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Explore How Social Wall Increased Audience Engagement @ All About Music.

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All about music is an all-inclusive music industry conference presented by YouTube that took place at Taj Land’s End, Mumbai in August 2019. 

We at Taggbox are honored to be a part of such an impactful and exciting event for the music industry and make our contribution to such a huge event. 

All About Music 2019

All about music is a music industry networking and knowledge-sharing conference held for the Indian music industry in August 2019. 

It was a 2-day multi-stage Music conference that featured over 60 national and international artists from the music industry for addressing the growth opportunities and challenges in music.

For this purpose, there were diverse keynotes, panel discussions, interactions, success stories, workshops, masterclasses, music pitching, and networking. 

Having the artists, music industry experts, music industry influencers, organizers, professionals, educators lead to some progressive discussions for the music industry in the future. 

The conference was presented by YouTube with key partners being Spotify, JioSaavn, Believe, Saregama. This has been an immensely successful conference in the Indian music industry. 

The Need of the Conference

For such a massive and impactful conference, it is essential that the audience is engaged in the conference and gets the opportunity to share their ideas, opinions, feedback, and experiences. 

Not only the physically present audience but also the audience from social media who could not attend the conference personally, they should also get these benefits and updates of the conferences. 

So, there needed to be a digital solution that delivered the need for opportunities of interaction, engagement, and also attractive user-generated content

Taggbox Instagram Wall for Events for Youtube Music

We at Taggbox were pleased to deliver these solutions to the All about music 2019 conference.  

Contribution by Taggbox

Taggbox is a UGC platform that curates and displays content from social media platforms into a single feed for displaying it to the audience at events, conferences, digital signages, websites, and other possible locations. 

At All about music 2019, We set up a social media wall for events for the conference that displayed a live hashtag feed from hashtag #AllAboutMusic2019 from different social media networks.

The beauty of the wall was the user-generated content about the conference and it helped in engaging the attendees and making the conference successful. 

The social wall displayed exciting content with real-time updates so that fresh and unique showcased to the audience to maintain the interactivity & engagement in the event

This not only influenced the attendees but also on social media platforms the conference gained extended exposure and awareness. 

The social wall was personalized for the All about music conference with our diverse customization options and the finest quality engaging content was displayed through moderation.  

Impact of Social Wall on Conference

The infusion of digital blood into the conference with the Taggbox social wall was also a crucial reason for the success of All about music 2019. 

Our social wall for All about music helped them increase conversations and engagement at the conference and deliver a delightful experience to the audience and everyone who took part in it. 

The opportunity to participate in such a massive conference is always an advantage to the people and our social wall enabled this for the audience and delivered gratification. 

This is as social media is a key element these days and people tend to share updates even for the smallest event they are part of and this one was massive. 

Future Implications 

We at Taggbox believe that social media and technology are two crucial requirements of the audience in this digital age as it is omnipresent around us and has a big influence on billions of people. 

Boost Audience Engagements With Social Walls

Our Solutions are not restricted to events or conferences but we also provide social wall display solutions for digital signages, display screens, website embeds, API projects, E-commerce and it is growing with time.

We believe in delivering a superlative experience to the users that results in fulfilling the requirements of our clients from us.