5 Ways to Create an Instagram Campaign

6 Ways to Create an Instagram Campaign That Will Boost Your Brand

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Instagram has proven to be a promising platform for businesses to organize user-generated content campaigns successfully. It is also becoming a leading choice among businesses to boost reputation, traffic, leads, and sales. Instagram is a significant opportunity to generate new customers and to better engage with the existing ones.

We are talking about some meaningful Instagram marketing campaign examples that cover the how-tos of creating creative Instagram campaigns for your brand and business.

Compared to other social platforms, brands that share content on Instagram gets 15 times more engagement than content shared on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It’s time your digital professionals delve into our guide for workable digital marketing tips and successful Instagram tips-

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Tips To Create Instagram Campaign

Instagram marketing campaign might sound lucrative but you need to be careful of some vital areas while formulating your campaign. We have accumulated the 6 best tips below to help you create an effective and impactful Instagram campaign.

1. Partner With Instagram Influencers

Partner With Instagram Influencers

A great way to promote your Instagram marketing campaign is to work with Instagram influencers. Identify suitable influencers who have a great number of followers & their influencer identity matches with your Instagram campaign idea.

Connect with them & work on sponsored posts. Mainstream & micro-influencers willingly accept sample products or lower-priced partnerships. They then work for social promotions on their individual channels & blogs & promote your band product/service. This way, you popularise your Instagram advertising campaign to a ‘new’ audience. The pre-established follower database of the Instagram influencer here is the advantage you receive here.

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2. Clear Start & End Date For The Campaign

Having a clear start and end date for your Instagram marketing campaign is one of the best campaign strategies to have. Campaigns must not run endlessly or must not be extended without a robust reason. Develop a campaign with a clear start and end date as it will provide you and your team with a clear way to measure performance, achieve results within a set time period and motivate everyone involved to participate in the campaign faster than usual.

Creating a start and end date will also allow your team to conduct a post-campaign analysis which will make it easier to understand goals achieved, targets met and deviations from pre-set targets, all for organizing the next campaign.

3. Test Different Content Types To Optimize The Campaign


One fine Instagram campaign strategy for your campaign we recommend is to test different forms of content to build user interest and optimize the campaign equally. A brand must attempt a hit and trial for various content styles available on Instagram for connecting with its audience and understanding what type of content is liked best by them.

Instagram offers various content styles for experimentation – Instagram stories which are phenomenally successful, polls in Instagram stories where you can request audience preferences by posting simple questions, video sharing, reverse videos in Instagram stories, story advertisements, story links, Instagram Live video and more in addition to all this.

Testing with different content such as static traditional pictures to short videos once in a while proves what content is preferred by your audience. This way, you can optimize and create a balance of content on your channel and be followed by a wide type and mix of audience.

Your Instagram advertising campaign will not fall short of creative ways to experiment with one’s own content and will keep your audience amused simultaneously.

4. Schedule Instagram Posts For Your Instagram Marketing Campaign

Running an Instagram campaign floods you with endless posts. These posts are branded posts that your brand shares and these also contain user-generated posts which are entries sent in by your followers for participating in your campaign or its relevant contest/competition.

A successful Instagram marketing campaign will not leave you with much time to design and share branded content continuously. It will be stressful for creative minds to work this way.

To boost productivity and focus on engagement activities during the Instagram campaign, what you need to do is plan ahead of time and schedule all your Instagram campaign content. This will ensure your campaign runs successfully and posts are automatically shared to your feed on time and you can focus on brand-building and outreach activities like replying to comments, engaging with follower content and promoting your campaign.

However, you must leave space in your scheduling calendar for posting user generated content or influencer content in case you’re working with influencers. Such content will only be obtained after the campaign has launched and is running and can be displayed using tools like Instagram aggregators.

5. Perfect Your Hashtags


Instagram is a platform that runs on hashtags. You’re searched by hashtags where even the Instagram algorithm pushes content towards you by understanding your hashtag trend. It’s a common fact that users search for relevant content via hashtags. For the right target audience to find you and your Instagram advertising campaign and the right audience to engage with your campaign actively, you need to get your hashtags sorted absolutely.

Hashtags bring in the right engagement and traffic for your campaign and given that you can now follow hashtags on Instagram, you do not want to miss out on using this opportunity. To let people stay updated on your campaign updates, use brand-specific hashtags or unique hashtags that people can follow. The hashtags of Instagram feed channels that crowdsource content is a great Instagram campaign strategy as using their hashtags get your content noticed and re-posted by such profile owners leading to a newer audience to know about your campaign.

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6. Add Instagram Widget on Website

One great way to create an amazing Instagram campaign is to embed Instagram feed on your website. Using an Instagram Widget, you can aggregate engaging & interesting live Instagram hashtag feed and embed it on your website.

The best part is Instagram is a hub of visual user-generated content and you can use that in your campaign to enhance campaign effectivity and efficiency.

It will help in increasing your website vibrancy through visuals, showcase quality content for maximum engagement & interactivity, link social media to your website, reach a wider audience, and build social proof that can help you in increasing your conversions & sales.

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