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Effective Instagram Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

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Instagram recently crossed the benchmark of 1 billion active monthly users. Out of those, approximately 25 million were business accounts. Multiple brands come up with dedicated Instagram Marketing Strategies to utilize this ultimate potential of Instagram as a marketing platform to grow their business.

That is just the tip of the iceberg that aptly indicates the immense marketing potential Instagram possess and the immense possibilities that lodge ahead for small businesses.

By the time you will complete reading this article, you will be convinced enough to consider Instagram as a crucial platform for growing your business.

Why Is Instagram So Great For Small Businesses?

71% of businesses are already using Instagram as a marketing platform. Not all businesses need to be an enterprise to make an impactful Instagram presence. 

Nike and Puma are household names. Even if they don’t maintain an active social media (Instagram) presence, their sales will remain majorly unaffected. 

But for small businesses, besides the foot traffic to your brick and mortar store and the website traffic to your online e-commerce shop, Social media traffic on marketing platforms like Instagram, is equally important.

In fact, it is not just a matter of choice anymore but a necessity! Having a robust Instagram marketing strategy gives wings to your brand strengthening efforts, thereby developing a cohesive brand image of your business.

Instagram Marketing Strategies: Grow Your Business And Build A Loyal Following Base

Unlike other marketing platforms, Instagram marketing is more visual-based than text-based. A lot of businesses sign up on Instagram in order to promote their business but end up confused and finally give up on it. 

It is not something any Joe on the street can do. Therefore, here are 7 such strategies and tips to efficiently use Instagram as a marketing platform to grow your business and build a loyal following base.

Come, let’s explore!

1. Set Up A Cohesive Brand Image

Instagram is a perfect opportunity for small businesses to create a cohesive and impactful brand image. You better use it right! 

Define your goals, your identity, brand ideals, and theme. Curate your Instagram feed gallery giving it a uniform and visually attractive appeal using Taggbox Gallery theme. On Instagram, the rule is simple- More beautiful your profile is, more are the followers, and better is the engagement.

Instagram Marketing Strategies

Link your Instagram account with other social media platforms to inform your users on those platforms of your Instagram presence and drive traffic to your Instagram profile.

Instagram allows you to add only one link throughout your Instagram profile, that too, in the bio. Mention the link to your business website over there so that your Instagram traffic could be lead to your website thereby driving conversions and sales.

2. Embed Instagram Feeds On Your Website

Another great option is to embed Instagram feeds on your website. It’s a great way to display social proof and earn user trust. Also, it enhances your website’s UX. 

One of the easiest and the most convenient way of embedding Instagram feeds on your website is by using an Instagram aggregator like Taggbox Widget.

It allows you to create a beautiful Instagram Hashtag Feed that displays real-time user-generated Instagram posts on your website. You can also use the Instagram widget to display embedded Instagram feed on your website

Instagram Marketing Strategies for brands

Overall, it helps to enhance the relevancy of your website content, thereby improving the user-engagement, dwell-time, and conversion rates for your online business.

Try Taggbox

Embed Instagram Feeds On Your Website

UGC platform like Taggbox also allow you to stream Instagram on TV, digital signages, projectors, jumbotrons or any other type of display solution to display social proof wherever you want, be it a retail store, event, venues, etc.

3. Exploit Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are an unavoidable element of any successful Instagram marketing strategy. The 24-hour disappearing feature of these stories helps you create the required FOMO(Fear Of Missing Out) effect that creates curiosity about your brand in the minds of your followers.

It is also a great way of displaying multiple user-generated images and videos regarding the same topics preventing you to post repetitive content on your profile, saving its dynamic character.

Instagram stories

Also, the new highlight option is amazing. It lets you segregate your stories into categories which your followers can view whenever they want thereby increasing the overall engagement.

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4. Shoppable Instagram Feeds On Your Online Shop

Shoppable Posts are slowly becoming the language of online shopping through E-Commerce platforms. Instagram Shoppable Feeds have been fetching the acclaims recently. 

But as they still are forbidden fruit to many, there are other ways you can utilize the vogue of shoppable posts to increase eCommerce conversions.

Instagram Strategies

Taggshop, the ultimate E-Commerce platform by Taggbox, allows you to convert your website social wall into shoppable content thereby allowing your website visitors to buy directly from your website.

5. Influencer Marketing

It is one of the best and the quickest way to build up follower base on your Instagram profile, especially when you’re the new kid in the town.

Influencer marketing used to be a costly affair earlier with celebrities charging rocket high amounts to boost brand loyalty.

But since Instagram is crawling up with non-celebrity influencers, affiliated influencer marketing has become a very viable option and important addition to brand’s Instagram Marketing efforts lurking to grow their brand image.

6. Utilize Analytics

Keep a close track of user engagement with your Instagram posts. Which kind of posts attracts the maximum interaction from your followers. 

In fact, if you own a business account on Instagram, then you get access to the insights and your activity track records. It helps you give a detailed overview of your entire Instagram marketing campaign. 

instagram analytics

You get information like profile visits, reactions, impressions, top locations, age range, gender, followers, etc.

7. Organize Instagram Contests

It is one of the most tried and tested marketing tactics to encourage user engagement and spread brand awareness about your business. 

As a matter of fact, even users enthusiastically interact with such content which ends with spreading the overall talk around your business over Instagram. 

Proper use of hashtags helps you expand the reach of your Instagram’s marketing campaign. It makes your content visible to the audience beyond your target field.

Are You On Instagram Yet?

Establishing a strong and influential Instagram presence is not an overnight journey. Its fruitful ripening requires a proper investment of time and effort.

Instagram users are dynamic and love engaging. That presents your small business to grow bigger. Try the above-mentioned strategies and tips and experience yourself the organic growth of your business.