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The Complete TikTok UGC Guide for Marketers

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Social media is driven by content, and the idea is how impactful your content can be. For example, Tiktok, among the most successful social platforms, had 1 million video views per day in the first year. Imagine the amount of impact!

It has brought short video content to the front stage, and now every social media platform has become a part of this trend, be it with Reels, YouTube Shorts or Spotlight. So now, all that everyone talks about is: “Hey, have you watched that TikTok?”, “Oh, I heard that song on TikTok” or “We should totally try this trend from TikTok.

That being said, we all agree that TikTok and user-generated content go hand in hand. So let’s break this down to understand the why and how. How about continuing the read?

The Evolution Of UGC In Tiktok

TikTok has always been a hub for user-generated content. And we can credit the platform’s success to the fact that it gave a stage for everyday users to create engaging videos in minutes using endless features, music, filters, transitions and whatnot. TikTok has provided an opportunity for users to express their creativity by simply using their smartphones, making it the ultimate hub for user-generated content. 

UGC in TikTok

User-generated content is any form of content created by a common user, sharing their experience with a product, brand or service. As a brand, TikTok can be your goldmine to find the right user-generated Tiktok, run a brand or hashtag campaign (yes, TikTok supports hashtags!), create your brand community, create duets, collaborate with micro-influencers, and the list goes on.

If you are still not convinced, how about reading our top reasons why you should promote UGC on Tiktok?

Why Promote UGC On TikTok?

Here we have listed the top reasons to tell you why it’s about damn time you should start promoting UGC on TikTok.

Trust Is Step One For Every Emerging Brand

Building trust has to be step one when trying to emerge in a community like TikTok. That’s because you need to give a reason to your potential audience for why they should engage with your brand or trust you.

Here, UGC plays a significant role when they get to see people like them on your TikTok. That’s how you capture them in the first place. A study shows that more than 90% of consumers trust brands that include UGC in their marketing campaigns.

Capture More Audiences

User-generated content helps you to capture more audiences. In a world where brands are busy creating marketing gimmicks and self-boasting TikToks, you come across as a stand-out to the TikTokers. Why? That’s because user-generated content is unique and impactful.

You are more likely to grab your potential audience’s attention when they see a TikTok created by someone like them, as they will find it more relatable than watching an airbrushed model dancing in perfect studio lights.

Tap On The Potential Of Social Proof

Social proof is about the bandwagon effect, where people get inspired by other users’ social media behaviour. When you see people following a trend on TikTok, your first instinct is to try it with your friends. 

Harnessing the power of user-generated content on TikTok certainly helps you tap that social proof instinct in your audience and encourage them to create user-generated content for you.

Build Your Brand Community

Improve brand-user relationships by putting your customers front and centre and bringing them into the limelight by uploading their user-generated videos on your Tiktok account. 

In addition, it helps you to foster your community of loyalists who would always be willing to create UGC for you on TikTok. Your TikTok account will become your hub of valuable user-generated content that can cater to your community of brand ambassadors.

Drive More Sales From TikTok

50% of TikTok users have bought something after watching a TikTok. It calls for a great opportunity for you as a brand to improve sales like never before. TikTok videos are engaging and inspiring. It’s your call to turn this point of inspiration into a point of conversion. 

Strategically incorporating your user-generated TikTok videos across your ecommerce marketing campaigns, either by reposting them on your TikTok account or publishing them across your ecommerce stores, can grab the audience’s attention, encouraging them to make purchases with you.

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Tiktok UGC Campaign Ideas & Best Practices

Here are some ideas and best practices to make the most out of your TikTok UGC Campaigns.

Create Hashtag Campaigns

Hashtag campaigns are a major thing on TikTok. As a brand, you can also run a hashtag campaign or a contest on TikTok. Make sure to choose a relatable and memorable hashtag and promote the hashtag as much as you can.

That’s how Chipotle, a popular Mexican chain, started the #ChipotleLidFlip challenge, where one of their employees shared a video around the challenge. This inspired so many TikTokers that this hashtag challenge received 100k submissions within its first phase, making it the ultimate success story.

Collaborate With The Right Influencers

Influencers and content creators have a significant impact on TikTok, and they also have the ability to drive any TikTok trend. Connect with influencers who have an audience similar to your target audience.

For example, Guess collaborated with popular influencers like @brentrivera and @mylifeaseva in their campaign LOVEGuess, catering to the campaign’s popularity and capturing around 24.1 million views.

Start Your TikTok Challenge

The TikTok world works around challenges. Be it brands, celebrities or influencers, and they keep coming up with challenges to create audience engagement and encourage TikTokers to join them.

One such practice was done by the fitness brand Gymshark. They come up with unique challenges around fitness every other month, where they share fitness regimes. They have managed to create their own community of fitness freaks that are actually common TikTokers creating content for them.

Duets is another amazing feature by TikTok that enables users to collaborate with anyone from TikTok. This opens up endless opportunities for brands, content creators or any TikTok users who want to be a part of the trend.

Duet not only take content sharing to a different level but also encourages viral content sharing. It will not only improve your reach but also encourage users to engage with your content.

Repost Your Existing User-Generated Content

Reposting user-generated content around your brand can be really beneficial. It helps you to make the most out of your existing resource and you don’t have to create any changes in your existing marketing strategy.

All you need is to collect all the TikTok around your brand and post them on your TikTok account. With UGC on your TikTok, you get to boost your brand’s credibility, improve engagement and create your brand’s hub of authentic content.

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How Taggbox Can Help You Achieve More With Your UGC TikTok Campaign

Taggbox is a user-generated content marketing platform for brands to collect, curate and publish UGC across different marketing channels. Taggbox opens up endless opportunities for you as a brand to gain more from your UGC TikTok campaign by bringing it beyond social media. 


You can directly gain content rights from the content owners using Taggbox and repurpose the TikToks across different marketing touchpoints with Taggbox’s UGC marketing hub:

  • Web Pages
  • Email Campaigns
  • Social Ads
  • Digital Screens
  • Events (Hybrid, Virtual, In-person)
  • eCommerce Stores

Once you have published your user-generated TikToks, Taggbox also offers you detailed analytics to track the performance of your TikTok campaigns and improve them so that they perform better.

Turn Up The Music, And Turn On The Lights

That’s right. TikTok can be a suitable space to reach out to your audience organically. All you need is the right strategies and brand examples to get inspired from. Many people believe that TikTok is only ideal if you are targeting the younger demographic or the Gen-Z, but moving ahead in time, that line is blurring. We see a dynamic set of audiences on Tiktok.

Tapping into the potential of user-generated content on TikTok can help you thrive on your brand success. And with this ultimate Tiktok UGC guide, you can have it all covered. 

Unlock The Power Of UGC In TikTok!

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