens

We will start with the most basic one. A simple LED TV Screen. It’s easily available and it suits the smallest of pockets. To bid for its credibility we present you with an example you will have to oblige with.

social wall on screen

At the SXSW 2007 festival, Twitter used multiple LED Screens in a heavily trafficked hallway to display users’ tweets. These multiple LED Screens were the unmellowed form of a social wall (a Twitter Wall basically).

Twitter at SXSW

Twitter at SXSW 2017

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So, you see if a big player like Twitter uses a series of LED Screens to launch itself, you obviously can. You can use it as you like. Break it, build it your choice. You could split this series into screens spread throughout the venue or you may display them all together creating a charismatic effect.

2. Horizontal And Vertical Displays

Social Wall for convocation ceremonies

These displays suit basically events like seminars, conferences, meetings, graduation ceremonies etc. where they could be placed against a wall in a landscape or a portrait view. These are great ways to showcase user generated content on a social media wall and make it visible to visitors at a distance.

Creating digital posters is one of the simplest and easiest ways to showcase digital signage.. These prove to be great tools to engage the audience. These can be fitted into big auditoriums or small rooms as per the requirement and size of the wall. It could be mounted on a platform or against a wall or on either side of the stage displaying content related to what the speaker is discussing.

3. Kiosks

Kiosks are also kind of a vertical display but with a stand and a little smaller in size. These are approachable to the public often making it the selfie spot of the venue. It comes in variable sizes and shapes.

Social Wall on Kiosk

Kiosks are most suited in employment for retail stores, malls, cafes, restaurants, public events etc. Their approachable nature makes them best suited for displaying social walls at events with heavy footfall as these can be installed at many hooks and corner of the venue.

4. Digital Billboards / Jumbotrons

Social Wall at sports event

If you are a basketball game fan, you must have fantasized about getting displayed on the big jumbotron for sure. Well, these jumbotron displays are not limited just to basketball games.

Social Wall on jumbotron

Digital Billboards and Jumbotrons are heavily used in big events and concerts to expand the reach to a wider audience and spread word-of-mouth marketing as far as possible. These are the simplest and easiest way to address a large audience with user-generated content about your brand.

5. Panoramic Displays (Projection System)

It gives the audience a surreal experience overall. It provides marketers, with an overwhelmingly huge space to display UGC to the audience through a social wall. Social media feeds like images, videos, tweets, and other posts can be displayed using a projection system.

digital signage for cafeteria

You can run banners and tickers, display sponsored ads, mix up your content with custom play, and much more given the large space for display.

It attracts the audience’s attention to a totally another level and helps increase the event’s ROI. It is not just beautiful but really effective in displaying the content given the high quality of the video display.

6. Video Rental Walls

These are mostly applicable in malls, trade shows, conferences, college events, seminars, and promotional events. It’s nothing but the assembling of multiple screens together and running them as one big screen. It helps to attract the attention of passing by the audience to stop and have a look at what’s being displayed.

Video Rental Walls

Simple LED or LCD screens could be employed together to give the effect of a seamless display. These are available in various sizes according to the requirement of the venue. They can be used to display a social media wall both indoors and outdoors. They come with various mounting options like Wall Mount, Floor Stand, and Flown Mount. These are one of the most used display options for digital signage.

7. 360 Degree Projection Screen

360-degree projection screens are an innovation in video projection screen design that displays social walls, videos, simulation or game content on a continuous 360° display screen. Hanging a 360° rear projection screen from a ceiling allows viewers to enjoy a dual display (view from inside and outside) from anywhere in the room.

360 Degree Projection Screen

Using a 360-degree projection screen supported by the correct server provides you with live social media feeds including images, videos, tweets, and other social posts to accompany the onstage performances and engage the audience with interactive digital signage.

In fact, one of the most innovative ideas to use a 360-degree projection is by using it as a social tree.

A social tree is a social wall designed and displayed in the form of a tree, and it’s amazing! It is not only attractive but also, it entices engagement and curiosity among the visitors of the event about what’s coming up next! It is a great addition to any event be it a conference or a trade show or any corporate launch event.

The illuminated stem with a 360-degree projection display screen never fails to enchant the audience and display relevant user-generated content on the screen giving them a seamless stream of social media content at display visible from any corner of the room.

8. Cube LED Displays

The current technology has allowed the creators to bring any shape to light and use it as a display screen. One such creative, innovative and popular option to display a social wall is a Cube LED Display Screen. A simple LED screen at display becomes art at the display itself.

Cube LED Displays

It is one of the most attractive, innovative and cool way to display digital signage and user-generated content. It is best suited for trade shows, meetings, malls, social media events and digital signage in retail store.

9. Outdoor Inflatable Display Screen

Imagine showcasing a social wall to almost hundreds of visitors on an outdoor inflatable screen under the stars. Well, consider an Outdoor Inflatable Display Screen. It brings out an amazing outdoor experience bringing up an obvious conundrum.


Be it a wedding or a poolside event or an open theatre or a trade show or a hospitality event, an inflatable display screen suits everywhere. Although it’s high definition quality comes with a high tech setup. A projector, cords and a generator to power up the display. But all that pain is worth it, once your social wall goes live up on the inflatable display screen and starts attracting your event visitors tremendously.

10. Hot Air Balloon Displays

Wait. What!! A Hot Air Balloon Display! Is that really a thing! Well, yes it is. As said before, the kind of display you choose for your social wall is only limited by your imagination. One such creative and innovative idea was used by an organization during their event.

Hot Air Balloon Displays

During the event,  a social wall was displayed on a white-hot air balloon-like display surface using a projector. Well, the idea did wonders for the organizers. It was a real hit!

The social wall became like an art piece or a cool tech on display and attracted an audience even from a distance. It became the selfie spot for the visitors where they clicked and posted images with the social wall on their social media profiles, in turn, increasing the event ROI and the word-of-mouth marketing simultaneously.

So, these were some of the most used, practical, and innovative ways you can display a social wall at your next event. Don’t limit yourself to these options. Be creative, be innovative. A simple variation in display design may do wonders for your event in ways you couldn’t even imagine.

Use a social wall to display user-generated content and digital signage and drive user engagement to the next level.