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Taggbox Display Helping to Boost Morale During Covid-19

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Here’s a short blog about how Taggbox is helping the Country Kids Day Care center to spread awareness and display morale-boosting tweets from the parents about the staff & center.

The world in recent times has been fighting against the coronavirus outbreak. 

It has led to people coming together to help each other, brands indulging in corporate social responsibility, institutions spreading awareness & precautionary measures, and governments have been making necessary efforts to fight & restrict this outbreak. 

The government has locked down their countries to stop the spread and has asked all the essential services to stay open so that people don’t panic or face difficulty in surviving this outbreak. 

Country Kids day Care Center is part of such essential services and is using Taggbox Display solutions to boost the morale of their staff & workers. 

About Country Kids Day Care Centre

Country Kids Day Care Center provides “quality child care services in an environment that is warm and nurturing so that it enhances our children’s positive sense of themselves; one that provides optimal learning opportunities to enable our children to grow socially, physically, emotionally and intellectually.”

The institution offers distinctive child care opportunities in a relaxed homely environment with greater possibilities of outdoor activities exposure. 

Country Kids Use Taggbox To Boost Staff Morale

Since the day care center falls under the essential services and has to stay operational during this outbreak, they realized that there was the need to boost the staff morale so that they can effectively and fearlessly run their institution. 

But the challenge is that who will boost the morale of staff and how will they do it. 

Who Will Boost Morale

The perfect solutions to this were right there i.e. Parents of children in day care center. As if parents will boost their morale then it will show strong support and faith in the staff. 

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Parent’s Tweet About Country Kids Day Care on Taggbox Twitter Wall

They did so by asking the parents to share their support messages through Twitter mentioning Country Kids Day Care Centre. 

How Taggbox Helped

The need was that a solution that can perfectly highlight all the support messages from parents for the staff into a single place that is easily & effectively accessible to the staff. 

The quest for this solution led them to Taggbox social media digital Signage, where they used it to discover and collect all the tweets into a single feed and creatively displayed it on signages and screens across their center. 

Here’s the actual Twitter Wall created by the Country Kids Day Care Centre –

The Outcome With Taggbox Display

The live Twitter feed displayed through screens helped a lot to boost the morale of the daycare center’s staff as parents were acknowledging & appreciating the great work done by the staff during the time of crisis.

Morale Boosting Tweets By Parents

The morale-boosting is more important as it isn’t the case the older people are safe to the virus as they are equally vulnerable but to choose duty over self-concern shows the pride & faith they have in their work. 

Social wall for signage built a connection of trust & faith amongst the staff & parents that led to benefits & care of children during these challenging times. 

What More With Taggbox?

Country Kids Daycare center found the perfect use of Taggbox solutions to empower & create a better work environment, solidarity, and togetherness. 

Similarly, Taggbox itself as a part of their efforts against the coronavirus outbreak created a free-to-use live COVID-19 social & data updates feed wall and shared it for the users to either embed it on your website or display it across screens to spread awareness & precautionary measures around coronavirus.  

Free to Use Real-Time Corona Prevention Wall for Websites by Taggbox

Live Covid-19 Tracker With Real-Time Social Sentiments

Display this anywhere using this link:

Also, Taggbox is actively looking for opportunities to extend the possibilities of its solutions to help people, businesses, institutions, and governments during this COVID-19 crisis.

Let’s Discuss How We Can Help In These Tough Times

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