Add Social Wall In Different Types Of Virtual Events

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The value and importance of face-to-face interactions and meetings will never fade away, but sometimes getting virtual is the need of an hour and is the mandatory part of your event program.

According to a survey, around 75% of event planners expand their footprint in the virtual environment. Whether virtual conferences or virtual product launches, all the major companies are gripping this new trend of event marketing.

The rising concern for all the planners is engaging the attendees of the event. 80% of the companies use “attendee engagement and satisfaction” as the success measuring unit of their virtual event.

The most effective way of enhancing audience engagement is by adding social media walls in their virtual events. Here in this blog, you can explore various types of virtual events and how they can garner success using social media walls.

But before making a headway, let us first know about the significant factors leading towards a successful virtual event.

Add Social Wall in Your Virtual Event

The Backbone Of Virtual Events

There exist three main pillars for a successful virtual event. 

1. Content

This includes presentations, topics, themes, layouts of the event that are displayed to the audiences. The content plays an essential role in attracting and engaging attendees to the event. Event organizers should keep an eye on the quality and relevancy of the content displayed to the attendees.

2. Connection

It is crucial to have a smooth and substantial connection between the speakers, experts, and attendees to have a successful virtual event. These virtual events should provide the base and the opportunity for the brands/companies and interested audiences worldwide to meet digitally. 

3. Coverage

Coverage is the last but most important pillar for a successful virtual event. By this, we mean your communication plans and the marketing strategies that align with the brand’s objectives. 

Whether your event is driving educational purposes, sponsorships, marketing leads, or just a seminar to change the perception of the attendees, all you need is to spread awareness about the objectives of the event among various groups and organizations and spread.

These three pillars aim towards a single objective, i.e., audience engagement, which can be solved by displaying a social media wall in your virtual event. Here is a list of the top 8 virtual events and how they can employ social walls to achieve success.

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Integration Of Social Wall in Diffrent Types Of Virtual Events

#1 Virtual Conferences

Virtual conferences often cater to large sizes of audiences. It is an excellent way of educating your audiences about a particular point and sharing information with them. 

Such conferences include live sessions, workshops, AR activities, breakout sessions, and much more. While not as effective as the in-person event, virtual conferences allow the attendees to interact with each other using social media walls. 

Social wall in virtual confrance

By displaying the social media wall in virtual conferences, companies can intensify the speaker and the attendees’ connection. With this social wall, the attendee can interact with the other attendees of the event. They can ask their queries and share their experiences using a dedicated event hashtag, which can then be curated and displayed on the social wall. 

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#2 Virtual Trade Shows

Virtual trade shows are a great way to generate potential and qualified leads effectively. It is one of the best platforms to educate the audience and convert them into new clients irrespective of their geographical location.

virtual trade show: types of virtual events

With the integration of social media walls in virtual trade shows, companies and brands can improve their conversion rates by displaying user-generated content around the exhibited products and services. This way, they can show off their products to all the attendees of the trade show.

#3 Virtual Product Launches

Having a new product and want to showcase it to the world? A virtual product launch is the best way to introduce your newly launched product to the consumer market in an exciting way. 

Virtual Product Launch : types of virtual events

With this event, you can increase the number of prospects and provide them with insights about the product. To make the virtual product launch event more effective, companies can use interactive technologies such as social walls to magnetize the audiences towards the event.

With a social wall, you can display the users’ excitement towards the product, the audio and video chat, and much more. 

#4 Virtual convocation ceremonies

Virtual convocation ceremonies have recently been incorporated into the trend of virtual events. These events are mainly to impart degrees to the university’s qualified students sitting in different corners of the world. 

Unlike in-person convocation ceremonies, it is tough to capture the attention of all the students attending the event. Therefore, the best possible way to engage all the attendees in the virtual event is to aggregate social media walls with the event. 

With this aggregation, the educational institutes can display the words and encouraging statements of the valuable alumni, the professors’ warm wishes, and much more. This can increase the interaction between the students and the professors and can make the convocation ceremonies even more engaging than before. 

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#5 Virtual fundraising events

Virtual events for nonprofit organizations are mainly organized to raise funds or generate volunteers.  These events use creative ideas and online marketing strategies for the execution of desired fundraising campaigns.

With these events, nonprofit organizations can express their objections to the global audience and can trigger them to make help. Social media walls are good options to display during the event to create more impactful virtual fundraising events

The displayed social wall can exhibit the contribution of society towards the organization and their feedback about the organization’s work. This UGC can generate more funds and volunteers for the organization.

#6 Virtual concerts

Virtual concerts are the most loved and awaited virtual event for people worldwide, especially the millennials. Not only virtual concerts but virtual festivals and virtual parties are trending these days. 

The user-generated content around these virtual concerts and festivals invokes many other people’s desires to attend the event. Also, the audiences can share their experiences with the event using the event hashtag. This UGC can be collected and curated into a social media feed wall.

Live social feed can be displayed along with the live streaming of the event, enhancing the audience’s engagement with the event, and making the event a success.

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#7 Virtual marketing events & job fairs

Marketing events are the entrepreneurs’ need as they help them generate the link between the business and the customer in a smooth way. Also, job fairs play an essential role in assisting people from diverse educational backgrounds, thereby eliminating the limitation of the local talent pool.

Virtual Job Fair

The event organizers can integrate social media wall with these virtual marketing events and career fairs to encourage the attendees of the event by displaying positive feedback about the event, various career opportunities grabbed by audiences, and much more. 

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#8 Virtual Workshops

A workshop usually means teaching someone the “How To” process, along with a step-by-step guide to complete the desired project.  Such workshops can make their quality space in the virtual environment quite easily. 

For instance, you might have seen many Youtube tutorial videos giving you a complete guide to do the specific task.

Virtual workshop Twitter wall

The virtual workshops can be made more interesting by incorporating live social media walls in the live streaming. This incorporation pays back intensively. With this, you can display the enthusiastic and creative participants’ work and show their final product to the other participants of the workshop. 

Social Wall adds authenticity and reliability to the workshop and builds trust towards the tutor.

Taggbox Display For Diffrent Types of Virtual Events

The first question that might arise is, Why Taggbox?

The features and the interface of Taggbox make it the best choice for all the event organizers to create and customize their social wall exquisitely.

Some spotlight features of Taggbox include

  • Collect and curate social as well as UGC content from over 15+ platforms.
  • Beautiful customizations such as themes, layouts, fonts, backgrounds, designs, etc.
  • Robust moderation to display the relevant and best quality content to the attendees of the event.
  • Insightful analytics to measure the success of the social wall.
  • Auto-update feature to display the live social media feed to the attendees.
  • Compatible with various virtual event platforms.
  • Highly responsive, robust customer support, and much more.
  • Try SnapUp for easy content curation and eliminating the need of social media, as users get to upload UGC directly on the social wall without any middleman.

All the features mentioned above and functionalities incorporated by the Taggbox tool allow the event organizers to display their social media wall to different types of virtual events in an extraordinary way.

Add Social Wall in Your Virtual Event

Final Thoughts

The virtual event is not a new phenomenon, but companies have turned to this unique event marketing strategy with the growing digitalization.

Event organizers are always looking for creative and exciting ideas to boost their events and enhance audience engagement. 

Integration of social media walls has advanced the success of various types of virtual events and has accelerated the pace of audience engagement and interaction with the event and with each other.